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The Man with the golden beast mask smiled and continued, “If you wont remember my kindness but remember my unusual debt of gratitude when you go out, and even go back on your words and accuse me instead… wont my gains not make up for my losses”

Little Ninja shook his head and said resolutely, “Impossible!

“My friend, to tell you the truth, Im the gold hunting token killer of Three Incenses.

Im only here for an unimportant saint servant, Xu Xiaoshou.

“You and I dont know each other, and we dont have any old grudges.

If Im still alive, with my identity, Ill be able to bring you considerable benefit in the future.


“Think twice before you act!” Little Ninja suddenly realized that if he spoke more, he might annoy the other party, so he did not dare to say anything more.

“To be honest, I am Xu Xiaoshou, and before I act, I have already thought carefully…” Xu Xiaoshou mocked in his heart.

He disguised himself as Water Ghost with the Imitator.

Sea Gods Trident was only a preliminary manifestation of the water-type energy, and it didnt possess the true power of the top ten Great Psionic Weapons.

But all of this wasnt important.

The most important thing was that after imitating Water Ghost, even if he couldnt master Water-type Upanishad for the time being, Xu Xiaoshou could remove the restriction of the water ball with a little comprehension.

After removing the restriction of the water ball, in the deep sea, the scene of a big shot who had left a deep impression on everyone holding a trident and wantonly doing whatever he wanted underwater was enough to stop everyone from acting rashly.

Moreover, everyone was restricted by Spell Forbidden Barrier.

Strictly speaking, they didnt have any thoughts of resisting.

This was also true.

Up until now, the Information Bar only had messages such asFeared andBegged, but there wasntDoubted orConjecture.

This meant that the assassin, Little Ninja, didnt have any doubts about his identity.

“What if I say that I must kill you” Xu Xiaoshou snorted and waved his fake Sea Gods Trident.

His aura of confidence was amplified under the effect of Swallow the Mountains and Rivers.

“You dont have to!” Little Ninja was so scared that his face turned pale.

He hurriedly shook his head and retreated, but there was no way for him to retreat.

He pressed one hand on the water ball wall behind him and the other on his chest.

He was extremely vigilant and tried to persuade Xu Xiaoshou, “If Im alive, I can bring more help to you…”

Xu Xiaoshou said, “Stop!”

He impatiently put the Sea Gods Trident in his hand forward and interrupted, “Three choices!”

Little Ninjas face froze.

However, there were three choices.

He could tell that he could survive, so he quickly bowed and said, “Please tell me, my friend.”

Xu Xiaoshou said calmly, “One, I will kill you.”

“I give up this option!” Little Ninja shook his head and refused without saying anything.

He followed the special hobby of the opposite side and asked, “Whats the second choice”

Xu Xiaoshou said, “Two, I never kill the weak.

You can use all your means to call for help from the outside world, or even expose my identity.

As long as you can get help… Then, I will kill all of you.”

Little Ninja was stunned.

What kind of option was this

This option also led to death.

Ignoring the result first, Little Ninja took the opportunity to ask, “May I know your identity, my friend”

Xu Xiaoshou could not help but laugh.

He said, “You are going to die, but you still dont know my identity.

How funny!”

He tilted Sea Gods Trident downward, creating ripples in the water.

His chest straightened slightly, and an aura that could swallow rivers and seas instantly rose in the deep sea.

After doing all this, Xu Xiaoshou looked at Little Ninja with disdain.

Then he said coldly, “Water Ghost from Yama!”


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