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After he finished speaking, Dao Qiongcanghe tapped his finger on the round table and looked up at everyone.

The old and young nodded.

“Yes, yes, yes!”

You were right.

Your analysis was very reasonable.

You could continue.

Although everyone appeared to be giving up, in reality, the meeting of the Ten-member Council was still very important.

Before the meeting, everyone had used their respective channels to understand the overall information about the Yunlun Mountain Range incident in the Eastern Region.

Of course, in terms of details, they didnt know as much as Dao Qiongcang did.

Trying to find flaws in Dao Qiongcangs words was something that the Ten-member Council members had been trying to do in the past few decades.

But they hadnt succeeded yet…

But it was only through working hard that would they have a chance, right

“What about Ai Cangsheng During this process, he shot an arrow…”

Dao Qiongcang paused for a moment and switched to the next topic looking at the man in the wheelchair holding the Evil Sin Bow.

Everyones eyes followed suit.

“This arrow was aimed at an unknown Water-type Upanishad controller.

“I dont know who he is.

But if there isnt a third grassroots genius, then that person is either Yu Lingdi that has been controlled, or Yu Mo who has died.

“Everyone should have some impression of these two names.

They are both Spirit Division Chiefs, our people.

“I wont say much about this.

Everyone can think about it.”

As soon as Dao Qiongcang stopped speaking, the seniors constricted their pupils.

The two Spirit Division Chiefs were suspected

In other words…

They were traitors!

Everyone felt that if one were to think about it carefully, there would be many tricks about this matter.

However, it was in vain to use the brain in front of Dao Qiongcang.

Therefore, the elders continued to stare at Dao Qiongcang.


Dao Qiongcang sighed.

“Putting aside everything else, the controller of Water-type Upanishad set up a trap in a place called the Lone Cliff.

“This trap encircled too many experts of the five regions.

“Below the Higher Void, there are countless Cutting Paths and Dao realms.

We dont count them in.

“But at least there are more than 20 or 30 higher voids and a suspected demi-saint which Ive just deduced.”


Hearing that there was a demi-saint, all the elders were stunned.

This was not recorded in the intelligence they received.

However, obviously, it was accurate since it was Dao Qiongcang who said it.

This meant that the intelligence-gathering methods of their subordinates were truly lousy.

No one spoke.

The elders continued to stare at Dao Qiongcang.

At this moment, no matter what they spoke, they were not as accurate as the other partys “one-sided statement”.

Under the gazes of the crowd, Dao Qiongcang paused for a long time before flipping his left hand and revealing a “Sinan”.

“Here its…”

When everyone saw this “Sinan”, they were excited.

And their eyes were filled with anticipation.

It was not something that humans could simply play with!

Rumor had it that with this “Sinan”, Dao Qiongcang could deduce everything in the entire world.

Whether it was the Way of the Heavens, the Holy Path, life and death, reincarnation, opportunities, treasures, good or bad luck, or marriage… everything would be resolved in one go.

In the past, everyone did not believe in this.

But as the number of meetings of the Ten-member Council increased, they had to believe it no matter what.

However, if they could obtain this Sinan, they would not know how to play with it either.

It was because if this thing was only compatible with the divine secret technique alone and if they wanted to play with it similarly to Dao Qiongcang, they had to be equipped with a “supreme brain”.

In the entire world, only one person could create this unprecedented Sinan and play with it.

And it was Dao Qiongcang.

The divine Sinan was filled with Holy Power.

There were various complicated configurations on it, such as the five elements, the sexagenary cycle, and so on.

There was even a diagram of eight trigrams being carved on the circular plate in the middle of the groove, with lines protruding out.

With just a glance, one would feel dazzled and dizzy.


The moment the divine Sinan appeared, a light mechanical sound rang out in the great hall.

It was due to its constant revolving and calculating the worlds divine secret.

Above the Sinan, there was a star dipper with its head pointing north and its handle south.

However, at this moment, the overall base was slightly tilted to the east.

“The power of fate is in the east… so the divine Sinan is leaning toward the east.

This means that all the major events in the world today are happening in the Holy Sword Land of the Eastern Region,” said Yan Wuse as he stroked his beard with his face full of unfathomable expression.

Everyone was silent.

Why were you saying

Who didnt know Dao Qiongcang was going to deduce what would happen in the Holy Sword Land of the Eastern Region

There was no need to look at the divine Sinan.

Wasnt it stated clearly in the information provided by your subordinates

The moment the divine Sinan appeared, the elemental Saints Envoy Zhong Yuanzi raised his head from the explosion research.

When he heard the sound, he followed the crowd and stared speechlessly at Yan Wuse.

“Hehe…” Yan Wuse smiled awkwardly.

Could this be blamed on him

He had seen Dao Qiongcang play with this thing for so long, but this was all he could learn.

As for the knowledge of the divine Sinan, apart from Dao Qiongcang, who else could say anything

“Elder Yan is smart.”

Dao Qiongcang raised his eyelids and praised, causing Yan Wuse to blush.

Only then did he hold Sinan using his left hand and form a seal with his right hand.

Soon, under everyones gaze, the Sinan increased its speed of revolving and the star dipper trembled slightly.

The five elements below were activated by the word “water”.

The number of heavenly stems signified the ninth and the tenth of the ten heavenly stems.

The eight doors rotated stopping the deaths and injuries.

The divinatory lines connected and the long and short rotated…

Everyone around the round table was dazzled by the sight.

They did not understand what was going on.


Soon, the divine Sinan stopped revolving.

A red light shone above.

It was almost blood-red in color.

“An ominous sign!”

Yan Wuse slammed the table and stood up.

He pointed at the divive Sinan and said with a solemn expression, “This is a tremendous ominous sign.

Judging from the bright red light, it might be a bloody disaster!”

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