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“But when I was in the Water Ball, I saw a dragon being chased from afar by a person.

The dragon shouted out at the person who chased after it, “Yama, Water Ghost”

Bai Lian raised his eyebrows.

He had never heard of this before.

Teng Shanhai immediately looked at Rao Yaoyao.

Rao Yaoyaos pale face, which appeared weak because she had saved too many people, also had her doubts.

She had never heard of this too.

“This old body has heard of it…”

Granny Tianling raised her hand meekly and said, “The dragon is a Gold-swallowing dragon.

It almost came toward this old body.

Fortunately, it veered off in another direction and this old body stayed far away in order to avoid the danger.”

Teng Shanhai nodded.

He would have done the same thing.

“Who would want to encounter danger under the Spell Forbidden Barrier in the Deep Sea”

At that time, he had seen and heard Yama Water Ghost, chasing after a dragon from afar.

He had thought that this was a person who could move freely within the Spell Forbidden Barrier.

He had also exchanged an arrow with Ai Cangsheng in the Yunlun Mountain Range and was not at a disadvantage…

“Who would dare to approach”

Teng Shanhai felt that he managed to make a quick escape, which was why he was still alive.

Rao Yaoyao was stunned by this information.

“So, this arrangement is not the work of the Saint Servant, but what is Yama planning They are even coveting Sky City”

She thought of Yama, Huang Quan, whom she had met on the Lone Cliff.

Rao Yaoyao suddenly felt that her speculation might come true.

“Otherwise, why would Huang Quan go to the Lone Cliff by himself”

His goal was to lead himself and the people of the Holy Divine Palace to the center of the layout!

“Ah, yes, yes, yes…” Xu Xiaoshou nodded repeatedly, holding the cat in his arms while still in the Disappearing State.

He didnt expect that his previous act of framing would have such a wonderful effect.

But in the next second, Bai Lian spoke.

“Could it be that hes out to frame him and trying to shift the blame to him” Bai Lian expressed his doubts.

Xu Xiaoshou: “ ”

“Dont say that!”

“It shouldnt be.” At this moment, the taciturn Ye Xiao spoke up, “Little Ninja, the Three Incenses Gold Hunting Token killer has no enmity with Yama.

I dont think theyll go to that extent.”

Xu Xiaoshou: “Huh…”

“The Three Stooges killed Zhuge Liang.”

“Then I really dont know.”

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