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Xu Xiaoshou felt that there was no need to skip the memories that he had skipped out of caution.

This was because Golden Foot had indeed seen a demi-saint in her life, but she had seen them from afar.

She had never interacted with a demi-saint in person.

Xu Xiaoshou thought, “She is a weak woman with no background and likes the affairs of men and women, but she is also lonely and pitiful.

However, she is indeed a person who deserves to die.

She has sucked up too many innocent people for the sake of her desires…”

After reading through Golden Foots soul memories, Xu Xiaoshou gave his judgment and cut off the Soul Reading at the same time.

Golden Foot grunted.

It seemed that she was about to wake up.

However, she wasnt Yi, and she wasnt familiar with mental strength and soul power.

That special charm power was only a side effect of the Book of Heaven.

Moreover, in the deep sea, there was a Spell Forbidden Barrier, so Golden Foots spiritual source couldnt be used at all.

Naturally, it couldnt help a Spiritual Cultivator like her recover even a little from her weakened state.

Xu Xiaoshou thought, “Still not awake”

He waited for a while, but Golden Foot was still in a daze.

He smiled.

Should it be that Spell Forbidden Barrier was too strong, or that the higher void level person, Golden Foot, was too weak

Xu Xiaoshou thought, “Lets end this!”

After obtaining all the information he wanted and knowing who was chasing after him, Xu Xiaoshou did not want to waste any more time with Golden Foot.

He did not even have the thought of taking pity on her, and his hands began to flip.

In the deep sea, spatial fluctuation rippled slightly.

It seemed to be because of a Spiritual Cultivators keen sense of smell that made Golden Foot sense that something was wrong, or perhaps because of the crisis of death, she returned her consciousness to her body in the nick of time.

Golden Foot thought, “This is…”

Through the water ball, the moment Golden Foot regained consciousness, she could clearly see the spatial fluctuation in Xu Xiaoshous body.

She was scared out of her wits.

She thought, “Isnt he inside Spell Forbidden Barrier

“How could Xu Xiaoshou be able to transcend”

While she was in shock, Golden Foot had no time to defend herself.

Her Heart of Marrow Absorption fell onto the water ball wall below.

Normally, she could easily get it in such a short distance.

Now that the spiritual source was unable to be controlled due to Spell Forbidden Barrier, if she wanted to retrieve Heart of Marrow Absorption, she had to bend down and pick it up.

There was no time.

Golden Foot did not even try.

She was afraid that her actions would speed up Xu Xiaoshous execution.

She cried out in fear, “Let Me Go!

“Xu Xiaoshou, I beg you.

Let me go…

“I can give you anything.

As long as you want, I can even be your slave…”

“Tempted, Passive Points, 1.”

A message popped up in the Information Bar, and Spirit Awakening was triggered again.

Xu Xiaoshou was not tempted at all.

He waved his palms across the air.

Then he said softly, “Break!”

With a sizzling sound, a spatial crack appeared in the space where the water ball wall was.

The moment the space attributes power appeared, Spell Forbidden Barrier was activated, and all the abilities were destroyed.

However, the spatial crack had appeared before.

The water ball wall that Golden Foot was on happened to be on top of this spatial crack.

It was immediately cut open by the intersecting space.

Golden Foot said, “No!”

She screamed.

However, her hysterical scream only lasted for a short moment.


A muffled sound rang out.

The moment the water ball broke, the pressure difference pushed the deep-sea water towards Golden Foot.

The terrifying water pressure instantly crushed Golden Foot into powder.

She was gone.


The sudden movement of the deep-sea water brought along a faint sound of water.

Then, it took away the trace of scarlet from where Golden Foot was.

Under the sea, peace returned.

Xu Xiaoshou thought, “Dead”

His Perception was very vigilant as he observed the surroundings, preventing Golden Foot from acting like Yi that even if the body was shattered, there would still be a soul and that even if the soul was damaged, there would still be a mental will.

However, he was worrying too much.

Not every higher void person was as difficult to kill as the ever-changing Yi.

Moreover, they were now in Spell Forbidden Barrier.

Under the circumstances where the spiritual source could not be used, all the special things like the regeneration of broken limbs and the creation of new ones were all turned into foam phantoms.

The silence continued.

Xu Xiaoshou stayed silently in the water ball.

He thought, “Shes really dead!”

After a long time, he stared at the Information Bar cautiously.

Xu Xiaoshou did not see any signs of “Resented” or “Missed”, so he was relieved.

Golden Foot was completely dead.

Even if she still had some way to survive and was nearby, it was impossible for her to not be angry about the situation where her body was crushed by the water ball.

