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“Seal attribute…”

Five decays of Heaven and Man murmured softly, his expressions slightly dazed.

At this moment, he could no longer laugh.

A little girl had suddenly erupted with such combat strength.

She could even take down Fengtang Meng Po in a few rounds, almost defeating her in an instant.

Without a doubt, instead of the status as a hunter, he had instantly become the prey in his opponents eyes.

Five Decays of Heaven and Man could not believe this fact, but what made him curious was…


How did she do it

“Holy Emperor Fengtian, Feng Yujin”

Even if he did not believe it, the strongest combat strength related to the seal attribute, Five Decays of Heaven and Man only had this name in his memory.

He could not remember too many things about this person.

He only vaguely knew that this person was clearly a historical figure and should not have appeared in this era, but he was the last person who had become famous for the seal attribute.

There was no one else.


Feng Yujin laughed when he heard the voice.

“I didnt expect that there are still some people on this continent who remembered my name.

It seems that you are not just an ordinary higher void.

At the very least, you at least still know some of the secrets of the Holy Emperor.”

He paused for a moment and looked up and down at the appearance of Five Decays of Heaven and Man.

Then, he raised his voice.


At this moment, the heart of Five Decays of Heaven and Man had already sunk to the bottom.

Holy Emperor…

He didnt deny it…

Was he really Holy Emperor Fengtian, Feng Yujin

Shouldnt this figure have already disappeared in history Where did he come from

He thought of the little lamb he had faced before and how this little lambs personality and strength had changed after he threatened her.

There was only one explanation for this strange situation.

“Ghost beast” Five Decays of Heaven and Man didnt answer, but his tone was filled with surprise.

“Youve actually lived till now as a ghost beast”

“I hate people call me ghost beast!” Feng Yujins heart was filled with anger.

“Ive never died!”

With a “bang” sound, the space beneath his feet cracked, and he pounced forward, slamming his palm toward Five Decays of Heaven and Man.

“There is a solution, there is a solution…”

The pupils of Five Decays of Heaven and Man constricted, but his thoughts were extremely calm.

Logically speaking, if he was really the Holy Emperor, with the teasing intention shown by him and Meng Po just now, they would have knelt down with just one look.

But it wasnt!

Meng Po had suffered a loss due to the wrong information, and she didnt even use one-tenth of her strength.

It was still uncertain whether this “Feng Yujin” was “Holy Emperor Fengtian.” Even if he was, his strength had been greatly reduced when hosting the little girl.

If he could use his demi-saint power, why would he choose to attack at close range

“You are only up to the higher void level!”

“I, Five Decays of Heaven and Man, can defeat everyone below the demi-saint level!”

As his thoughts settled, Five Decays of Heaven and Man also came to a decision.

He quickly formed a seal with his hands, and black fog spread out from his body.

It turned into a fanged demon that bared its fangs and brandished its claws behind him.

“Filthy Nightmare!”

Without any hesitation, the power of the higher void was the first thing that Five Decays of Heaven and Man invited out.

Facing Feng Yujin, who was charging at him with all his might, he used 120% of his power.

Then, the black light gathered in his palm, and Five Decays of Heaven and Man attacked with his palm.


There was a booming sound.

In the void, the air was squeezed and exploded, and the space was torn apart by the explosion.

Seal vs Decay!

Without the interference of the Holy Power, Five Decays of Heaven and Man was not sure who would be stronger.

Similarly, Feng Yujin had heard of the body of decay, but he had never personally experienced it.

After all, he was a person who had fought for an era, so he had a lot of theoretical knowledge.

However, theories did not mean everything.

The two strongest forces below the demi-saint level fought against each other, so whether or not he could seal the power of decay was undetermined.


The gray and black shock waves followed the palm and completely engulfed the two.

After the explosion, the first sound appeared.

It was the strange sound Feng Yujin had made when he had sealed Fengtang Meng Po.

Five Decays of Heaven and Mans heart skipped a beat when he heard it.

“Am I going to lose”

Before he had time to think, the power from the energy reserve surged crazily, and continued to confront Feng Yujin.

However, Five Decays of Heaven and Man only felt that his body was getting weaker and weaker, and his energy either.


“As expected, he wasnt able to seal all of my power at the first moment.

However, the sealing power is also gradually eroding my energy reserve!”

“If this continues, Ill lose…”

The fear didnt last for long before Five Decays of Heaven and Man suddenly noticed a detail.

If his energy was continuously being depleted, his enemy didnt lose a bit of it…

Then at this time, he shouldnt be able to hold on any longer.

How could he continue to confront him

“He cant confront my power of the higher void either!” The thoughts of Five Decays of Heaven and Man became active.

On the other side, Feng Yujin was indeed trying his best to hold on.

The power of Five Decays of Heaven and Man was so strong!

This was an ability that was completely detested by the way of the Heavens.

The sealing ability was still within the way of the Heavens, but this ability had transcended the five elements.

Even if he pretended to be calm on the surface, Feng Yujin knew that it had caused too many abnormalities in her body.

Earlier, when Mo Mo confronted Five Decays of Heaven and Man, she had already got two symptoms of decays.

Naturally, there was dirt on her clothes and sweat under her armpits.

When he was beating up Fengtang Meng Po, the curse power of Five Decays of Heaven and Man was constantly affecting him.

It seemed nothing abnormal, but Feng Yujin could clearly smell that there was a foul smell in her body.

Now that they were facing each other head-on with hand contact, Feng Yujins sealing power was indeed sealing his power.

However, His power of decay and depravity was also affecting Feng Yujin.

Feng Yujin was keenly aware that the hairpin, the waist jade, the bracelet…

All of her jewelry had lost its original luster, and her face looked even more haggard.

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