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“Lord Huang Quan”

Feng Yujin formed a seal with his hands and seemed amused by the Five Decays of Heaven and Man.

“The real Yama has arrived.

Even now, he is unable to take your life away from my hands, what more for Huang Quan”


Within the black Spatial Fragment was a seal suffused with gray Holy Power.

In an instant, the black color was saturated with the gray color and the world seemed to be completely frozen.

What Five Decays of Heaven and Man wanted to say next seemed to be stuck in his throat and unable to come out at all.

The Holy Power in his body was degenerating and kept sealed.

His Sea of Energy Reserve was returning to its calm state and also being sealed.

His desire to move gradually diminished, having also been sealed.

His thoughts, his will, and every cell in his body seemed to have been petrified; they were all being sealed!

“Holy Domain…”

Feng Yujin raised his head, and a surge of Holy Power coursed through his hands.

Then, he splayed all his ten fingers across his chest.


The thick Holy Power that had frozen the entire Spatial Fragment was instantly withdrawn and it turned into a grayish-white vertical coffin behind Five Decays of Heaven and Man and Meng Po.

“Godhood Sealing Coffin!”

Feng Yujin thrust his hands forward and the Holy Power in front of his chest turned into a coffin board.

With a bang, it swallowed up the two Yamas in the Spatial Fragment, sealing them in completely.

After doing all this, Feng Yujin didnt stop.

His mind sank into a great path of thought as if he had entered a state of Epiphany.

This was obviously not the beginning of an Insight.

Instead, it was within the limit of the Order of the Heavens.

Because of Feng Yujins Insight, they turned into concrete forms.

After obtaining the manifestation of these great paths, Feng Yujin stretched out his hand, and the Holy Power turned into nothingness as it slammed into the Way of the Heavens.

“Way of the Heavens!”

A strange humming sound could be heard and the space vibrated slightly.

Other than that, nothing else happened.


Fresh blood sprayed out.

Everything was over.

Feng Yujin, who had just swallowed everything, instantly became listless.

He weakly flashed away, carrying the coffin on his shoulder, and once again flashed back into the other dimension.

His eyelids drooped heavily and he felt very drowsy.

“Mo Mo! Mo Mo!”

“Im here.”

Mo Mos voice sounded promptly.

She was a little worried.

She didnt expect that sealing those decaying bodies would require so much energy from Feng Yujin.

She thought that Feng Yujin was exaggerating again.

But thinking about the terrifying ability of the Five Decays of Heaven and Man…

It seemed that in the entire world, other than Feng Yujin, who could take it down so easily, even a Demi-Saint wouldnt be able to handle it

“Hows your condition” Mo Mo asked with concern.

“Not so good.”

Feng Yujin had no time for any idle talk.

Before falling into a deep sleep, he quickly issued some orders.

“I used a bit of my previous power, um, Holy Power.”

“Im afraid that the other people on the continent will notice this, but Ive also sealed off the occurrence of this incident.

Its similar to your impression of the Holy Emperors will, the Three Seals…”

“This way, theyll need to spend some time looking for me.”

“I dont know how long my deep sleep will last this time, but theres no doubt that the five great aristocratic families of the Holy Emperor will be able to find the source of Three Seals because of the Seal Attribute, and then theyll suspect me.”

“Next, you have to be careful when youre on your own.

Dont reveal the Seal Attribute.

At the same time, take good care of my… oh, I mean, our bodies…” Feng Yujin said with a smile

Mo Mo was slightly startled.

She couldnt help but feel the weight on her shoulders.

It turned out that Feng Yujin had already retreated.

She had taken over the control of his body.

The weight on her shoulders was actually the weight of the Godhood-Sealing Coffin.

Feng Yujins scattered thoughts continued:

“Ive sealed the Five Decays of Heaven and Man for you.

Ill leave the Godhood-sealing Coffin to you.

Use the Sealing Power to break it.”

“This thing needs at least fifteen minutes before it can be released.

They still have their abilities, but they cant use it at all.”

“The decayed bodies might seem a little mysterious, but it should be no different from a mortals.

It will take them a long time to recover, so you can do whatever you want with them.”

“Take it out after a day, and they will become the Sealing Stones.

Yes, its the bracelet you used to seal me in previously.

Its funny, Hehe…”

Feng Yujin paused for a moment.

Even though he was weak, he still thought of something and repeatedly reminded her:

“The decayed body is a little dangerous.

Forget it.

With your personality, I dont think you can handle him.

Besides, this guy is very troublesome.

I will call someone over.

Just wait for him.”

“Dont go to the Lone Cliff.

Xu Xiaoshou is a troublemaker.

He has been involved in too many of the Holy Emperors schemes.

If I am not here, you will die a terrible death.

Just wait here…”

“Of course, you cant go back to Abyss Island.

It wasnt easy for me to escape from that damned place.

In this world, the only thing that can restrain the Seal Attribute is the Spell Forbidden Barrier.

After all, the Seal Attribute is still an Attribute after all.”

“You should have accepted the inheritance earlier.

As long as my strength recovers a little, I wont have to be restricted by Bazhunan in the Eighth Palace…”

“Damn that… Bazhunan…”


His voice gradually became softer until it completely disappeared.

“Feng Yujin” Mo Mo carried the coffin and called out softly in her mind.

There was no response.

“Hes really asleep…”

The wind rustled through the vast land.

Mo Mo was suddenly not used to this silence.

The contrast was too great!

All along, the voice in her mind had always been present and noisy.

It would chatter non-stop wherever it went.

But now that she thought about it, other than being noisy, Feng Yujin had also been protecting her.

Whenever she saw any spiritual herbs and treasures that she did not understand, he was like a walking encyclopedia.

When she saw unknown Powers and Attributes, he could explain in detail.

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