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“Oh What is it” The scholar was quite interested.

“The Space-Time Gate!”

After the Bard finished his sentence, he let out a long sigh.

“But I think you wont be able to find it.

The Space-Time Gate can travel through all space and time.

If nothing unexpected happens, it should be sealed in theNegative Clan Gate forbidden grounds in the Central Region.”

“I have all the insights, but I dont have the slightest practical ability.

Im really sorry that I cant help you.”

After hearing this, the scholar fell into deep thought.

“Your words have triggered some of my memories…”

“The Space-Time Gate shouldnt be in the Negative Clan Gate clan anymore…”

He muttered in a low voice.

After a long time, he lowered his head and took off a small trinket on his neck that was pierced through by a black thread.

He handed it over and asked, “Do you recognize this item”

The Bard took over the small trinket and discovered that it was a small wooden sculpture the size of two thumbnails.

Its workmanship was inferior.

It was shaped like a door.

The words on it were crooked and had the word “Space-time” engraved.


Upon seeing this, the alley suddenly fell into dead silence.

The Bard held the wooden sculpture and raised his head to look at the scholar, wondering if he was joking.

However, he discovered that the scholar looked back with an earnest and determined gaze.

Moreover, his expression was filled with genuine curiosity.

What did he mean!

The Bard freaked out, and his expression became unnatural.

The corner of his mouth twitched.

“If Im not wrong, Hmm I guess it… It shouldnt be theSpace-Time Gate Instead, it should be a… Fake protective talisman”

The hope on the scholars face immediately turned into disappointment.

The Bard was shocked when he saw this.

Hes such a one-of-a-kind person.

Was it because he hadnt been exposed to the darkness of this earthly world since he was young

How could he be so naive

Its just a wooden sculpture, yet he was serious about it… What kind of ridiculous answer was he expecting from me!

Seeing the scholar taking back the wooden sculpture with waning interest, the Bard suddenly felt helpless.

“Oh right.”

He seemed to have thought of something and stopped being entangled in the past matter.

He quickly chewed the whole of the apple and swallowed it down.

Then, he said solemnly.

“I havent asked your name.

I cant help you with anything else, but if you want to get some fame, I can help you write a poem or something in the future to spread it.”

“Something likeDoggie poetry” The scholar said with a smile as he tied back his precious pendant.

“Ugh!” The Bards expression froze, and he scratched his head.

“Thats just the tip of the iceberg of my strength!”

“Thats fine.” The scholar waved his hand and refused.

He took a step forward and was about to leave.

“You cant expect me to not repay you without a name, right” The Bard shouted at his back.

This caused the scholar to stop in his tracks.

He did not turn his head, and his tone was calm as usual.

“If you want to repay me, then do it your way.

I do not ask for anything as I do not seek worldly fame… For your information, my name is Kong Yuhen.”

Kong Yuhen

The Bard held the vegetable leaves in his mouth and thought this was a foolish name.

However, as he thought deeply about it, he realized that it made an excellent sentence that was utterly different from his usual way of needing to think hard.

The Bard was filled with inspiration.

He did not care, as he would have this kind of thought from time to time.

He immediately shook his head and chanted.

“What do you think of this sentence It will definitely help you increase your fame…”

“In the drunken moon, there is a lingering hatred, Kong Yu… Urgh!”

The voice suddenly stopped.

The Bard seemed to have thought of something.

His pupils constricted, and his legs and stomach began to tremble.

When he looked up again, the elegant scholar had disappeared without a trace.

He stared at the corner of the alley, the alleys entrance, looked up at the sky, and finally at the ground…

The Bard pursed his lips and stared in disbelief.

“Kong Yuhen”

“Is he that Kong Yuhen”

The place was shrouded in clouds and mist.

From what he remembered, it looked like heaven.

However, he saw a run-down giant stone tablet, an ancient buildings walls filled with traces of the vicissitudes of time, and the moss-covered pavement that had been deserted…

Swordsman holding the sword, Gu Qingyi fell into deep thought.

He stood there in a daze as time flew.

However, he still had that question in his mind ever since he first arrived at this place.

“What the hell is this place”

Everything had transformed from when the ancient gate was pushed open in the deep sea.

After Gu Qingyi was dragged into the ancient gate, it was as if he had entered another dimension.

He was not unwilling to leave, but it was a little tricky.

