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Mei Siren knew what Bazhunan meant, but he remained silent.

Instead, he continued waving the folding fan.

On the fan were still the words, “I refuse!”

Not giving up, Bazhunan continued asking, “What if that person is a genius like me”

Mei Sirens hand movements stopped.

If Bazhunan werent the one bragging, Mei Siren would have left immediately.

But he was indeed tempted after hearing what Bazhunan said.

However, being tempted would mean death.

Mei Siren did not want to take such a risk.

He waved the fan in his hand again and smiled, “I value talent, but I dont like being a teacher, and neither do I like to force things…”

“What if the person is Xu Xiaoshou” Bazhunan interrupted.

The Storyteller looked surprised.

He didnt know the purpose of Bazhunans visit.

But when Bazhunan mentioned Xu Xiaoshou, the Storyteller suddenly felt… jealous

“Brother, when have you ever treated someone so well” The Storyteller thought.

Mei Siren stopped waving his fan again and raised his eyebrows.

After taking three breaths, his expression relaxed again.

He then said, “I see… but its even harder for me to impart my sword skills to Xu Xiaoshou.”

“Why” The Storyteller asked.

Mei Siren glanced at him and laughed, “To be honest, Ive met Xu Xiaoshou and intended to teach him.

But unfortunately, he doesnt want to accept my good intentions.”

Bazhunan seemed to know what happened, so he replied calmly, “Xu Xiaoshou thinks highly of himself.

Instead of accepting a soft approach, he would only yield to force.

Hes arrogant, but just on the surface.

Sang Qiye even had to force him to acknowledge him as his master.

Its also because of me that he wouldnt accept your kind intentions.”

His words were straightforward, as if trying to tell Mei Siren, “With me around, he is right to reject because he really doesnt need you”.

If the person who said that was someone other than Bazhunan, Mei Siren would have turned and left immediately.

Although Mei Siren could accept the truth, he would definitely not go along with what Bazhunan was implying in his words.

Smiling, he said, “Are you saying I should forcefully teach him swordsmanship”

“Of course not.

Thats definitely not Master Sirens style, and its too out of your character.” Bazhunan shook his head.

“But you cant approach someone like Xu Xiaoshou normally.”

Mei Siren had already unconsciously closed his folding fan and was tapping on it gently.

But, he still did not say anything.

If he were to ask anything, it would reveal his curiosity.

Bazhunan could tell that he had already persuaded Mei Siren with his words.

Or perhaps, he had already taken a liking to Xu Xiaoshou, but he could only leave without a choice then.

If Xu Xiaoshou actually agreed back then, perhaps Mei Siren would have already been trapped!

Honestly, anyone “who loves being a teacher” would appreciate Xu Xiaoshous talents.

Thinking of Xu Xiaoshou, Bazhunan thought of Elder Sang.

Instead of a gentle person like Mei Siren, one should be like Elder Sang when dealing with Xu Xiaoshou.

So Bazhunan grinned and said, “Master Siren, how about thinking from another perspective Since Xu Xiaoshou is so talented, you dont actually need toteach him.

My request will be fulfilled as long as you make him understand what he needs tolearn.”

Make himlearn withoutteaching

Mei Siren was puzzled, and he finally started speaking.

“I would like to know more.”

“Beat him up!” Bazhunan spoke concisely.

Beat him up

The Storyteller suddenly had a weird expression as he turned to look at his brother.

Mei Siren was also shocked.

Beat him up

How could he do that

Thats not how a teacher should behave.

Bazhunan knew both of them misunderstood what he meant.

He sighed and explained himself.

“Master Siren, Xu Xiaoshou is an extraordinary person.

Instead of simplyteaching him, you need topunish him.

He wouldnt feel anything if things occurred too naturally…”

“But beating him up would be a different story!”

Bazhunan suddenly spoke in a lively manner, while Mei Siren looked at him with a shocked and doubtful expression.

“Xu Xiaoshou is a naturally rebellious person.

Ive already mentioned that he doesnt accept any soft approach.

So if you were to talk to him nicely, he will definitely not appreciate your kindness.”

“But if you were to beat him up, scold him, and humiliate him, he will develop hatred in his heart and think of revenge.”

“This persons temperament… is quite special, but he learns things quickly.

If you were to humiliate him with the Way of the Sword, he would definitely think ofbeating you at your own game.

In that case, he will learn your skills and put them to use.”

“Then, wouldnt we achieve our goals”

After Bazhunan finished speaking, Mei Siren and the Storyteller were in a daze.

Both of them said nothing in response.

This man seemed to really understand Xu Xiaoshou.

“I also want that…” The Storyteller had got mixed feelings.

“Would that really work…” Mei Siren thought, and he was still surprised and doubtful of such an idea.

But he quickly realized and thought, why should he take up such a difficult task

It was evident that Bazhunan didnt want to do it to incur any resentment against himself, so he turned to Mei Siren.

Things like “I dont have the time” and “I cant participate in intense activities” were all just excuses!

“Using hatred to stimulate ones desire to learn is a despicable method.

I cant do it.” Mei Siren chuckled coldly.

He opened the folding fan with a quick swish, and while he was fanning himself, one could see the words,I refuse.

“If you refuse to do it, then leave.

Why are you still here then…” Bazhunan wondered.

Though he found it funny, he still responded seriously with a solution.

“Master Siren, youve exaggerated the situation.

It is not a despicable method.

Instead, it is about teaching a person according to his aptitude.”

“If you are worried that Xu Xiaoshou will have resentment… Its simple.

You would just need to show comfort and provide hints while beating him up.”

“With Xu Xiaoshous intelligence, he will definitely understand and be grateful.”


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