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“That wont happen.” Dao Qiongcang smiled.

“I have used the power of the six divisions.

I gave all my troops to her, and even lent her my disciple…”

He suddenly realized that something was wrong.

As expected, although Elder Yu was slow-witted, he was not stupid.

He immediately reacted.

“You also lent her the people from the Path Division Then my precious great-granddaughter…”

Dao Qiongcang was silent.


“During the operation, Ive said it before…”

“What” Elder Yu raised his fishing rod and flew into a rage.

“For such a dangerous operation Isnt it good enough for Rao Yaoyao to go herself Why must my great-granddaughter go as well Dao Qiongcang, what do you mean Are you plotting against me”

“Elder Yu, calm down.” Dao Qiongcang smiled bitterly.

“Take a seat first, take a seat first.

Theres no such thing.

Dont talk nonsense.”

“You deduce right now! Is my precious great-granddaughter dead or alive” Elder Yu couldnt sit still at all.

He raised his fishing rod and was about to fish him.

Dao Qiongcang was helpless.

He could only let out a long sigh and temporarily put aside the divine Sinan.

He used the eight trigrams in his palm to deduce and he said, “Shes alive.

Its a good omen.

The divination is very good.”

“Youre lying to a fish!” Elder Yu didnt believe him at all.

What could he find out by bending his fingers twice

He pointed at the divine Sinan which looked very powerful.

“Use this to deduce!”

“Elder Yu.”

Dao Qiongcang became serious and said.

“Fighting with Bazhunan, outsiders do not know the depth of it.

How can I not know

“When a lion fights a rabbit, it still needs to use its full strength.

Moreover, the strategies that Bazhunan displayed during the fight for the Ten High Nobles were not inferior to mine.

Now that Im fighting with him again, will I not use all of my strength”

Elder Yu sat down angrily.

“Its best that nothing happens.

Otherwise, you and your sister will all be doomed!”

Dao Qiongcang was very magnanimous and did not care about this little threat at all.

When the elders saw the atmosphere change, they immediately spoke out to persuade him.

When Nine Sacrifices saw this, he felt much more at ease.

At least after Dao Qiongcang took charge, the world was at peace.

Once disasters occurred, they would all be suppressed.

“Be quiet and listen to the Hallmaster,” he said, calming the chaos at the round table.

Dao Qiongcang could not help but look toward the divine Sinan.

Initially, he intended to explain the signs of divinatory lines to arouse the curiosity of the elders.

This would allow more of their descendants to join the path of Divine Secret.

Originally there was no color at the end of the deduction by the divine Sinan.

However, to keep all awake in the meeting when he was deducing the divine secret, Dao Qiongcang used this little trick so that everyone would have more sense of participation.

The result was obviously very good.

Once their curiosity was aroused, didnt everyones sense of participation also increase

But now, time was tight.

In addition, it was obvious that everyone was no longer in the mood to follow the divine secrets deduction.

Thus Dao Qiongcang said flatly.

“I wont go into details about the divinatory lines.

From the final divination, since there is a demi-saint participating in the arrangement of the Lone Cliff, the possibility that this game is used for “hunting” is basically eliminated.

“After all, no matter how strong the Water-type Upanishad controller is, he cant kill a demi-saint.”

Returning to the main topic, everyones thoughts were very calm.

At least, they were not distracted by the small episode just now.

They nodded and continued to wait for the next part.

Seeing that everyone had no objections, Dao Qiongcang knocked on the round table with his finger and said calmly.

“A speculation.

Since the arrangement of the Lone Cliff isnt for killing, but there are still so many people there from the higher void level or even demi-saint, there is only the high realm of these people left.

“High realm represents high energy.

This form of inviting the lord into a trap, combined with the Holy Emperors Golden Edict leading to the arrival of Abyss Island…”

“It made me think of a possibility.”

“Sacrifice” Nine Sacrifices had lived for a long time and had seen a lot.

He suddenly thought of something.

Dao Qiongcang looked at him and nodded.

“It is indeed a sacrifice, and it has something to do with Abyss Island.

What else can you think of”

“The void gate”

Yan Wuces eyes widened in disbelief.

He turned his head and waited for confirmation.

“Yes, it is the void gate.”

Dao Qiongcang nodded his head and replied in a narrative tone.

It was as if he was 100% confident in his deduction.

“Lets return to our original goal of holding this meeting– Abyss Island.

“The chess game that Baizhunan and the Water-type Upanishad controller joined hands to play, in essence, they wanted to capture the energy of the five regions higher voids and demi-saints.

They wanted to open the void gate and ascend to Abyss Island.

“Then, lets return to the Saint Servant…

“Baizhunan had entered the Inner Island of the Abyss Island.

When he escaped, he formed the Saint Servant.

“After so many years of preparation, he wants to go back instead.

It cant just be because of the foundational roots of Saint Ascension.

“The outer island of Abyss Island might not even be the focus of his plan this time.

“All of the foundational roots of Saint Ascension, higher voids arrival in city, demi-saint entrapment… might all be an illusion used for to confusion.

“Its true purpose is clear as day!”

At the round table, everyone was anxious as they listened to these sonorous words.

Their expressions were grave.

It was not a small scheme!


It was clear as day!

How was it clear as day

What exactly did Bazhunan want Tell me!

Dao Qiongcang looked around the round table.

His expression was calm, but his words were shocking.

“What Bazhunan wants is nothing more than breaking the seal on the Inner Island of the Abyss Island, and releasing the demi-saint, the Holy Emperor inside.

He will then lead all the holy level experts to climb the Sacred Mountain Gui Zhe, even the Stairway to Heaven, and fight the secret realm of the five holy lands, overturning the structure of the entire world!”

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