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“If thats the case, why do you want to help me Arent you already in cahoots with him” Huang Quan asked in return.

“Im not just helping you.

This is a collaboration.

Im also helping myself,” Water Ghost said.

“He thinks that Im just Night Cat Water Ghost.

Who would have thought that Ive wanted to kill him for a long time”

“Saint Slaughter”


“Heh, youre really interesting…”

“Keep the praises coming.”

“Night Cat Water Ghost dont have the guts, but you have a second identity” Huang Quan resisted the urge to cut off the connection.

“As an intelligence worker, who doesnt have three or four identities Or even five, six, seven, or eight”

“Oh So your real identity is…” Huang Quan asked with a smile.

“The fifth-in-command Saint servant, Water Ghost.”

Water Ghost also smiled and said after a pause, “How about it Are you interested in cooperating with me now”


There was no relaxed smile on the face of the person on the other side of the communication bead, and the voice became serious.

“Lets talk.”


Under the deep sea, a figure swam deftly and quickly through the dividing water and continuously swam downward.

After a long time, the figure stopped at a dark and uninhabited place.

“It should be far enough…”

Xu Xiaoshou did not know if Water Ghost was secretly trailing him.

However, regardless whether he was being followed or not, after traveling for such a long distance, coupled with the Vanishing Technique, it was likely that even Water Ghost would not be able to find him, right


With a movement, his figure vanished into the deep sea.

After placing his trust in the Holy Emperor Dragon Scale and programing the thought ofForgetting the existence of Xu Xiaoshou, andAvoiding any risks, Xu Xiaoshou immediately fled to the Yuan Mansion.

The Yuan Mansion Space World was vast and boundless.

As soon as he entered, a rich medicinal fragrance wafted over to the tip of his nose, instantly washing away the weariness in his body and mind.


Xu Xiaoshou inhaled this refreshing air that he had not felt for a long time deeply, and he felt his soul relax.

He raised his gaze and looked over.

The chaotic mist that surrounded the Yuan Mansion Space World had retreated to the extreme distance in the horizon, revealing a vast new land.

In the center of this world, the Collapsed Tower from the Zhang Mansion was still there.

Poison ivy and poisonous grass grew profusely in the pond, and poisonous fish were jumping around energetically.

They were having a great time.

The world on this side was chaotic.

But on the other side, it was very peaceful.

Under the Treasure of Suppressing Barrier, the newly-planned herbal fields were laid out neatly among the green trees.

Greedy the White Cat Spirit was moving between the 100,000 Alchemy Cauldrons not far away.

007s work made it unable to stop for even a moment.

When he looked to the side, he saw an unexpected sight of a huge dragon corpse lying on the ground, which clearly highlighted the difference between vitality and loneliness on the left and right sides of the place perfectly.


“This is great…”

After entering the Yuan Mansion, Xu Xiaoshou was extremely relaxed.

No matter what danger he faced, he could return to this pure unsullied land anytime he wanted to.

How many people could even dream of this

And he had gotten all of this a long time ago…

“Thank you, Cheng Xingchu!”

Greedy the Cat Spirit was not the only living creature in the Yuan Mansion Space World.

Xu Xiaoshou swept his gaze around and soon found his target in the middle of the herb field.

It was a woman with waist-length hair.

She was wearing a light green silk dress that had been mended and lengthened.

She was half-squatting in the middle of the herb field with her sleeves rolled up and held a small wooden pot in one hand and a small wooden shovel in the other hand.

She was loosening the soil and watering the herbs.

Her eyes were lively and mysterious.

The corners of her eyes and lips were slightly curved, and she had a faint relaxed smile on her face.

There was no trace of sweat on the tip of her delicate nose, but there was a tinge of mud on it, which made her look so cute.

When the breeze blew, the silver threads of her hair brushed past her face and gleamed brightly under the sunlight.

It was a beautiful sight to behold.

“Little Flower, quickly grow up…”

For a moment, Xu Xiaoshous mind went into a trance.

He felt that the one squatting in the middle of the herbal field was still his Junior Sister who did not know anything about the world.

She was naive, lively and even a little barbaric.

When she was angry, she would pout.

She was cute but also funny.

She was good at cursing others.