Naturally, it was also impossible for her not to feel resentment towards Xu Xiaoshou.

But Xu Xiaoshou did not see any message from the Information Bar.

This was a reverse verification.

The dignified higher void, the dignified gold hunting token killer, had really died so easily in this deep sea.

Xu Xiaoshou thought, “This is too strange…”

It was only until now that Xu Xiaoshou completely relaxed his mind.

He felt that everything that had happened was like a dream.

He asked himself, “I killed a higher void with my own hands

“I… became stronger”


He did not become stronger.

It was because Spell Forbidden Barrier was too terrifying.

Spell Forbidden Barrier could greatly weaken the strength of a Spiritual Cultivator.

Xu Xiaoshou was an ancient swordsman, and he was considered a half-physique cultivator, so he didnt feel the power of Spell Forbidden Barrier directly.

However, after reading Golden Foots soul and putting himself in her emotion, he could experience the fear that even a higher void felt toward the deep sea.

He couldnt withstand it at all.

If anything unexpected happened, the water ball would break, and the water pressure would roll over.

Almost no one below the demi-saint level could escape unscathed except for physique cultivators.

Xu Xiaoshou thought, “Spell Forbidden Barrier is a bit disgusting…”

He suddenly thought of Elder Sang.

If nothing went wrong, this old man should still be in Sacred Mountain Prison.

According to Ye Xiaotian, Sacred Mountain Prisons original name was “Dead Sea”.

There was a Spell Forbidden Barrier and a sea… Wasnt this his current situation


There were stronger people imprisoned in the Dead Sea.

Elder Sangs current situation was definitely more difficult than what Xu Xiaoshou was experiencing.

Xu Xiaoshou let out a breath.

Forcing himself to calm down and not to think about things that he could not do, Xu Xiaoshou refocused his attention on the death of Golden Foot.

The water ball of Golden Foot broke, and the spatial ring was crushed.

Everything she carried was turned into dust, but under the pressure of the water, there was still something that did not shatter.

It was the Heart of Marrow Absorption that Golden Foot had lost.

Without hesitation, Xu Xiaoshou took Heart of Marrow Absorption in his hand with spatial displacement.

With Golden Foots memory, he naturally knew the origin of the thing in his hand.

Among the top ten Great Psionic Weapons, there was one called Nine Marrow Corpse King.

Golden Foot had never seen it before, but she guessed that Nine Marrow Corpse King was something similar to the zombie in Xu Xiaoshous memory.

Nine Marrow Corpse King had nine Heart of Marrow Absorption, and Golden Foot had gotten one of them.

And this was also the only thing that she could use in Spell Forbidden Barrier.

Xu Xiaoshou thought, “The top ten Great Psionic Weapons again…”

He pinched the Heart of Marrow Absorption and frowned slightly.

He felt as if he had touched on some secret.

He thought, “If I remember correctly, Water Ghost can also use water-type ability even in Spell Forbidden Barrier.

“Yes, he can even summon the sea that almost drown Yunlun Mountain Range.

They are both in the higher void level, but the difference between Water Ghost and Golden Foot is so huge! How ridiculous!

“And he can do all of this because he has Sea Gods Trident, which is also one of the top ten Great Psionic Weapons…”

Thinking of this, Xu Xiaoshou stopped his thoughts and looked at the Heart of Marrow Absorption in his palm.

He thought, “Golden foot can also use some abilities, but Heart of Marrow Absorption doesnt have any attributes, so she can only use the Marrow Absorption Technique that comes with it.

“As for all the abilities related to her as a Spiritual Cultivator, including the bounded domain, the higher void world, and so on, she cant even use them before she dies.

“Oh, other than Heart of Marrow Absorption in her memories, she really cant use any other abilities…”

Xu Xiaoshou patted his forehead, and a smile appeared on his lips.

He thought, “So, the limitation of Spell Forbidden Barrier is that it can only block the Spiritual Cultivators abilities, but not the spiritual weapon… No! Or rather, it cant block the spiritual weapon of the level of the top ten Great Psionic Weapons.

“Thats right, Spell Forbidden Barrier is the final product of Way of Spirit Array, and Way of Spirit Array only began to flourish in the era of spiritual cultivation.

“The top ten Great Psionic Weapons are on par with the Nine Supreme Divine Weapons and the Five Great Divine Instruments of Chaos, and the degree of strangeness is even higher.

“These are almost all things from ancient times.

How could their power be restricted by the products of an array of the era of spiritual cultivation

“hen the answer is obvious…”

Xu Xiaoshou stroked his chin and looked down at his hands.

He finally got the answer to the question he had been slightly puzzled about.

He thought, “I can use the space attributes because of the power of the Imitator”


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