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In the eyes of outsiders, the large three-legged cauldron might be the symbol of the infernal lineage.

After all, cauldrons were all similar in appearance and one would not be able to recognize cauldrons from the internal lineage without careful identification.

However, everyone present had overlooked a small detail.

The three-legged cauldron that Hua Ying was carrying only had three legs and was not a conventional four-legged cauldron.

In Mu Lings memory, even his cauldron had four legs.

The only person in the infernal lineage who had a three-legged cauldron was his senior brother, Sang Qiye.

He had the divine instrument of the Ancient Inscription Stele bestowed by their Supreme Master, Long Rongzhi.

Now, after having carefully identified Hua Yings three-legged cauldron, Mu Ling recognized it as the “Auspicious Dragon and Phoenix”!

“Its impossible for Ye Xiaotian and Hua Ying to know each other.

The two of them have never met before…”

“However, Hua Ying suddenly appeared and did something that Bai Lian and I both wanted to do but was difficult for us because of our identities.

She understood what I was thinking…”

“She also has senior brothers Auspicious Dragon and Phoenix…”

Mu Ling seemed to have thought of something derived from the situation Bai Lian had been reporting to him along their way to the eastern region.

“Theres a murderer that killed Yi in the Yunlun mountain range, and Xu Xiaoshou was the suspect…”

“Xu Xiaoshou has the ability to imitate others to begin with.

If Yi was really killed by him, he should have obtained the imitator and the ability to change endlessly…”

“Hua Ying can be fake, but its impossible for the Auspicious Dragon and Phoenix to be fake…”

“She was transformed by Xu Xiaoshou”

When Mu Ling reached such a conclusion, he was almost shocked to the point of losing his composure.

However, he pretended that nothing had happened.

He silently glanced at his disciple Bai Lian and said through telepathic communication, “Cooperate with your disciple.

She is very smart now.”

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Bai Lian raised his eyebrows in surprise, but he also did not let his emotions show.

He could only vaguely concluded that his disciple was a little strange.

However, just like how Hua Ying should not know Ye Xiaotian, Bai Lian had never seen his Masters brother, Sang Qiye with his own eyes.

This was because when he entered the sect, his Masters brother, Sang Qiye, had already betrayed the Holy Palace.

Naturally, Bai Lian could not comprehend the subtle information that Xu Xiaoshou had deliberately given to Mu Ling.

“The emissary of the Holy Palace, Bai Lian, greets Sword Deity Rao.”

Bai Lian did not directly respond to Rao Yaoyaos words because the telepathic communication and thinking time he had with his supreme master earlier was a little too long.

A direct response might arouse suspicion.

He immediately changed the topic, using the necessary formalities for an official meeting to brush off this small detail.

“Theres no need for formalities.

Time is crucial during a war.

Just tell me what you think!”

Rao Yaoyao could not be bothered to argue with Bai Lian.

She nodded in regards while secretly speaking to Wang Dachui through telepathic communication.

“Huang Quan must not have gone far.

Since youve seen him with your own eyes, you should search outside and trace his physical aura.

You must catch his tracks.”

Wang Dachui accepted the order and immediately retreated.

Bai Lian did not care about Wang Dachuis actions.

Seeing that Rao Yaoyao was still staring at him, he slowly walked forward and explained on behalf of his disciple.

“It is indeed my disciples fault for acting rashly.”

“I believe that my disciple recognized some of the things I told her about the Holy Palaces senior in the past.

She recognized the space attributes, white hair, short… Yes, and other characteristics.

She felt that this was her senior, so she acted to stop Sword Deity Rao…”

As Bai Lian spoke, he smiled and walked in front of Hua Ying.

He swept his gaze across his disciples face and carefully identified her before continuing, “I apologize for making Sword Deity Rao witness such a childish act from a junior.”

Xu Xiaoshou had heard the words “Supreme master, Bai Lian” from Hua Ying.

With the way Rao Yaoyao addressed Bai Lian, Xu Xiaoshou also confirmed that the person standing beside Mu Ling was the person in charge of the infernal lineage of the Holy Palace.

Thus, he bowed very politely and reservedly, “Greetings, Supreme Master.”

Bai Lian nodded slightly and stood in front of his disciple, taking over all of Rao Yaoyaos hostility.

Rao Yaoyao sneered, “I have my mission in the Yunlun mountain range.

Do you know what kind of risk Hua Yings earlier action brought, as well as the consequences”

“As I said…” Bai Lian was still smiling.

“This junior was insensible.

Why should Sword Deity Rao concern yourself over such a small matter”

He turned around with a smile and looked at the short white-haired young man at the edge of the cliff.

He then said with slight hesitation, “Moreover, if my disciple isnt mistaken and you are really a senior of my Holy Palace… then this matter really shouldnt be handed over to Sword Deity Rao.