However, when the woman sensed the difference in the Yuan Mansion World, she raised her eyes and looked up, revealing her slender and graceful figure, as well as her long, shoulder-length hair that had turned from black to silver and was no longer tied into two ponytails…

Only then did Xu Xiaoshou realize that things had changed.

He smiled and did not care.

He waved at her across the herbal field and shouted, “Lei Xier.”

“Xu Xiaoshou, youre here”

A look of surprise flashed across Lei Xiers eyes before she regained her composure.

Xu Xiaoshou ran over quickly and took out a jade pendant from his ring as he ran.

“Look what I brought for you!”

Lei Xier tilted her head and waited.

She watched quietly as Xu Xiaoshou slapped Greedy the Cat Spirit away, then quickly flew over the herbal field and landed in front of her.

Then as if he was coaxing a child, he held the jade pendant and dangled it in front of her.

He even made the accompanying sound “Dang dang dang dang dang” and she could not help but smile.

“What is this for”

Her fair fingers pinched the plain jade pendant.

Lei Xier looked at it for some time but did not see anything special about the jade pendant that was worth showing off.

It had some ordinary carvings on it, and the edges were slightly damaged.

After examining it for a while, the corners of Lei Xiers mouth turned up slightly.

She was clearly in a good mood, but she subconsciously muttered, “It looks so ugly.”

“Uh.” Xu Xiaoshou froze and he was momentarily at a loss for words.

With the aura of Water Ghosts gift in front of him, he had overlooked the nature of this jade pendant.

It did look a little too ordinary.

But it didnt matter.

“Its just an ordinary amulet.

Its nothing special.

I just got it from a rather powerful Senior.

Its defensive ability should be okay.

It can barely block a lower Demi-Saints attack!” Xu Xiaoshou scratched his head.

Lei Xiers eyebrows shot up a little.

She held the jade pendant in her left hand and touched the ring on her right ring finger.

She asked subconsciously, “Whats its name”

“Uh.” Xu Xiaoshou was slightly startled.

“Did the jade pendant need a name”

Lei Xiers face turned red as soon as she said that.

Her reaction was quite instantaneous.

Of course the ring and the jade pendant needed a name.

This was something that only existed in her small world.

How would Xu Xiaoshou know about it

In her small world, the championship ring on her right hand that came from Xu Xiaoshou had a special name calledPink Pigeon.

Of course, there was also a heinous story behind it.

But these were all taken from her past life, and Xu Xiaoshou did not know about it.

“How could thisone-track-mind person think of a name while giving her the jade pendant”


Lei Xier turned her head away and covered her right hand.

She changed the topic, “Dont be too solicitous.

Do you need something from me”

“What” Xu Xiaoshou grimaced and he sneered, “You think I still need something from you Are you kidding me This is just to help you because I saw that you had a hard time using the God Devil Eyes last time.”

Xu Xiaoshou thought of an excuse in a split second, and he asked, “Oh right, hows your recovery coming along”

The last time, in order to control Rao Yaoyao and Teng Shanhai, Lei Xier almost overused the power of the God Devil Eyes, and tears of blood flowed from her eyes.

Xu Xiaoshou seriously suspected that if she continued to use it like this, her God Devil Eyes would go blind…

“Ive recovered for some time already.” Lei Xier changed the topic and also regained her composure “Theres a lot of vitality in the Yuan Mansion Space World.

As soon as I entered, I basically regained half of my strength already.”

“Thats good, thats good…”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the silver-haired woman in front of him and was suddenly tongue-tied and could only repeat his words.

After delivering the items, he didnt know what else to say.

Ever since Mu Zixi became Lei Xier, he felt that their identities had also changed.

In the past, this little girls world revolved around him.

Now, he was the one who needed to make her happy.

It was as if…

If he teased and played with her, he could bring back those times…

But even when he teased her, he could find some traces of familiarity from the past.

After that, everything returned to normal.

Xu Xiaoshou was deep in thought, thinking about what had gone wrong.

After entering the Yuan Mansion, he had started off quite well.

Why did he suddenly lapse into silence.

It was so awkward…

“Say something, say something, say something…”

The Holy Emperor Dragon Scale moved slightly without him noticing.

Lei Xiers eyelashes fluttered, and her eyes quickly darted to the left and right.

Then, she lowered her head, and her red lips subconsciously parted:

“Why are you staring at me like that…”

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