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“I simply dont want to help Yama bear all of his hatred and let all of the fire power of the Holy Divine Palace pour down on me, the saint servant.

“Yes, Im not afraid of these.”

“But no one wants to be a poor scapegoat, do they”

Xu Xiaoshou had a smile on his face, and he looked indifferent.

At this moment, even he felt that he had the calm demeanor of a big shot.

At the same time, he also had the demeanor of a chess player deciding the tide of a match.

It could be said that people were honed step by step through setbacks.

Xu Xiaoshou was used to very high-stress situations.

His ability to adapt to changes had long surpassed his spirit palace self.

The king of Yama, Huang Quan, had only appeared in the Yunlun mountain range for a short while, but if he caught Xu Xiaoshou, Xu Xiaoshou wouldnt be able to escape.

Huang Quan had undergone three high-level transformations on Guyin Cliff.

Perhaps Rao Yaoyao still had some doubts, but the image of Huang Quan entering the scene would also be deeply engraved in Rao Yaoyaos mind.

In this case, the things involved in this matter were related to the Lei familys eyes and the demi-saint of the Jiang clan.

Naturally, he received the “very reasonable” report.

If he wanted to blame someone, he could only blame Huang Quan for being greedy and targeting the dean.

Of course, the “report” didnt only sacrifice Huang Quan and the Jiang clans demi-saint.

It also included the “Yamas water ghost”.

But that didnt matter!

“Saint servant water ghost” and “Yama-saint Water Ghost”, no matter which identity they were, “Water Ghost” was on the opposite side of the Holy Divine Palace, right There was hatred, right

In addition, he dragged himself into the demi-saints game, and it was also the water ghost director.

Not only was he the director, but he also figured out how to act as a chess piece and counter the other chess players abilities.

Xu Xiaoshou learned it.

But a simple “I understand” was not as exciting as “learning to use”

He could only use it a little.

He changed “Xu Xiaoshou”, who was at the forefront of the demi-saints game, to “Yama-water Ghost”.

Anyone who understood could see that water ghost must have other plans.

The Jiang clan demi-saint had no enmity with him, but he still wanted to be a demi-saint.

He must have wanted to be a double agent and pit the Jiang clan and Yama together.

No matter which side was in trouble, he could take advantage of it.

However, this matter involved Xu Xiaoshou, and Xu Xiaoshou couldnt bear it.

He chose himself, stirred up the water even more, and finally pulled the holy divine palace into the trap.

In this way, in the three-way battle between Yama and demi-saint, the Holy Divine Palace of the Jiang clan, who would pay attention to, Xu Xiaoshou, a nobody in the grandmaster realm

When the battle began, the first two sides of the three sides would fight, and they would discover that there was a holy divine palace

After guessing and questioning each other, they understood that Bazhunan was playing tricks behind the scenes.

Even if they were smart enough to guess that Yamas water ghost was actually the Saint Servants water ghost.

But all of this was done by Bazhunan and saint servants water ghost.

What did it have to do with master (stage) Xu Xiaoshou

A four-way battle.

A small master (stage) would definitely be even less eye-catching!

At that time, things like killing Yi, Guyin cliff masquerading as Yama, the deep sea masquerading as Bazhunan, and a demi-saint chasing after the target, the fake Huang Quan, would all be discussed after the battle.

Everything would have to be discussed after the battle.

Who would care about such trivial matters if they were really red-eyed

After all, there was a great enmity between the four parties to begin with.

If they were to really meet, it would be impossible for them to just chat and settle the matter.

There would definitely be a fight.

As a result, Xu Xiaoshou, who was at the center of the storm, would completely become an outsider who was caught in a crossfire.

“Hehe, Haha…”

Thinking of this, Xu Xiaoshou could not help but laugh out loud.

This time, Ive made a huge profit, and you guys have all suffered losses!

“What Are You Laughing At” Rao Yaoyao felt that the other party was mocking her.

Xu Xiaoshou hurriedly reeled in his arrogant and complacent expression and waved his hand.

“Its nothing.

I thought of something happy.”

Rao Yaoyao was speechless.

“The report ends here.

Ill be leaving.

As for whether you believe me or not, you can think about it yourself.

I believe in your ability.” Xu Xiaoshou waved his hand and did not intend to stay any longer.

He shook about and could not be bothered to draw any spatial fluctuation, he immediately activated the vanishing technique and disappeared without a trace.

A persons brain capacity had its limits.

Perhaps when Rao Yaoyao was only thinking about killing Yi, no matter what the conclusion was, it was possible for her to touch him in the end.

Xu Xiaoshou could not control what the others were thinking.

After all, he was not God.

However, he knew very well that when a person was hesitant, giving them another important matter would result in their attention being diverted.

If one matter was not enough, then two or three!

It would be best if the matter was not very reasonable.

There had to be a few ambiguous answers.

Only then would ones thoughts become more chaotic.

Rao Yaoyao had too many big decisions to make in her mind.

Even she herself did not know which one to start with first.

At this time, the first small matter was insignificant.

For Xu Xiaoshou, there was still the possibility of Rao Yaoyao making the right decision about everything in her mind.

But, she nonetheless had to focus on the interests of the Jiang clans demi-saint, and whether the saint servant, Yama, and the Lei familys tragedy would be uncovered.

Under such circumstances, who would bother with the murderer of Yi

The matter was too small and insignificant!

And the so-called “Ignoring the matter” didnt help much.

Bazhunan left.

Rao Yaoyao and the others who had accepted the “report” were left in a state of confusion.

Teng Shanhai looked back at the Void Gate and suddenly felt that the whole thing just got very messy.

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