The matters of the Holy Palace should be handled by the Holy Palace itself.”

Ye Xiaotian was able to read between the lines and understand Bai Lians intention, but he didnt say anything.

Rao Yaoyao sneered and looked at Ye Xiaotian.

She said sarcastically, “His name is Zhou Shen, not Ye Xiaotian!”

Bai Lian was stunned.

He looked at Ye Xiaotian and asked, “Is that so”

Ye Xiaotian never doubted Hua Yings identity.

In his mind, Bai Lian had already helped him greatly by sending Hua Ying to stop the Secular Sword for him.

Now, how could he drag the infernal lineage of the Holy Palace into a quagmire

“Thats right, my name is Zhou Shen.”

Ye Xiaotian said.

At this moment, he suddenly understood why Xu Xiaoshou would sometimes rather die than drop his fake identity.

It was really necessary.

Mu Ling sighed in his heart.

After knowing Ye Xiaotians thoughts, he no longer insisted.

Bai Lian brazenly winked at Ye Xiaotian.

Ye Xiaotian only shook his head slowly and did not say anything else.

He also gave up struggling.


Seeing this scene, Rao Yaoyao laughed out loud.

On the surface, she had already given the Holy Palaces emissary a lot of respect.

She asked, “Then, since even the person involved has admitted that this is a misunderstanding, can you, the emissary of Holy Palace, take a step back and let me settle this matter first”

Hua Ying, who was Xu Xiaoshous incarnation, wanted to give it another try, but Bai Lian reached out his hand without any explanation and pulled him back.

Passive skills such as sharpness, recoil, and strengthen did not cause much damage to Bai Lian, who had a sovereign physique.

It only made Bai Lian hold his disciples wrist with a slightly surprised expression.

Then, he calmly released his hand and berated, “Why arent you apologizing to Sword Deity Rao for your reckless behavior”

Xu Xiaoshou glanced at Bai Lian and then at Rao Yaoyao.

Finally, his gaze fell on Ye Xiaotian, who was at the back.

Until now, there was only one message in the information bar that said, “Suspected.”.

Without a doubt, this was Bai Lians contribution.

Rao Yaoyao and the others did not notice the abnormality in his identity.

He was a little unwilling, but seeing that Ye Xiaotian had persevered to this point, if he continued, he would be exposed.

Thus, he bent down and imitated what Hua Ying would do when facing Rao Yaoyao.

He sincerely apologized, “Im sorry for my reckless behavior.”

After seeing the unexpected guest, Hua Ying, being pulled away, Rao Yaoyao raised her sword and stared at Ye Xiaotian again.

However, with their effortful delay…

Ye Xiaotian finally did not have to face the Secular Swords “Secular Heart Refinement” head-on.

He also planned not to admit his true identity in front of everyone and had a buffer.

How could he allow Rao Yaoyao to take him down

Seeing Rao Yaoyaos gaze become resolute as she raised her sword and looked at him, Ye Xiaotian suddenly attacked before everyone could react.


He shouted.

Five flustered figures, who were hiding in the way of the heavens, were suddenly pulled out by the great path of space.

They were the five gold hunting token killers.

Within the spatial fragment, a scruffy-looking man and Ye Xiao, who had not been able to defend themselves in time, were also blasted out by the spatial storm.

This sudden change had truly shocked Rao Yaoyao and the other law enforcers.

The five ordinary figures were not recognized by the majority.

However, the distinctive features of the scruffy-looking man and Ye Xiao were truly too unexpected.


“No, you were the one who imitated Bazhunan during the night battle in the Imperial City…”

Rao Yaoyao looked at the man who was slightly stunned by the revelation of his true form.

Her face was filled with surprise as she turned to look at Ye Xiao.

She was deep in thought.

Why was she here

On the other side.

“F*ck you!”

The five assassins were not so good-tempered.

They immediately cursed.

They had already hidden themselves far away.

They had never thought that this stowaway with a final-stage Spatial Upanishad would kick them out in order to protect himself.

This stowaway would rather a fellow daoist die than himself…

Ye Xiaotian apologized in his heart, but he had no intention of giving everyone a chance.

Right now, chaos was his only chance to escape!

“Heaven and Earth teleportation!”

He made another move immediately, and the Power Upanishad Formation under his feet expanded again.

The five assassins and the scruffy-looking man who wanted to escape from this place didnt even have time to react before they were teleported to Lone Cliff by the unexpected spatial power.

Six people lined up neatly like shield, blocking Ye Xiaotians front like a warm haven.

At the same time, they also received Rao Yaoyaos merciless gaze on Ye Xiaotians behalf.


With that, they were all cursing in their hearts.


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