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“He used a water ball to protect me.

Why” Xu Xiaoshou pondered.

The deep sea could only have been created by Water Ghost.

After Water Ghost attacked, everyone on the Lone Cliff was also blasted into the deep sea.

If so, the appearance of the water balls was definitely not just to protect everyone.

“Drained, Passive Points, 1.”

“Drained, Passive Points, 1.”


As he pondered about this, the information bar popped up.

Xu Xiaoshou keenly noticed that the spiritual source in his energy reserve was slowly being drained away like stagnant water.

However, due to the existence of passive skills such as Eternal Vitality, High Spirits and Transformation, this loss was quickly replenished.

“Is the water ball draining my spiritual source”

“No, the water balls should be draining the spiritual sources of all those who fell into the water.

For what purpose are they doing so”

Xu Xiaoshou felt that he was about to find out.

Even when all the spiritual cultivators spiritual senses were sealed by the Spell Forbidden Barrier, he had the Perception cheat, so he could clearly see that the spiritual sources extracted by the water balls were flowing into the deep sea.

They were continuously flowing towards a certain area.

“This is terrifying…”

Xu Xiaoshou narrowed his eyes.

It was fortunate that he had cultivated his physical body, Way of the Sword, and other abilities.

Otherwise, with his identity as a spiritual cultivator, he would end up becoming a spiritual source if he was consumed by the deep sea.

The water balls encircled the humans and continued to draw from their spiritual sources.

This encounter made Xu Xiaoshou think of a certain Jiang clan assassin who should still be working as a spiritual source in the First Pavilion in the Sky.

“I wonder how hes doing…”

Xu Xiaoshou felt differently after being trapped in the same predicament.

He felt that perhaps this method was too torturous.

The Jiang clan assassin, after all, would not have passive skills to replenish his spiritual source.

He muttered to himself, “After I get out, if Jiang Xian doesnt replace him, Ill give him a quick death.”

Without dwelling too long on other matters, Xu Xiaoshous thoughts quickly returned to his current situation.

“What is Water Ghost trying to do”

“Did he use me to attract all the big shots of the black and white factions here to obtain a large amount of spiritual source”

“Am I that important… uh, no, the question is, what does he want to do with so much spiritual source”

Xu Xiaoshou thought about the unanswered question and frowned slightly.

As the water ball fell, he began to worry.

His worry was different from others.

After all, his body did not have any adverse reactions due to the loss of his spiritual source.

Xu Xiaoshou was only worried about the unknown.

“Close-bounds Force Field!”

Afraid of encountering danger under the deep sea, Xu Xiaoshou activated the Close-bounds Force Field without hesitation.

He controlled the force field within the range of the water ball to defend against unexpected attacks.

His attempt was successful.

The Spell Forbidden Barrier could not block Awakening Skills.

Xu Xiaoshou relaxed slightly after he had an extra protective circle around him.

He was falling…

He kept falling continuously…

Finally, after waiting for a moment, Xu Xiaoshou sensed a transformation.

He saw another water ball in his Perception, which was below him.

He did not know whether it was on his left or right.

He kicked hard to the side, and sure enough, the water ball did not break.

Xu Xiaoshou used the recoil force to push the water ball he was in towards the direction of another water ball in his Perception.


When he got close, Xu Xiaoshou saw the blurry face in the water ball.

It was the captain of Wang Chaos team, Murong Ying.

“Hey! Its me, Saint Servant Xu Xiaoshou!” Xu Xiaoshou shouted, unsure if his voice could be heard.

However, after calling out, there was no response from the other side.

His water ball quickly brushed past Murong Yings water ball.

His water ball continued to fall.

Murong Yings water ball actually did not fall, but stopped where it was!

The instant the two sides brushed past each other, Xu Xiaoshou could see the blurry outline of Murong Ying on the other side.

He had already lost his vitality.

There were many pill bottles as well as many broken spiritual weapons floating in his water ball.

However, it seemed that none of them managed to protect his life.

“He is dead.”

Xu Xiaoshous heart sank.

He looked at Murong Yings shriveled corpse and realized that the water ball could actually suck the spiritual source of a Cutting Path Stage cultivator dry.

Xu Xiaoshou speculated, “He has been down here for too long.

After he exhausted all his elixirs, he could not withstand the absorption power of the water ball and perished!”

“Thats clearly the goal of the water ball.

Once a spiritual cultivator cant withstand its power, the water ball will stop falling because theres no point in descending anymore.”

The fear of the unknown and the threat of death caused Xu Xiaoshou, who didnt care about the absorption power of the water ball, to truly fear the deep sea.

Water Ghost was obviously not a good person.

He needed a large amount of spiritual source to complete his unknown goal.

Therefore, after blasting everyone on the cliff into the sea, Water Ghost used this special method to slowly kill them.

This method was true to his nature.

Xu Xiaoshou felt goosebumps all over his body.

He felt that he had become a test subject in a deep sea container.

The water balls were restrictions that prevented the human subjects from moving and breaking out from the experiment.

The spiritual source drawn out from them coalesced at a specific line down below.

For everyone in the sea, the gate of hell lay beyond this invisible threshold!

As time passed, even Xu Xiaoshou might not be able to withstand the draining power.

“Drained, Passive Points, 1.”

“Drained, Passive Points, 1.”


The information bar kept popping up.

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou also realized that as he fell, the draining power of the water ball became stronger and stronger.

For now, the various passive skills of his body were still able to counter the draining power.


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