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With the tsunami that was about to engulf the entire Yunlun mountain range, Ai Cangsheng, who was paying close attention to the situation at the Lone Cliff with the eyes of the great path, had no choice but to shoot an arrow.

After blocking his opponents strong attack, the person with the trident used a “small wave” that could only drown the Lone Cliff to achieve the goal of dragging everyone to the bottom of the cliff.

“What a powerful plan!”

Xu Xiaoshou felt that this plan was somewhat familiar.

He recalled that during the night battle in the Imperial City, he had used the life and death of the entire citys spiritual cultivators to force the Holy Divine Palace to scatter their combat strength and then complete his goal of saving the First Pavilion in the Sky.

The “scheme” of the person wielding the trident was similar to his previous actions.

The only difference was…

The combat strength of the person wielding the trident was too high.

His so-called “small wave” had locked onto everyone.

No one could break free, no one could resist.

They could only let the wave sweep over and drown everything in their sight.


One scream after another.

Countless trial officers were dragged to the bottom of the cliff by the big wave.

Even the stowaways and higher voids couldnt withstand it.

Teng Shanhai, who was struggling with all his might, was only able to resist for a moment before he was grabbed by the ghost figure that appeared in the waves and thrown to the bottom of the cliff…

With his sword energy separating him from the wave, the scruffy-looking man was originally able to protect himself.

However, the ghost appeared.

He was sent flying by a trident and was then swallowed by the waves…

Ye Xiaotian used the Spatial Upanishad Formation of spatial power to repel the waves.

However, he didnt expect the Spatial Upanishad Formation to spin continuously.

A Water-type Upanishad Formation was then flipped open and shattered his power.

Then, the ghost hand appeared and pulled his ankle, resulting in Ye Xiaotian falling off the cliff…

“Dragon Melt…”

Bai Lian was only halfway through calling out his holy name.

Before he could say the words “Save me”, he was suddenly choked by the blood that was spilling out from his body.

When he reacted, his body had already disappeared into the sea of clouds on the cliff.

When Mu Ling saw this, his lips were closed and his hands were behind his back.

He allowed himself to appear calm in the eyes of his martial nephew, Xu Xiaoshou, as the sea swallowed him up.

It was as if he was not afraid of the unknown risks that he might face after falling off the cliff.

One by one, the supreme experts of the current era were trapped, knocked, and captured by the power of the waves.

One by one, they fell to the bottom of Lone Cliff.

Rao Yaoyao held the Cang Godhood Sword in her hand.

From the corner of her eye, she witnessed the ghostly figure moving time and time again, throwing everyone to the bottom of the cliff.

She was certain that the ghostly figure did not dare to appear in front of her because she had the Cang Godhood Sword!

However, at this moment, an obscure surge of Divine Secret appeared in front of her eyes.

The voice of Dao Qiongcang, the hallmaster of the Holy Divine Palace, rang in her ears.

“Enter the bottom of the Lone Cliff and retrieve theSea Gods Trident.

Find out the identity of the person wielding the trident and seize theopportunity.”

“Opportunity What opportunity” Rao Yaoyao was slightly startled.

She could understand the first two missions, but what was theopportunity after that

“Divine secret, must not be divulged…” At this point, the voice disappeared.

Rao Yaoyaos eyelids suddenly twitched.

In the end, she gave up resisting and allowed the seawater to swallow her up.

“They are all gone…”

Xu Xiaoshou, who had transformed into Hua Ying, held the alchemy cauldron with all his might until the last moment.

He kept drawing the scene of his protective spirit weapon exploding under the pressure of the water.

Step by step, his figure flowed towards the sea of clouds between the cliffs.

At last, when he saw that there was no expert left that could be paying attention to him, his heart stirred.

In his mind, a great escape technique that did not require any prelude or seal to be executed rang out.

“Vanishing technique!”


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