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“If its two pairs of Lei familys eyes, then this operation wont be a loss.”

“As long as I take down Huang Quan, I can slowly search for the remaining Yama members later.”

Jiang Buyi made up his mind.

Due to Situ Yongrens sudden appearance, he had to guard against being backstabbed by the Holy Divine Palace.

Therefore, after taking care of Huang Quan, it was best to return to the northern region as soon as possible and report to the Holy Divine Palace about his private actions.

As for what action he would report…

Could a junior like Situ Yongren be more credible than someone of the demi-saint family Jiang Buyi could just prevaricate.

As for the remaining Yama members…

Without a leader, they were like a pile of loose sand.

Even if he returned to the northern region and could not make any moves for a short period of time, as long as his subordinates could still make a move, he would probably be able to find the rest of Lei familys eyes.

The most and only troublesome thing about Yama was Huang Quan, who was unrivaled in time and space attributes below demi-saint.

That was all.

His train of thought cleared up.

Jiang Buyis gaze returned to the Ways of the Holy Bead.

On the Holy Bead, two lines of gold and red overlapped, pointing to the bottom of the deep sea.

This should be the Huang Quan that he had met just now but was teleported away.

Although he only had a quick view, Jiang Buyi saw a cat that was curled up at the back of Huang Quans head just now.

It had a familiar aura of the “Three loathsome eyes”.

The two of them and the cat were teleported away at the same time.

Naturally, the two lines on the Ways of the Holy Bead would overlap.

The remaining two lines…

The red one pointed to the left side of the deep sea.

The golden one was rapidly approaching the red one.

The two lines were about to overlap.

If nothing went wrong, this meant the location of the other Yama member.

Huang Quans real body was rapidly approaching, trying to find his organization member.

“Therefore, it can also be explained that I have suppressed the slightly weak Huang Quan to the point that he couldnt move…”

“He is the clone of Huang Quan who entered the water earlier!

“His goal is to release the spatial power in another place under the deep sea and disrupt my vision!”

Jiang Buyi put away the Ways of the Holy Bead and a confident smile appeared on his face.

At this point, he only had one question left.

How could Huang Quans clone use the power of time and spatial under the Spell Forbidden Barrier in the deep sea

“The ten great supernatural weapons…” Jiang Buyis eyes lit up

“Perhaps its another unknown divine instrument with an ancient inscription stele…”

“However, even if Huang Quan has such a supreme treasure, he definitely doesnt have many.

He gave the Supreme Treasure to a clone to use to confuse my vision.

At this moment, his real body is the weakest point!”

Jiang Buyi smiled and raised his eyes.

He bent his pinkie finger from his left hand.

With a slight shake, his pinkie finger turned into a person who looked exactly like him.

This was the demi-saints clone that he had made in Yunlun mountain range in advance after knowing that he had to enter the Spell Forbidden Barrier!


Ill leave the mission of taking down Huang Quans clone to you.”

Jiang Buyi said to his clone.

The latter nodded slightly and zoomed down.

As for him, the original body…

Jiang Buyi raised his eyes and looked at the location that the Ways of Holy Pearl had pointed out.

It was the second situation where the golden and red lines were rapidly approaching and were about to overlap.


His heart jumped slightly.

Jiang Buyi frowned.

What was that


That place…was dangerous

After pondering for a moment, Jiang Buyi did not retreat.

Instead, he quickly approached.

Soon, he stopped and looked at the sky full of thunder calamity in front of him.

“Nine Death Thunder Calamity”

“There is really a cutting path in the Spell Forbidden Barrier that can last until the end of the Nine Death Thunder Calamity Who Is It”

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