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“Uh-huh.” Water Ghosts mouth curved into a smile and he nodded.


“What a brilliant scheme!” Bazhunan sighed loudly.

“This matter will only be spread out.

Your name, Water Ghost, will be renowned throughout the world and be talked about by countless people.”

“Fame…” Water Ghost shook his head.

“Whats the use of this bit of fame”

Bazhunan disagreed.

“Even the Famed Sword needs the nurturing of fame.

The path to becoming a Saint also requires the blessing of fame and faith.”

Water Ghost chuckled and did not comment.

Bazhunan suddenly calmed down.

He stared at the half Golden Beast Mask on the face of the person in front of him and smiled:

“However, you really dont need this bit of fame.”

“When you remove the mask, everyone knows the true name of Saint Servant Water Ghost.”

“If were talking about the next person in the world who can become a Saint… Its none other than you!”

Water Ghost was silent.

Looking at the vast expanse of clouds between the cliffs, he saw only infinity.

He stroked the half of the Golden Beast Mask on his face and thought to himself, “This mask covers more than the identity of the Saint Servant Water Ghost”

“The future is still far away…”

The two looked at the sea of clouds on the cliff and lapsed into silence.

Over at the side.

“What a flatterer.

Each of them have their ownrainbow buttocks, praising each other excessively…” Cen Qiaofu, who was still wrapped in bandages, sighed in his heart.

He also took a step forward and looked at the sea of clouds on the cliff, wanting to join theflattery convention.

“Why dont you include me”

He smiled and paused for a moment, then stroked his beard and said proudly, “To become a Saint, one needs Realization Quality, and in terms of Realization Quality, Im second.

who dares to say that theyre first”

On the ruins of the Lone Cliff, when Bazhunan and Water Ghost heard this, they laughed aloud together.

“Indeed, you are one of us.”

Everyone in the world treated the legend ofThe woodcutter in the Southern Region who could cut a path overnight as a myth that was told after a meal.

At that moment, the two of them knew…

This was a true story.

He had broken through the mysteries of Acquired Stage, Innate Stage, Master Stage, and the Sovereign Dao Realm in one night.

He had directly cut off the past mortal realm and entered the world of Spiritual Cultivation.

How could such a figure be an ordinary person

Once Cen Qiaofu joined in, the two of them stopped boasting about their skills.

Thinking back on what they had said just now, it indeed could make people blush.

Water Ghost did not even bother to ask, “Whats the matter”

“This.” Bazhunan gestured at the Golden Scroll in his hand.

He was still looking below the sea of clouds, as if he wanted to have a clearer view of something.

Water Ghosts attention couldnt help but be drawn over to the site again.

This Golden Scroll was very eye-catching.

The dense Holy Power on it revealed that it was an extraordinary object.

Even with the aura of the Holy Emperor Dragon Scale surrounding it, Water Ghost could see that the will of the Holy Emperor was not inferior to the Holy Emperor Dragon Scale in the scroll.

“Holy Emperors Golden Edict” Water Ghost asked with a sidelong glance.

“Yes.” Bazhunan nodded.

“What is written on it It cant be words likeFollow Heavens Will andThe Emperors Edict, right” Water Ghosts lips curved into a smile as he teased.

He knew that Bazhunan was not from the pure Spiritual Cultivation world.

In the past, he was actually a mortal.

He had even rushed to the capital to take the examination so he could become an official.

And with his personality and thisHoly Emperors Golden Edict in his hands, there was a high chance that he could really write these words that would shock the people in the Spiritual Cultivation world.

“I wouldnt be so shallow…”

Bazhunan laughed when he heard that.

His eyes were still looking at the sea of clouds as he asked, “Whats the situation like down there”

“Its very chaotic,” Water Ghost replied.

“But those who should have come have arrived.

Those who shouldnt have come are also present.

Now is the opportunity.

The Void Gate can be opened at any time.”

Bazhunan nodded and took a step back.

He turned his gaze and looked at Sky City in the distance above Dongtianwang City, which had almost been completely pulled out of the Spatial Fragment.

“If thats the case…”

“Lets not wait anymore.

Lets start now!”

His tone became serious.

With a shake of his hand, the Holy Emperors Golden Edict was flipped open.

Water Ghost waited solemnly.

He was also looking at Sky City in the distance.

He knew that something big was about to happen.

However, he caught a glimpse of Bazhunans weak body from the corner of his eye.

He seemed unable to withstand the pressure of the Holy Emperors Golden Edict.

He immediately pursed his lips and said helplessly, “Why dont I do it”

“You cant do it.”

Bazhunan shook his head and refused.

He took out some elixirs and swallowed them.

His aura changed, and he regained some of his earlier prestige.

Then, he stretched out his index finger and tapped it on his lips and teeth.

The blood stains were bright red.

The blood on the tip of his finger was imprinted on the Holy Emperors Golden Edict.

Bazhunans aura became as sharp as a sword and shot up into the sky.

At this moment, he raised his chest slightly.

His image was so massive that even the sky could not suppress it anymore.

The blood finger wrote these words on the Golden Edict:

“Sacred Secret… hidden world… a thousand years…”

How could Water Ghost and Cen Qiaofu miss this historic moment

The two of them took a step forward and stared at the Holy Emperors Golden Edict.

They read out the ancient characters that looked like ancient talismans that were instantly condensed from the blood-red color of dragons and phoenixes.

However, in the next second…

The Holy Emperors Golden Edict contained a strong Holy Emperors power, which caused blood and tears to flow from their eyes.


Cen Qiaofu spat out a mouthful of blood.

His face was filled with shock.

“Cough cough! Cough!”

Water Ghost coughed heavily and wiped his hands.

He realized that blood was flowing out of his seven orifices.

The two of them didnt dare to look at it anymore.

This Holy Emperors Golden Edict contained too much power!

It was definitely condensed from the power of hundreds of years of the Holy Emperors of Abyss Island.

To mortals, it seemed like blasphemy!

Bazhunan did not know this.

He stared at the Golden Edict and wrote on the Holy Emperors secret treasure with his blood finger.

At this moment, Water Ghost realized why Bazhunan had told him earlier that he could not do it.

The Master of the Black and White Veins was the only one who could do it.

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