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“It will only get more dangerous in the deep sea.

These elixirs would be wasted on me.”

“Youre right.

Everyone is waiting for a turning point…perhaps, in the end, the elixirs youve given me will become your last life-saving straw.”

“As for me…”

Night Guardian laughed bitterly, “Even if I cant turn you back to the righteous path, I wont be the one to destroy your last hope.”

“Bullsh*t!” Xu Xiaoshou cursed angrily.

He wanted to teleport over, grab Night Guardian by his head and slap him twice to wake him up.

His anger was meaningless.

He had to think of a way.

A way…

A turn for the better…

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly thought of Night Guardians biggest obsession.

He laughed coldly and said, “Old Man, do you know why I refused to accept your good intentions and become one of the red-clothed people”

As expected, Night Guardians body trembled when he heard Xu Xiaoshous words.

His turbid eyes flashed.

He grabbed a jar of honey, dug a finger into it, and stuffed it into his mouth.

His eyes widened as he asked, “Why”

Xu Xiaoshou sneered and said coldly, “I laughed at you for being in the middle of a game and not knowing it.

Naturally, I didnt want to follow you.

Did you know The red-clothed organization you believe in, the Holy Divine Palace you are willing to sacrifice your whole life for, contains a group of sanctimonious people”

Night Guardian froze.

There was anger on his face, but he did not say anything to refute him.

Xu Xiaoshou raised his eyebrows and teased, “Looks like you already have some clues.

Its just that the faith that you have been following all your life has gone wrong.

Would you choose to avoid it and pretend that you didnt notice anything”

Night Guardian was so angry that he laughed.

He said weakly, “Xu Xiaoshou, I am about to die.

You…still dare to provoke me”

“I never provoked you.

Everything I said was the truth!” Xu Xiaoshou didnt explain anything else and said directly, “In the White Cave, I saw it with my own eyes.

Your junior, Lu Ke, who was also one of the red-clothed people, had ghostly energy coming out of his body because he lost control of his emotions!”

Ghostly energy

Night Guardians eyes suddenly became dull.

He tilted his head and asked, “What did you say”

“I said!”

Xu Xiaoshou repeated with heavy emphasis.

“Lu Ke! Red-clothed! Ghost beast host body!

“Your higher-ups talk about justice but do so much dirty work simultaneously.”

“I dont know what other secrets are involved in this, but I believe what I saw.

Thats why even though you invited me, I never chose to follow you because I was afraid!”

Xu Xiaoshou huffed, and his voice suddenly became gentle.

“Im afraid that Ill be like you, a fool whos been blinded and only knows how to walk around in circles.”

“Ive said before that I want to see this world on my own.”

“As for the truth of this world, as well as theOriginator who wrote thetruth, hell never be able to see through it with just his identity as a red-clothed member!”

Night Guardians mind went blank.

These words were like a bolt out of the blue to him.

“Doubted, Passive Points 1.”


“You are lying to me…”

“Lu Ke is the disciple of the Moonless Sword Deity.

He is the reserve guard of the red-clothed and a famed sword wielder.

How can he be the Ghost Beast Host Body”

“The Moonless Sword Deity knows about this”

“Impossible! The Moonless Sword Deity definitely did not know about this.

He abhors evil so much.

If he really knew about this, why would he join the Holy Divine Palace”

“He is the ruler of the white-clothed people.

He is one of the higher-ups, and he is the one who makes the rules.

Since he chose to join the Holy Divine Palace, the Holy Divine Palace cant be wrong.

So, you are lying to me…”

Night Guardian mumbled in a daze as he tried to analyze the authenticity of Xu Xiaoshous words.

He was afraid of being lied to again!

However, before Night Guardian could finish his nonsensical ramblings, Xu Xiaoshou interrupted him with a cold smile.

“Night Guardian, wake up!”

“Your Moonless Sword Deity is in the Sacred Mountain Prison, in the Dead Sea! I even heard that one of his arms was broken.”

“Think about it with your knees.

Is this the punishment the Holy Divine Palace will give to one of their own!”

With aboom, all the thoughts in Night Guardians mind collapsed.

His lifelong belief seemed to have collapsed instantly, causing him to stagger violently in the water ball.

His horrified face, which seemed to have been sucked dry until only skin and bones were left, lifted up.

He looked at Xu Xiaoshou in a daze and subconsciously asked, “What, what did you say”

Xu Xiaoshou took a deep breath and said seriously,

“I said, live on!”

“Use your eyes to see the answer you want to see.”

“Believe me, this will be more exciting than thetruth others have given you!”

That was all he had to say.

Xu Xiaoshou did not wait.

He lifted his hand up and pushed the water ball down quickly with the help of the recoil.

He did not take back the large number of honey jars he had given to Night Guardian.

The reason was that he believed that a broken person would either die or be reborn from the fire, nibbling away the darkness bit by bit and then relying on himself to walk towards the dawn!


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