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“Why were all the bad things happening in the Yunlun Mountain Range”

The Trial-Takers felt that they were already used to the unexpected trials that occurred in the Yunlun Mountain Range


But each time there was an accident…

No matter if it was good or bad, it was always something of a novelty in this world!

At this moment, even though they were pressed down to the ground, everyone still tried their best to raise their eyes and look at the sun.

They looked at the Brilliant Sun in the Nine Heavens that was adjacent to all living things.

“The sun, huh…”

Some people muttered in shock, lamenting that there used to be a sun that illuminated the distant horizon.

It was a common sight.

But now, there was a blazing sun that looked like it could destroy the world hanging above their heads!

This was not the mild sun they knew at all!

It looked like the Holy Emperor was enraged and was about to destroy the sky and the earth!


“Its not the sun!”

Suddenly, someone looked at the Nine Heavens and realized that the golden spot had bloomed and turned into a vast scroll that covered the entire world in the sky.

Only then did he realize that the blinding light that was like the sun was actually the Holy Emperors Power.

“What is this thing, a Scroll”

“Quick, look, there seem to be words on it!”

The golden unfurled scroll replaced the entire blue sky and white clouds.

After they zoomed in to have a closer look, naturally, one could clearly see the blood-colored ancient characters that looked like talismans on it.

Everyone felt as if a holy miracle had taken place.

Even as they prostrated themselves on the ground, they still could not resist taking a look at the blood-colored ancient characters.

It was as if after one glance, they could comprehend the vicissitudes of life and become a Saint overnight.

But in the next second…


“It hurts! My eyes! ! !”

“God damn the sacred relic, can it not descend on the Yunlun Mountain Range I only want to be integrated among the top 36 ratings on the leaderboard!”

“If Im in the wrong, please let the Trial Officer punish me instead of using this method to destroy my eyes.

Sob, sob, sob…”

In the Yunlun Mountain Range, the screams of countless mortals who were desecrating the Holy Emperors Golden Edict with their eyes, could be heard all over the place.

Just as the great wave of sorrow swept across the land and their pain filled the sky, there was another decadent sound.

It was like a boundless falling sound, a song, and a repetitive chant, which resounded in the ears of all living beings.

The voice of the Great Path rose together.

In an instant, the pain and the clamor died down, and silence fell on the Yunlun Mountain range.

“Sacred Secret… reappearing… a thousand years…”

The Taoist music was like a guide, cleansing the hearts of the people.

It was like a spring breeze at first, and then like a sudden clap of thunder.

The sonorous voice that resounded like a great bell in the souls of the Trial-takers in the Yunlun Mountain Range was met with the bewilderment from a large number of young people.

But what was different was…

When this sound fell into the ears of the Stowaway, the eyes of this group of people instantly became fired up and crazed.

“Sacred Secret”

“Sacred Secret, Abyss Island”

“This… is a sacred relic belonging to Sky City!”

With just a single sound, countless people who knew that Sky City had another special name, “Sacred Secret, Abyss Island”, understood that something big was about to happen.

After the Taoist music rang out, the Power of the Holy Emperor became stronger and stronger.

Everyone was suppressed to the point that they couldnt breathe.

However, despite the suppression, there were still countless people who raised their heads, as they tried to break the profoundness of the blood text on the Golden Scroll and get the favor of the “Sacred Secret”.

Unfortunately, they did not gain anything.

The phenomenon became stronger.

In the beginning, there were people in Dongtianwang City who trembled in great fear and fell to their knees for no reason.

Without caring whether they would be mocked by the people around, incessantBang Bang sounds echoed all around; The sound of their knees falling to the ground was heard by everyone.

At this moment, no one dared to make any noise.

Some lowered their heads to pray, and some raised their heads in an attempt to resist.

Spiritual Cultivators exhausted every ways and means to find a way out of thispersecution, and even any other opportunities.

No one could open their eyes to look at the ancient text of the Holy Emperors Golden Edict.

However, as the Taoist music continued to flow, the blood-colored imperial decrees lit up one by one.

At this moment, no matter how stupid they were, everyone understood that they didnt need to look.

They just needed to listen and perhaps they would be able to receive the guidance of the Holy Power of the imperial decree.

The Taoist music stopped and then resumed its chant.

Formerly it was just like a display which was there to pave the way, but now it was a shocking sound.

“With… my blood… I crossed into the past… !”

After the ponderous sound, ripples appeared in the Space-Time.

Vaguely, everyone seemed to remember having seen an ancient majestic city floating in the clouds above the Nine Heavens thousands of years ago.

There was immortal music lingering there, cranes and luans chirping together, clouds of mist in flowing colors, and the songs of the Holy Saints.

However, the scene changed, and the mottled and ancient Sky City above Dongtianwang City came into view.

Decay, deterioration, moss, crushed stones…

In an instant, everyone understood something.

The first scene was the original image of Sky City.

The second scene was the current situation of Sky City.

And as for the city in question, Sky City seemed to have been endowed with a surging vitality after the sonorous sound.

With a loud rumble, the ancient city broke free from the Spatial Fragment.

Like a wild horse that had escaped its reins, even the thick dark chains of the Way of the Heavens could no longer hold it back.

It was about to rush out of the Space-Time and crash onto the Shengshen continent.

“Oh God…”

The residents of Dongtianwang City were shocked.

“What kind of ability was this”

“With just one word, he is able to summon forth Sky City”

The key point was that everyone was keenly aware of the implication in this sentence – the word “he.”

In other words, this holy miracle wasnt the manifestation of the Way of the Heavens, but rather someone who could summon the power of the Sky City


The Spiritual Cultivators who thought that they did not need to look at it anymore, looked up again and were surprised to find that the Golden Scroll that covered the sky had expanded.

It was so big that even if the people of Dongtianwang City and Yunlun Mountain Range looked up, one of the ancient blood-colored characters was only the tip of the iceberg.

“Whats going on”

Huge objects always made people panic.

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