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So strong!

This demonesss divine object was even stronger than his breathing technique!

Xu Xiaoshou instantly knew that his breathing technique, which was at Lv.1 sovereign stage, would definitely not be able to absorb the opponents Heart of Marrow Absorption.

The moment Golden Foot dug out this black and red heart, their situation instantly reversed.

This was the first time Xu Xiaoshou had lost to an enemy in “Breathing”.

However, he was not stupid enough to continue using his own weakness to attack his opponents strength rashly.

“It seems that the reason why you are able to use your ability in the barrier is not that you have transcended the shackles, but because of thisHeart of Marrow Absorption”

Although Xu Xiaoshou felt the spiritual source in his energy reserve and the blood essence in his entire body rapidly disappearing, he continued to speak unhurriedly.

“So, I presume that other than this item, you shouldnt be able to use any of your other abilities, right”

Upon hearing this, Golden Foots mocking expression froze slightly.

This was the first time she had seen a person who could remain so calm while under the effect of the Heart of Marrow Absorption!

Opposite her, Xu Xiaoshou seemed to be rooted in the space beneath his feet.

No matter how much life energy flowed out of his body, he was not even the slightest bit affected by the violent force.

Under such circumstances, how could he still speak so freely

Was his sovereign physique that strong

Golden Foot was suspicious, but her face remained calm.

Flashing a charming smile, she said, “Why would I need to use other abilities to deal with you in the Spell Forbidden Barrier Just one move is enough!”

“Im afraid that this is the only thing you have left to use.

As for themoves, frankly speaking, you cant even use one!” Xu Xiaoshou derided her.

Golden Foots beautiful eyes narrowed slightly, sensing the hidden meaning behind Xu Xiaoshous words.

However, no matter what, she did not believe that under the Spell Forbidden Barrier, Xu Xiaoshou, who was being forcefully controlled by theHeart of Marrow Absorption, would be able to do anything else.

“Could it be that you can achieve transcendence within the Spell Forbidden Barrier” Golden Foot tilted her head and said with a smile like a flower, “If thats the case, can you teach me the method I can repay you.”

With Xu Xiaoshou in the current state, she was happy to stall for time.

After all, the longer she waited, the more abundant her life energy became!

“Im sorry, I cant teach you my ability…” Xu Xiaoshou shook his head, laughing.

After feeling the life energy in his body that was about to be drained to its limit, and confirming that Golden Foot really had no other ability to counterattack, his eyes suddenly focused.

“However, I can indeed transcend the Spell Forbidden Barrier!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the sense of danger in Golden Foots heart intensified.

The life energy from the Heart of Marrow Absorption was too abundant! The power of the other partys sovereign physique was far beyond her imagination.

It was like a bottomless pit, completely impossible to be sucked dry.

Stuck in the dilemma of fight or flight, Golden Foot did not choose the latter in time.

The next second, she saw the eyes of Xu Xiaoshou, who was opposite the water ball, shining with a mysterious light.

“Youre too greedy…” Xu Xiaoshou said calmly.

Without giving his opponent time to think, he activated his awakening skill, “Soul Reading!”

There was a huge explosion.

Through the water ball, Golden Foot could not offer much of a reaction.

It was as if thunder had exploded in her mind, and then only nothingness remained.

Her hand, holding the “Heart of Marrow Absorption”, dropped to her side.

It was as if her consciousness had left her body in an instant, and it was unbeknownst to her that the divine object in her hand had fallen.


Until the moment her consciousness was under control, Golden Foots face still had disbelief written all over it.

She could not believe that Xu Xiaoshou, who was being controlled by the “Heart of Marrow Absorption”, could still break free!

Xu Xiaoshou clearly did not take out a divine object like the Heart of Marrow Absorption, so how could he use a spiritual technique while inside the Spell Forbidden Barrier

She had no answer!

Xu Xiaoshou was not stupid enough to explain his tactics to an enemy.

In fact, the total number of spiritual techniques he had learned could be counted with only one hand.

However, he had a full array of passives.

The Spell Forbidden Barrier could control the spiritual technique of a spiritual cultivator, but it could not control the way of the sword of an ancient swordsman.

Similarly, it could not control his powerful passives!

With a few swishes, Soul Reading was performed.

Immediately, a series of scenes appeared.

Xu Xiaoshou experienced the entire life of the Golden Foot.

With the experience of reading the memories from Yis soul, Xu Xiaoshou knew that at the higher void level, there was a high chance that he could come into contact with a saint.

He was very careful.

He decided he would skip the scene immediately if he found anything wrong.

The immersive experience began…

The immersive experience ended…

“Three Incenses, gold hunting token, assassin, Golden Foot…”

In just a blink of an eye, Xu Xiaoshou identified the demoness.

Naturally, through Golden Foots soul memories, he recognized her as the first spectating higher void, who was chased by Granny Tianling, on the Lone Cliff.

Apart from Golden Foots identity, a large amount of knowledge that Xu Xiaoshou craved also entered his mind through Soul Reading.

For example, all the abilities that Golden Foot had learned while growing up… The large number of men and women that Golden Foot had absorbed while cultivating… The other assassins that had come with Golden Foot to hunt him…

Among them were the four gold hunting token killers, Double Dumba*s, Elder Xie, Ghost Granny, and Little Ninja.

Golden Foot had done a nearly perfect background check on all four of them as a precaution.

The information included their abilities, battle results, who they had killed, and what level they were at as higher voids… Without exception, all of this information entered Xu Xiaoshous mind!

It was worth mentioning that a person like Golden Foot, who had grown up on her own and did not have a large faction supporting her from behind, was indeed inexperienced in the world.


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