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“Remember what you said!”

Just as he was roaring, Gold-swallowing Dragon, whose body was slightly twitching due to the pressure, suddenly looked back.

Its two dragon eyes, which were bigger than a human body, flickered with dim golden light.

Its words sounded like it was still extremely fearful.

Water Ghost was really strong.

Xu Xiaoshou could not help but sigh at himself.

If it were not for the face of Water Ghost and Status Passive Skill of Swallow the Mountains and Rivers.

His stratagem of the empty city would probably be seen through by Little Ninja and he would be swallowed up on the spot.


Xu Xiaoshou, who was still as calm as if he was seeing the huge dragon as an ant, continued to count.

In fact, because of the shock, his count was delayed for three breaths.

Little Ninja turned his dragon body around and saw the calm figure of Water Ghost holding Sea Gods Trident.

He felt even more despair.

Even Gold-swallowing Dragon couldnt withstand the pressure of the deep sea, but Water Ghost was able to be so calm.

How could anyone resist him

Little Ninja didnt even want to waste time taking another look.

He didnt care that with his thousand-foot-tall body he was scared by an ant-shaped human and didnt dare to make a move.

After a roar, he turned around and ran.


As the dragons roar resounded, Gold-swallowing Dragon started moving fast in the water.

Even in the deep sea, where the water pressure was extremely strong, its speed was faster than the speed of a normal water ball falling.

This was almost comparable to the speed of a Dao realm expert of Sovereign Stage on land, but in Xu Xiaoshous eyes, it was nothing.

The basic ability brought by Imitator was that after he transformed into Water Ghost, he could move more freely underwater than on land.

“Come on!”

“New achievement unlocked.

Dragon Rider!”

With an inexplicable smile, Xu Xiaoshou waved the fake Sea Gods Trident in his hand, and with a stomp of his feet, he easily caught up with the speed of Gold-swallowing Dragon like a sea god.

Little Ninja now knew he could not leave Water Ghost behind.

Because spiritual senses couldnt be used, Little Ninja in Gold-swallowing Dragon form would take some time to look back.

However, every time he looked back, there was a ghost-like figure following closely behind him.

Little Ninja was in despair.

He finally understood why this subordinate of Yama was codenamed Water Ghost.

This was really the underwater Yama.

His temperament was like a ghost, and his words and actions revealed an inhuman pervert.

“D*mn it!”

Little Ninja cursed inside, but he couldnt help but listen to the counting sounds behind him.

It changed from 7 to 5, and very quickly to 3.

“Three breaths!”

“Theres no time left!”

“I only have three breaths of time left in my life!”

Little Ninja suddenly had tears in his dragon eyes.

He felt so humiliated!

He was clearly a higher void, and he clearly had the incomparably powerful and indestructible gold attribute.

Just because of this ghost-like man, just because of Spell Forbidden Barrier under the deep sea, everything would disappear!

Other than transforming into the dragon form and escaping with a heavy burden, he could do nothing else!

He even had to curse with dragons roars that the man behind him should not be able to understand.

How pathetic it was!

“I have to find someone.

I have to find someone! I havent lived long enough.

Im still so young, I havent killed Xu Xiaoshou.”

“I dont want to die.

I dont want to die!”

Little Ninja suddenly wanted to cry.

To the long lifespan of Gold-swallowing Dragon, he was still a child.

he should not have to endure all this.


While his thoughts were running wild, the number behind him actually reached one!

Little Ninja in Gold-swallowing Dragon form suddenly lost all his strength and did not resist anymore.

He allowed the water pressure to push him down.

At this moment, he even felt that he did not even have time to turn back and fight.

Because when the number reached its end, the dragon was about to die.

At the critical moment, in the eyes of Gold-swallowing Dragon that was falling, a blurry water ball suddenly appeared in the distance.

Little Ninjas dragon eyes lit up as if he had seen a life-saving thing.

At this moment, he completely let go of his dignity as a higher void and started to wail as if he was crying.

“Help me, help me!”

“Yamas Water Ghost is chasing me, please help me!”


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