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The Bard once again fled in panic, escaping into another corner.


Falling rocks fell from the sky, almost smashing him to death, but he was suddenly caught by a pale and gentle hand.

“Be careful.”

This warm and ear-catching voice made ones heart flutter.

The Bard looked up and was surprised to see that a man wearing a jade crown, a white robe, and a scholars attire had appeared before him.

He looked to be about twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old.

The man had a clean and youthful face.

His eyes were clear and bright, his nose was straight, and his lips were shiny like Jade.

He was handsome and looked elegant.

“Thank, thank you for your life-saving grace.”

The Bard was stunned.

This handsome man looked like he was not a simple person.

He had no way to repay him.

All he could do was hand over a dirty apple from his pocket.

“Do, do you want to eat”

“What is this” The scholar looked at him with a glimmer in his eyes and a smile.

“An, an apple.

An item that only exists in this earthly realm.

In the world of spiritual cultivation, its, its not common to be able to eat it…” the Bard stuttered.

The scholar quickly glanced at the black stain on the apple, smiled, and declined.

Looking at the long street, he pointed, “What you said was extraordinary.

How did you end up in such a state”

“Oh my god!” The Bard removed the vegetable leaves on his head and was so moved that he cried.

“Finally, someone understands me.

Do you believe that everything I said is true”

“Yes.” The scholar nodded slightly.

The Bard cried out again, and tears overflowed his face.

He hugged the scholars thigh and complained.

“My life is so bitter!”

“After so many years, I finally met a bosom friend.

Being a professionalpoet is not easy.”

“No matter what, I was an old man who created the ballad ofThe Ten High Nobles back then.

I was on the same formidable level as the Spiritual Cultivator of that era.”

“I didnt expect that things would change so quickly.

I couldnt even earn money to fill my stomach…”

The Bard picked up the apple and chose a clean side of it.

He took a bite and said sorrowfully, “I still have to rely on this as a means to survive!”

The scholar was speechless.

He finally broke free of his legs from the poor poets arms and was not concerned about the dirt on his clothes.

He frowned and said,The Ten High Nobles ballad was written by you”

“It was me!” The Bard raised his head and patted his chest.

His eyes were full of vigor.

“How was it Catchy, isnt it”

“It is quite catchy…” the scholar hesitated for a moment and asked again, “But is the order wrong For example, why didnt the first place swop with the last place, and why didnt the second place swop with the second last place”

“Oh, this” The Bard was shocked, and fear flashed across his face.

He was beaten up by many people these years due to the arrangement of the balladThe Ten High Nobles.

For example, “Kui Leihan, Bazhunan, and the unpredictable Dao Qiongcang.” Many people felt that “Bazhunan” should be at the forefront of the sentence in the Holy Sword Land of the Eastern Region.

But there was no way to change it!

He thought that now that he had met a bosom friend, he could talk about some exciting things in the past.

He did not expect that this approachable scholar was also struggling with the arrangements of The Ten High Nobles.

“Is there a problem with this”

The Bard stretched his head forcefully, trying his best not to appear weak.

He argued, “Theres really no way to change it.

Once the positions are changed, I cant compose anymore!”

The scholar choked for a moment.

“My ability is limited.

Please forgive me for my ignorance…” The Bard saw that this vibrant scholar did not have the impulse to hit others, so he laughed at himself and started eating the apple again.

“My benefactor, you have some questions for me” He quickly raised his head again because he didnt believe that someone would save a dirty person for no reason at all.

“Yes.” The scholar nodded.

“Ill tell you everything I know,” the Bard expressed.

The scholar smiled and pointed at the long street.

“What you said there was very insightful.

I want to ask you, do you still know the whereabouts of the fifth gate of Sky City, theQilin Gate, also known as theVoid Gate”

“Uh.” The Bards expression froze, “I dont know…”

“You really dont know, you cant say it, or you dont dare to say it” The scholar didnt give up and asked curiously.

His sincere expression made it impossible for people to lie.

The Bard clenched his teeth and thoughtfully replied,

“I wont hide it from you.

Even if it was in the Sacred Mountain Gui Zhe, I would point it out to you because Im not afraid of death…”

“But now, I really dont know.

Im just a bard who only knows how to brag.

Otherwise, I wouldnt have ended up like this…”

He had a helpless expression, and his eyes were filled with the ups and downs emotions of life.

The scholar frowned slightly, although his facial complexion was still good-looking.

He said again, “Then do you know of any other way to enter the Abyss Island apart from these five gates”

Abyss Island… The Bard chewed on this word and looked at the scholar in surprise.

He knew that the scholar was not a simple person.

However, he did not show any uneasiness.

He replied earnestly, “Yes, as long as you can find the void token, you can enter Sky City!”

The scholar exasperated, “I dont have the void token…”

“Then theres another way!” The Bard racked his brains to return the favor to his benefactor.

He said, “In this world, theres still the sixth door.

It allows you to enter the Sky City effortlessly without even having to perform a sacrificial ceremony.”

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