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“Cursed, Passive Points 1.”

“Resented, Passive Points 1.”

Saint Servant Water Ghost… The uncle froze for a long time before his eyes regained their spirits.

That was right!

Saint Servant did have a water ghost!

There was such a code name on the list he gave, but this person was too mysterious.

The rest of the Saint Servant Nine Thrones had their respective actions in the five domains of the continent.

However, Water Ghost had only attacked in the Yunlun Mountain Range in the past few decades!

The uncle finally remembered something.

As Water Ghost was too mysterious, and also Little Ninja had named Water Ghost “Yama”, he couldnt remember it just now.

But when the other party revealed his identity, everything made sense now.

Only the Water Ghost of Saint Servant would attack the Holy Divine Palace in the Yunlun Mountain Range without restraint.

Only Water Ghost would be given such an important mission to hunt down Little Ninja, the Gold-swallowing Dragon, who wanted to kill Xu Xiaoshou in the deep sea, right


The uncle was speechless for a moment.

No doubt he could confirm the identity of the other party quickly…

It was the most embarrassing thing…

As the first-in-command saint servant Bazhunan, he couldnt recognize his Saint Servant Water Ghost.

Wasnt it abnormal in the eyes of others

“Ahem… So its you… I havent seen you for a long time and I didnt recognize you…” The uncles eyes wandered and he glanced elsewhere.

“How… how have you been”


Xu Xiaoshou burst out laughing in his heart.


“Youre still pretending!

“With your reaction, if you have really met the real Water Ghost, Im afraid you have already started fighting!” thought Xu Xiaoshou.

However, the opponent was a fake Bazhunan.

When had Xu Xiaoshou ever been the real Water Ghost

The corners of his lips twitched.

He tried his best to hide his smile and said, “Its been a long time since we last met Didnt we just meet seven days ago You were the one who asked me to execute the plan to flood Yunlun!”


The uncle choked.

“What should I do now I dont know you.

When have I ever given you a plan”

He tried to avoid looking at him even more.

He did not expect that if the other party was really Water Ghost, he would not have such a flirtatious reaction at this moment.

He could only agree and said, “Indeed, indeed…”

“Not seeing you a day is like three years apart.

These seven days without seeing you are like more than twenty years.

Brother Water Ghost… you have been in a good state recently, hehe…”

Brother Water Ghost

And a day was equivalent to three years Moreover, twenty or so years passed in the blink of an eye

This uncle almost made Xu Xiaoshou die laughing.

He did not expect the uncle to have such a reaction when his identity was exposed by his own people.

This was too embarrassing!

He stopped teasing him.

Xu Xiaoshous expression changed and he said with a sneer, “Tell me the truth.

I have long seen through that you are not Saint Servant.

On account that you still have some respect for the Chief, tell me your name… If not, this deep sea will be your burial place!”

The uncles subconscious reaction was that it was still unknown who would be buried.

But on second thought, this was his friend…

D*mn it! How did things turn out this way It was not just a misunderstanding and they couldnt acknowledge each other!

If they really fought, neither side would get injured!

The corners of the uncles mouth twitched.

He wanted to say something but stopped.

He glanced at Gold-swallowing Dragon.

“Im begging you guys.

Dont talk anymore…” Little Ninja had been trembling in the deep sea since the beginning.

At this moment, he even wished that he was deaf.

However, after hearing so many secrets, would he still have a chance to fly out of the sea alive

At this moment, he saw the fake Bazhunan, who had a terrifying cultivation level, look at him coldly as if he was looking at a dead dragon.

Then, he stopped to disguise himself and turned into a graceful gentleman.

He slightly bowed to show his respect toward the top of his dragon head.

“Junior, Xiao Kongtong, the hidden tenth-in-command saint servant, greets Senior Water Ghost!”


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