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“Situ Yongren…”

He murmured softly, his tone full of disbelief.

Huang Quans cry before the send-off shocked him more than expected.

“Isnt Situ Yongren the disciple of Dao Qiongcang and from the Holy Divine Palace”

“Why is he hanging out with Yama, Huang Quan”

Jiang Buyi didnt continue chasing after him because he had to stop and think about its profound meaning.

From Pu Xuan of the Northern Region to Yunlun of the Eastern Region, Jiang Buyi used a contract summoning to cross the distance between the two regions and descend with his actual self.

The goal was to complete his goal in the shortest time possible and then return to his lair in the northern region without anyone noticing.

This operation was expected to take no more than three days.

And for most of the three days, Jiang Buyi would hide from anyone in the Holy Divine Palace.

After all, this was a secret operation.

Some things were inconvenient for the Holy Divine Palace to know about because of the Lei Familys Eyes.

Therefore, it wouldnt take more than three hours for the Holy Divine Palace to find him.

Perhaps Holy Divine Palace would not realize that Jiang Buyi had been to the Yunlun Mountain Range.

But what was happening now

“I just entered the water, and Huang Quan found Situ Yongren”

“Judging from the situation, the two of them have even formed an alliance, and their common enemy is obviously me…”

Jiang Buyi muttered to himself and did not move for a long time.

With his intelligence, he could figure out Situ Yongrens unwarranted fear of him.

How could a person from the Holy Divine Palace be so afraid of a demi-saint for no reason They must have known each other well.

“That chap has been used!”

“Huang Quan must have promised Situ Yongren some benefits… No, it might not be just benefits.

What he might have promised is me.”

“… What a good plan!”

Jiang Buyi thought and laughed silently.

He thought that Huang Quan only needed to frame him with a false accusation.

Under the incorrect information, Situ Yongren must have felt that his private actions over the Holy Divine Palace had a great plan.

Although that was true.

He did plan to scheme against the Lei Familys Eyes.

But would thatcrime really be so simple

Jiang Buyi had prepared for the worst.

Huang Quan had said that he had become a trespasser who coveted the position of the Holy Emperor.

That was why Situ Yongren had been terrified when he saw him.

Even if his speculation was wrong, it was likely to be true.

Back to the problem itself…

“How can Huang Quan know my actions in such a short time and counter them so intelligently simultaneously”

Jiang Buyi narrowed his eyes slightly and twirled his fingers.

He felt his ability that had been wholly sealed after he entered the deep sea and the continuous loss of his energy reserve in his Saint Origin.

An answer came to his mind.

Water Ghost!

“Hah, a villain who takes advantage on both sides.”

“Listen to me obediently and you could have obtained more, but since youre so unscrupulous and greedy for a small benefit by selling information…”

Jiang Buyis eyes were filled with a murderous glint.

After figuring out everything, he didnt care about these small matters.

After all, Man proposes, but God disposes.

It was beyond his expectations that so many accidents would happen during this operation.

On the other hand, as long as these variables were eliminated after his operation was completed, everything that was disadvantageous to him would be cleared up.

“Originally, it was just Yama.

Now, theres Situ Yongren and a Night Cat Water Ghost…”

Jiang Buyi raised her eyes and corners of her lips, full of killing intent.

Killing one person was an assassination.

Killing three people was also assassination.

As for demi-saint, since he had personally made a move, a few more lives wouldnt affect the outcome.

Jiang Buyi feared that someone from the Holy Divine Palace knew of his operation.

If this matter dragged on, Situ Yongren only needed to find Rao Yaoyao and report hisCrime.

The follow-up would be much more troublesome.

“Its time to clear the area…”

Jiang Buyi sighed and took out a foggy bead from his front pocket.

The Ways of the Holy Bead was a cloud-type holy object.

It could trace the movements of all people and things through the Way of the Heavens.

TheWays of the Holy Bead that Jiang Buyi personally refined were only entrusted to those who could trace time and space and the will of the Lei familys eyes.

This way, the Saint Origin could not be used even if they were in the deep sea.

He could also use the Way of the Heavens to trace the whereabouts of Yama Huang Quan and the location of all the owners of the Lei familys eyes.


He injected his will into it.

The fist-sized Ways of the Holy Bead shone with white light.

There were four more lines in it.

Two were golden, and two were red.

“Four lines”

Jiang Buyi looked at the Holy Bead in a daze and was slightly startled.

When he was searching for traces in the Yunlun Mountain Range, there were only two blurry lines.

How could there be two more lines in the deep sea

The golden lines represented the space-time attributes, and the red lines meant the Lei Familys Eyes…

“Two Huang Quan”

“Two pairs of Lei Familys Eyes”

This was a pleasant surprise!

Jiang Buyi thought that even if the Water Ghost wanted to gain a small profit, he wouldnt dare to lie about the information about the Yama members.

So, the Orange Yama member he beat into the deep sea also had Lei Familys Eyes

As for the two Huang Quan…

This was very easy to understand.

In the image on the Lone Cliff that was traced back by Holy Power, another Yama member appeared.

Therefore, these two golden lines pointed to the first Huang Quan clone that had entered the deep sea, and the second was Huang Quans natural body.

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