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In the Deep Sea.

It was rare to be released from 007s working conditions and allowed out to play.

Greedy the Cat Spirit did not expect that when it happened, it would be underwater.


It could not help but look up curiously and ask, “Where is this place”


Xu Xiaoshou chuckled and did not explain further.

What did the little white cat know about the Deep Sea and the Lone Cliff No matter how much he said, it would be useless!

He ignored Greedy the Cat Spirit and used the Imitator to isolate himself and the little white cat from the water pressure in the Deep Sea.

Then, with a shake of his body, he transformed into Yama, Huang Quan.


Greedy the Cat Spirit was excited.

He would soon be changing his form again.

“Who is he going to beat up this time”

The last time it came out, it saw its family owner beat up an unknown guy and then he took on that persons identity.

It should be very interesting later on.

Unfortunately, in the end, there was nothing for it to do.

It was locked up in the Yuan Mansion again.

Greedy the Cat Spirit wanted to tell its family owner that it was already very powerful now.

There was no need to throw it into the Yuan Mansion whenever there was any danger.

Conducting alchemy alone was a waste of its talent.

Greedy the Cat Spirit wanted to become a cat genius who was good at both fighting and conducting alchemy.

It also wanted to walk the same path as its owner who seemed to have all the connections and was very powerful.

“This time…”

Facing the little white cats anticipation, Xu Xiaoshou stroked his fur and looked into the distance with some fear.

“This time, well do something big.

Lets see if we can drag a Demi-Saint into the water so we will not have any more trouble in the future.”


“Good, good, good!”

Greedy the Cat Spirit had never fought before, so it naturally didnt know what level a Demi-Saint was at.

It immediately raised its little paws to express its approval.

Other than eating, it loved to fight the most.

Unfortunately, when it was in Xu Yue Grey Palace, no one allowed it to fight.

They were all afraid that it might get hurt.

When it followed Caramel and Xin Gugu, it hadnt been affected by any incidents along the way.

It only needed to let them know when it was hungry.

But no matter what, Greedy the Cat Spirit was still a carnivore.

However, after living for so long, it hadnt tasted any blood food other than the spirit plants, treasures, and elixirs that had a strong life force.

It felt that was such a waste of its life.

Thinking of blood food, Greedy the Cat Spirit licked its paws and waved at Xu Xiaoshou excitedly.

“Meow Meow Meow!”

“If I had been given some of the dragon meat in Yuan Mansion, I would be very powerful by now.

At that time, I can even devour that so-called Demi-Saint for you.”

Xu Xiaoshou: “…”


“Gold-swallowing Dragon”

“Are you still thinking about that Dragon”

“Meow Meow Meow!”

Greedy the Cat Spirit heard this and immediately complained in grievance.

“Yes, yes.

It was a pity that the female owner didnt let me eat it.

Otherwise, I would be even more powerful now.”

“She was right not to let you eat it!” Xu Xiaoshou said unhappily.

He still remembered Caramels advice that Greedy the Cat Spirit was not allowed to touch any blood food.

Otherwise, some uncontrollable Transformation might occur.

This was very similar to Aje.

When he had obtained Aje in the early stages, Xu Xiaoshou had also discovered that this little fellow, who only knew how to say “Ma Ma”, in addition to his normal combat strength, once he came into contact with fresh blood, would become extremely terrifying.

When he thought of Aje…

Xu Xiaoshou thought of the Lord Dean again.

He didnt know where the Lord Dean was in the Deep Sea, but Aje was still with him, so he shouldnt have had the time to send it back to the Spirit Palace, right

There was a Spell Forbidden Barrier in the Deep Sea, so the Lord Dean should have been tightly restrained.

However, he was using Space Upanishad, and Ajes combat strength didnt belong to the School of Spiritual Cultivation.

Perhaps, he wouldnt be restrained…

“Would there be a turning point”

“Surely the Lord Dean wouldnt have been drained dry to the point of death”

Shaking his head, Xu Xiaoshou couldnt bear to think about such random matters.

Water Ghost definitely had a better idea than him as to who were his allies and who were his enemies.

Therefore, the most important thing now was to go back and challenge the Demi-Saint.

“You dont have to think about eating the Golden Dragon.

Ill find something else for you to eat later.

Now, lets go find someone.”

Xu Xiaoshou made up his mind that he wouldnt let any unknown danger that he couldnt control happen.

He felt that he had to wait until Greedy the Cat Spirit was able to eat the blood food.

At the very least, his cultivation level had to be at the Sovereign Stage.

Otherwise, he might really not be able to control the little white cats mutation.

After all, Greedy the Cat Spirit was a Ghost Beast!

“Ill go find Big Mouth first… Hmm, Xiao Kongtong! I wonder if hes still outside the Void Gate”

Holding the little white cat tightly, Xu Xiaoshou felt much more at ease.

After all, luring a Demi-Saint into the water was a mysterious matter.

Even if he was only a secondary factor, he only needed to become Yama, Huang Quan.

However, with Xiao Kongtong by his side, he should feel more secure.

Before that…


Xu Xiaoshou made his move in the Deep Sea.

He used a Time Delay ritual to leave traces of the Time Attribute there.

Then, like avoiding the God of Plague, he flew down at the speed of light.


Without stopping, he rushed to the bottom of the Deep Sea, where the Void Gate was.

“Thump! Thump! Thump”

“Thump! Thump! Thump”

With the Holy Emperor Dragon Scale on him, Xu Xiaoshous strongest wish was to avoid any risks.

However, the closer he got to the bottom of the Deep Sea, the sound of the Holy Emperor Dragon Scales heartbeat became even louder.

This made Xu Xiaoshou terrified.

“Is there danger down there”

As he approached, he couldnt help but stop.

He didnt dare to dive any deeper.

“Its not time yet.

The Jiang clans Demi-Saint shouldnt have gone into the water to attack me yet.”.

“In the Deep Sea, the people who are most likely to pose a threat to me are Rao Yaoyao and her people…”

“It seems that Xiao Kongtong is no longer here Rao Yaoyao found the Void Gate Shes already there”

Xu Xiaoshou became nervous.

It was the first time that he had cooperated with the Saint Servants Boss on the premise that he knew about the mission.

Only then did he feel that it was a miracle that he was still live after being so reckless in the past.

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