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Everyone was silent.

God of Killing, Wei Fengs mouth twitched and he said unhappily, “Then can Elder Yan explain to everyone”

“Hehehe…” Yan Wuses expression changed and he sat back in his high-back chair.


What a joke!

He had only held a few meetings and concluded that “White is the norm”, “Gold is an opportunity”, and “Red is a vicious divination”.

If they really wanted to discuss the details…

Was this something that humans could play with

Who could understand it

“If you dont understand, dont babble.”

God of Killing, Wei Feng, berated again before everyone turned their gazes back to Dao Qiongcang.

Dao Qiongcang glanced at the divine Sinan and then turned his gaze to the people at the round table and said.

“What I deduce is a little complicated.

Lets talk one by one.

“Firstly, the water-attribute five elements naturally refers to the situation at the Lone Cliff.

It is really set up by the Water-type Upanishad.

“Combining it with the heavenly stem, it is the speculation on the demi-saint that everyone is focusing on… To be honest, the Holy Divine Palace didnt convey any message to me that the demi-saint is involved in this situation.”

“But with the heavenly stem and water in the north, its not hard to see that the demi-saint who acted on his own can investigate the northern region.

“Heavenly stem is highly compatible with water.

We dont talk about coincidences in the divine deduction.

We only talk about guidance.

That means this demi-saint and the Water-type Upanishad controller should still be in contact, or in other words, they collude with one another…”

Yan Wuse interrupted in shock, “Has he gone mad”

A demi-saint of the Northern Region If someone from the Demi-Saint Family acted on his own outside the Holy Divine Palace, everyone knew what that meant.

Furthermore, Dao Qiongcang also said that this demi-saint and the Water-type Upanishad controller had a conspiracy…

The latter was an enemy!

Wouldnt the actions of the demi-saint lead to his own death


Finally, Elder Yu couldnt take it anymore.

He used his fishing rod to give Yan Wuse a violent blow and looked at Dao Qiongcang with a hint of surprise in his eyes.


This human kid was amazing!

He was able to obtain so much information with just this broken Sinan

What was the difference between this and the master of the Way of the Heavens

Was Divine Secret really that powerful

on the spur of the moment, Elder Yu once again had the thought of learning the Divine Secret.

But again he quickly let go of the urge.

Even humans couldnt learn this thing, let alone a race that wasnt known for intelligence.

Dao Qiongcang paused and said again.

“The eight doors ended between the deaths and injuries.

What Senior Yan said is right.

This is a bad omen.

Its either death or injury.

“Theres intervention from a demi-saint and its such a bad omen.

It means the pressure is great at Rao Yaoyaos end.

One person is not able to withstand it.

“Perhaps among you seniors, you do need to make a few moves now.

“As for the lines…

“Hold on!” Before Dao Qiongcang could finish his sentence, the spiritual physique of the Nine Sacrifices interrupted him.

His beautiful eyes were filled with surprise.

“When you said that Rao Yaoyao wasnt able to attend the meeting, you were actually saying that she was involved in the operation in the Eastern Region”

“Yes, she was in charge.” Dao Qiongcang looked over.”Whats the problem”

Nine Sacrifices fell into silence for a long time and said, “Isnt she the same as Wuyue, not yet a demi-saint”

“Yes.” Dao Qiongcang nodded.

Even a demi-saint would find it hard to move.

Therefore, among the Ten-member Council, the only two rulers who needed to make big moves were at the higher void level.

They were Gou Wuyue and Rao Yaoyao.

If they would not do anything, who would

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