In addition, his mind was a little muddled, so he had to stop and think about some things.

The gravity of this place was at least a hundred times stronger than that of the Shengshen continent.

The weak body of the swordsman could hardly move.

The disappearance of the deep seas Spell Forbidden Barrier meant that this place should not be in the deep sea.

Gu Qingyi could also use the little spiritual source in his energy reserve.

However, all of this made him even more confused.

“Is that a teleportation gate”

“What should I do now”

“Second Junior Brother is still waiting for me on Lone Cliff.

He wont scold me when he gets tired of waiting, right His communication device cant be used anymore, and I cant seem to contact Supreme Master either…”

“What the hell is this place!”

A feeling of loneliness spread across the streets of the mottled ancient city gate.

Gu Qingyi faintly felt that this feeling was somewhat familiar.

He was shocked.

Because when he was in Dongtianwang city, whenever he raised his head to look at the Sky City that covered the sky, he would also have this strange feeling.

“Could it be that this is Sky City”

“Abyss Island Foreign Island”

Gu Qingyi was astounded.

He couldnt imagine that the gate in the deepest part of the deep sea was actually connected to Abyss Island at the highest point of the sky.

The two were polar opposites, and it seemed they would never intersect.

But now…


Wasnt this the accurate portrayal of everything that happened in Dongtianwang City after the appearance of Sky City

“I have to move…”

Gu Qingyi moved forward with heavy footsteps.

He did not run into the distance immediately.

Instead, he came to a shabby stone tablet a dozen steps away with incredible difficulty.

He hesitated for a moment before reaching out his hand.

He wanted to wipe away the moss and dust on the stone tablet, but he felt there might be a danger in doing so.


The demonic sword Yuelian was pulled out slightly.

The blade was only a finger away from the scabbard.

“Swoosh swoosh swoosh,” slicing sounds rang out in the air.

The blade was back in the scabbard, and the dust and moss on the stone tablet rolled down, revealing its actual appearance.

“Abyss Island!”

These three words completely shattered Gu Qingyis last hope.

He was somewhat happy but also rather anxious.

He was glad that it was the Sky City where everyone yearned to be.

Whoever reached it first would definitely be able to find more opportunities.

He was worried that even though he had entered this place, there was no way to return home.

Even if he obtained more opportunities, it would be futile if he died on Abyss Island.

What choice does he have

Gu Qingyi thought as he walked past the stone tablet on Abyss Island.

Not long after, he stopped because he saw that on the back of the stone tablet, there were many scratches.

When he got closer, he saw many… tiny names on it

Gu Qingyi didnt recognize some of them, so he ignored them.

When he swept his gaze over them, other than those he didnt recognize, he could also see many characters that only appeared in the past.

“Hua Weiyang, Chengxue, Blackie, Feng Wuhen…”

“Oh my! What does this mean All these seniors of the Way of the Sword have been here before”

Gu Qingyis face was filled with shock.

If it was an outsider, they might not be able to recognize these names.

However, he was the successor of the Burial Sword Tomb.

Not only did he learn the Way of the Sword, but he also knew its history.

It was rumored that the holy swordsman in the Eastern Region, Gu Louying, had Nine Major Sword Saints under him.

Among them, the great swordsman saint, Hua Weiyang, had extremely high attainments in the Fantasy Sword Technique.

He had even created new ones, almost surpassing the holy swordsman.

As for the remaining few…


He was also one of the Nine Major Sword Saints at that time.

After he was accidentally killed by his good friend, he used his saber as a tombstone.

He became the famous swordsman of the later generations, “Epitaph of City Snow.”

This good friend of his was called “Blackie.” He walked the path of killing and had cultivation deviation all year round.

He was also the first sword-bearer of the vicious sword with the Fourth Sword.

As for this “Feng Wuhen”…

In the history of the Way of the Sword, he was the only swordsman who had competed with the holy swordsman, Gu Louying, for the title of “Holy Swordsman.” Ultimately, he was defeated but still gained the reputation of “Holy Swordsman Feng Wuhen.”

Feng Tingchen, one of the Seven Sword Deity in the world, should be the direct descendant of the holy swordsman, Feng Wuhen…

When Gu Qingyi thought of this, he was utterly stunned.

He used to listen to the history of the Way of the Sword as if it was a novel.

Looking at this monument before him, those characters and history in the past might really exist, for real

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