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Xu Xiaoshou thought that if it wasnt a big deal, he wouldnt mind playing in the Deep Sea with Jiang Buyi for an entire day.

He would only be teleported to the Void Gate should an accident occur.

But now it seemed like…

He might not be able to wait for Water Ghost to make his move.

This guys original intention was to force him into the Void Gate.

Perhaps he didnt make a move at this time because he wanted Jiang Buyi to force himself into the Void Gate

“They are all a bunch of filth!”

Xu Xiaoshou couldnt help but curse in his heart.

If he were to fight against Situ Yongren again, he had already made up his mind.

Since he couldnt slip away from the Saint for too long, he might as well lead Jiang Buyi directly to the Void Gate.

Anyway, the foreshadow of Bazhunan was also there for him.

He didnt think that Rao Yaoyao and the others had already pushed the door open at this time.

He was not sure what kind of astonished reaction they would have when they saw Jiang Buyi really coming.

“Hold steady.” Xu Xiaoshou felt the rapid heartbeat of the Holy Emperor Dragon Scale and turned to speak to Situ Yongren.

“Hold steady for what” Situ Yongren could not help but ask.

How many times had they been teleported, but Huang Quan had never given him a prior warning before.

For him to suddenly show such concern gave him a sense of premonition.

“Hold steady for the next situation.” Xu Xiaoshou chuckled and said, “Later, say what you should say and dont say what you shouldnt say.

If possible, try not to say anything at all.”

Situ Yongren: “ ”

“Surprised, passive points, 1.”

“Feared, passive points 1.”

But before he could ask any more questions, Xu Xiaoshou had already led him into the Spatial Vortex once again.

At the bottom of the Deep Sea, in front of the Void Gate.

Rao Yaoyao looked at the various Higher Void level in front of her, wrapped in Water Balls, and fell into deep thought.

Beside her, Teng Shanhai was still lecturing away.

“What are you doing here Is this place something you can come to”

“I, I am an assassin…”

“Another assassin You are also here for the Black Gold Bounty”

“Yes, yes…”

“Youre from the Eastern Region”


“Damn it, another person who is willing to sacrifice his life for Xu Xiaoshou, a bunch of stupid bird brained people! They have nothing better to do and came here to seek their death!”

“Chief, Chief is right…”

Teng Shanhai was about to die from anger.

Three Incenses and a Black Gold Bounty.

So many at the Higher Void level and assassins from the Eastern Region came.

As a result, once they arrived here, they were all stopped by the Spell Forbidden Barrier.

These dumb ones at the Higher Void level, apart from being able to contribute to the Void Gates energy and being beaten up by the spiritual source, did not even dare to talk back… They did not have any combat strength!

“You really did such a good job.” Teng Shanhai glared at Ye Xiao.

“…” Ye Xiao was silent.

She was the one who had issued the Black Gold Bounty.

It was to help Yi take revenge.

But who would have thought that the Lone Cliff had a Spell Forbidden Barrier

Everyone had come to this place and suddenly became the enemys help.

It was as if they were here purely to help open Sky City…

“Stop talking.”

Rao Yaoyao felt a headache coming on as she listened from the side.

She waved her hand to stop Teng Shanhai from acting so presumptuously.

She had other thoughts.

After all, there were more than ten Higher Void level cultivators.

Even if they couldnt display their combat strength at this moment, as long as they were united, they could be temporarily requisitioned.

When they entered Sky City, they would be of great help.

Just as she was thinking about this, she turned her eyes to the Void Gate and wanted to grab another person to try and push it open.

Unexpectedly, a voice filled with surprise drifted over from afar.

“Yo, its so lively here”

The people in front of the Void Gate were all on high alert.

Rao Yaoyao, Mu Ling, Bai Lian, Teng Shanhai, Ye Xiao, and the other Higher Void level who were trapped in the Water Ball and couldnt move, turned their eyes with a swish and looked into the distance.

The Spatial Power faded away.

Huang Quan, the Masked man in a Gold Robe, stood there calmly, with a young man in his arms, whose hair was disheveled and who was still vomiting crazily.

“Spatial Power!”

Upon seeing this scene, a terrified scream resounded from within the Water Ball:

“Whats going on Isnt there a Spell Forbidden Barrier here How can he use Spatial Power”

“Gold Robe Masked man…Huang Quan Hes Huang Quan, right”

“Its not fair, this isnt fair… Wait! Why is he the only one who can survive under the Deep Sea When I was falling earlier, I heard someone calling for help and even mentioned about Yama Water Ghost…”

“Yama Huang Quan, Yama Water Ghost… Damn it! This, this is his trap!”

The Void Gate instantly became lively.

Obviously, those with the ability to remain unscathed within the Spell Forbidden Barrier caused the Higher Void level to have a feeling that the Way of the Heavens was reversed and they were confused about what was right and wrong.

This was too unbelievable!

And the topic of their collective discussion made Rao Yaoyao more certain about her previous deduction.

Huang Quans Bureau!

Huang Quan had come down personally!

Huang Quan could use his ability!

All of this… was obvious!


Suddenly, Rao Yaoyaos gaze focused on the person slung over Huang Quans shoulder.

“Wait! This is”

“Why did this dejected face look so familiar”

“Surprised, passive points, 16.”

“In awe, passive points 8.”

“Long time no see.

I miss you.”

Xu Xiaoshou carried him in one hand and spread out the other.

He looked at Rao Yaoyao calmly.

After greeting her, he smiled and said,

“Sword Deity Rao, my previous proposal still stands.

One person for a sword.”

“However, the target of the transaction has changed.

I wonder if you will be interested in the person I have this time”

As he spoke, he raised Situ Yongren up high.

Situ Yongren was pleasantly surprised that he had managed to meet Sword Deity Rao by chance.

However, after Huang Quans words, it was a miracle that the embarrassment on his face did not overflow.

At this moment, he wished that he had more than two hands to cover his face.

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