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“Its a little powerful…”

Gu Qingyi looked at the names on the stone tablet and fell into deep thought.

The words of his Supreme Master rang in his head.

“The Abyss Island has a Sky City floating on the island since ancient times.

The power of generations and time can not erase its existence.

“It is divided into the inner island and the outer island.

The outer island forms an ancient city where risks and opportunities coexist.”

“As for the inner island… The Inner Island of the Abyss Island has completely changed.

It has become a place similar to an exiled land.

Demi-saint and Holy Emperor are prisoners inside.

“If one enters the inner island, it will be difficult for that person to escape.

“Even if one can make it out, the price that person have to pay is immeasurable!”

Gu Qingyi held the Demonic Sword Yuelian in his arms.

The more he thought about it, the more frightened he became.

Back in the past, he had never encountered this place before.

Therefore, he didnt listen carefully to what his Supreme Master had told him.

However, fear and panic struck him once he entered this legendary world.

The path ahead was utterly unknown, and Gu Qingyi did not know how to proceed.

His gaze continued downwards.

Besides the ancient figures on the stone tablet, there were also many unrecognized names.

However, they should be the names of the heroes of the past.

They were probably the bosses who had entered and left Abyss Island recently.

“Bazhunan, Dao Qiongcang, Beihuai, Kong Yuhen, Sang Qiye, Yu Lingdi, Cao Yihan, You Tu…”

The names were scattered on the stone tablet without any order.

However, each of them was a mystical legend in the Shengshen Continent.

Gu Qingyi took a deep breath.

He couldnt believe what he had seen.

“Even Elder You Tu has been here before Was it after he made his way to Sacred Mountain Gui Zhe or before he went to the Sacred Mountain Is It related to the Elders disappearance”

“Thats not right.

Wasnt it only Bazhunan and the Ghost Beast who managed to exit from Abyss Island So many people had been here before”

“Hmm… Perhaps only Bazhunan was sent to the Inner Island of the Abyss Island.

The rest of them might have only appeared on the Outer Island”

Gu Qingyi stroked his chin as he pondered.

Suddenly, the stone tablet trembled, and a mechanical voice with a stuttering and intermittent tone sounded from within:

“Please… Leave… Your… Name…”

Gu Qingyi was startled.

It could speak

It seemed like the stone tablet hadnt spoken for a long time.

It had difficulty with its speech and was not fluent.


Nevertheless, did this mean that his current situation was the same as everyone who had left their names on the stone tablet

Gu Qingyi was a little excited.

The thought of sharing his name on the same stone tablet with so many Elders from the Way of the Sword advocates that its not some uncivilized behavior such as vandalism…

Immediately, he reached out his sword and left his name casually on the stone tablet through the scabbard.

“Gu, Qing, Yi…”


He patted the stone tablet with the sword, trying to get a response.

But after a long time, the stone tablet didnt show either unusual activity or any particular reward.

Gu Qingyi was a bit disappointed.

When he was about to cross the stone tablet and walk forward, the stone tablet moved again.

It was still that intermittent tone.

“Sinner… Gu Qingyi…”

“Sinner… Number… 746392…”

“Welcome… into… Abyss Island.

Please… strictly observe… Abyss Island… order.

Violators… Die!”

Gu Qingyis expression instantly froze.

Sin, sinner

Just a moment ago, the joy of leaving his name on the stone tablet had yet to rid the fear of the unknown from his heart.

When this “Sinner” word appeared, Gu Qingyi felt burdened deeply.

“Is this really a land of exile”

“Im already a sinner”

“I was lured in, how am I a sinner…”

Gu Qingyi wanted to explain, but explaining to a stone seemed to be a preach to deaf ears.

He resisted this impulse.

“What order does Abyss Island have”

He patted the stone tablet with his sword.

This time, Gu Qingyi waited for an answer.

However, the stone tablet seemed to have lost its power source and did not respond.


Gu Qingyi was a cultured person, but circumstances forced him otherwise.

It kept saying that those who violated the order on Abyss Island would die, but it did not even give a clear answer.

Wasnt this similar to sending someone to exile without pardon

Anxiety, sadness, palpitations, panic…

Gu Qingyi looked up at the streets of the ancient city in the distance.

He felt that the loneliness of Abyss Island could magnify all the negative emotions in peoples hearts.


Just when he was in a daze, a bolt of lightning suddenly struck from the top of his head, aiming at a specific place in the ancient city in the distance.

Gu Qingyis heart skipped a beat.

“If theres movement, does it mean that theres someone”

“He violated the order of the Abyss Island and was punished by lightning”

After hesitating, Gu Qingyi walked in that direction with heavy footsteps.

“Waiting for death” was more terrifying than “Welcoming death.”

The latter represented either “Destruction” or “Rebirth.”

The former was filled with endless “Fear” and “Imminent death”!


The evil sword in his arms trembled slightly.

Even though it was wrapped with a sealing belt, the sword was still emitting a faint gray evil aura.

Gu Qingyi felt calmer when he lowered his eyes and glanced at it.

“Yue Lian, are you afraid too”

“Dont worry, I wont die in this place.”

“The Burial Sword Tomb is still waiting for me to go back and receive the inheritance.

Relying on second junior brother and junior brother, Im afraid the Supreme Master is really going to be pissed off.”

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