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“Agreed.” The Nine Sacrifices Spiritual Body nodded silently.

“Seconded.” The Killing God, Wei Feng raised his hand with a sigh.

“This plan is brilliant.” Even the Elemental Divine Envoy, Zhong Yuanzi, who did not say a word during the meeting, could not help but exclaim in admiration.

“One more.” Elder Yu smiled.

He could now bring his fishing rod back to the seas to fish, thinking that the strengthening of the seal would not require too many people.

There were no objections at all.

The moment Dao Qiongcang shared his thoughts, no one felt that they could surpass him.

All of them nodded.

“Everyone, dont take things for granted too much…”

Seeing that everyones minds were still not connected, Dao Qiongcang laughed bitterly and said, “I can understand what Bazhunan is thinking, he can also understand what Im worried about.

Therefore, there will definitely be resistance in the next action.”


Yan Wuse laughed.

He had long wanted to meet Bazhunan this young man.

He immediately said, “Just now, didnt Hallmaster say we need to make some moves Since thats the case, leave this operation to me.

Does anyone have any objections”

Everyone shook their heads.

Dao Qiongcang looked at Yan Wuse.

He knew that this elder still had some grudges toward losing a light-attribute disciple, so he immediately reminded him.

“No personal feelings are involved in the operation.

You need to think twice before making a move.

“I can hand over the mission of Abyss Island to Elder Yan, but Bazhunan is not an ordinary person.

Elder Yan, please do not fail miserably.”

Yan Wuse waved his hand and laughed loudly.

“Dont worry!”

“Its best if thats the case…”

With that said, Dao Qiongcang felt helpless toward everyone present, but he was absolutely at ease.

Not bringing their brains to the meeting did not mean that they did not have brains.

On the contrary, every single person present here who could become a member of the Ten-member Council had the highest combat strength and the highest level of intelligence in the same realm.

As long as he was not around, there was no need to teach these old foxes what to do.

They might even be able to do better than him.

However, the opponent this time was Bazhunan after all.

Just in case…

Dao Qiongcang looked at the huge War Machine that had been silent since the beginning on the last seat and gestured, “Number Two, this time you will follow Elder Yan.”

“Alright.” Number Twos huge head nodded.

Yan Wuse raised his eyebrows.

Was Dao Qiongcang worried about him

Before he could ask, Dao Qiongcang looked at him again.

He smiled and said, “Elder Yan, is that fine If Number Two doesnt make a move, you cant order it either.

It will only act normally.

However, it will watch the entire process in case something unexpected happens.”

Although he felt disdain in his heart, Yan Wuse also knew that this was Dao Qiongcangs bottom line.

Divine Secret could not be seen through.

But with limited human strength, things could still be done.

In one sentence, a wise man would make a mistake even if he had a thousand considerations.

This was the last layer of protection.

If he, Yan Wuse, resisted again, Dao Qiongcang would also secretly make arrangements in the end.

It would be better not to resist.

“No problem.”

The moment he finished speaking.

Dao Qiongcang tapped the round table with his finger.

“Meeting adjourned.”

“Time to go fishing!”

Elder Yu happily ran out of the great hall with his fishing rod in his hand.

Wei Feng, Zhong Yuanzi, Nine Sacrifices Spiritual Body, and the others shook their heads as well and sighed with emotion that the meeting had been so enjoyable.

Then, they turned around and left.

In a short while, the worries that the Holy Emperors Golden Edict had brought to everyone vanished into thin air.

In the council hall, only Ai Cangsheng was still seated.

“Any other questions”

Seeing Dao Qiongcang look over, Ai Cangsheng spoke.


On the main seat, Dao Qiongcang nodded slightly.

The divine Sinan in his hand was revolving.

The cracking sounds echoed in the quiet great hall before they finally stopped.

Ai Cangsheng looked over.

He discovered that the other things on the divine Sinan did not move.

However, the number of the eight doors swayed back and forth between the “injury door” and the “death door”.

It was slightly different from what Dao Qiongcang had deduced the last time, but not much.

“What does it mean”Ai Cangsheng looked up.

Dao Qiongcang retracted his gaze from the divine Sinan and said solemnly, “Theres a variable.”

“Variable” The corners of Ai Cangshengs lips curled up.

“Other than Bazhunan, who else could represent the variable in the divine Sinan”

Dao Qiongcang shook his head.

“Thats not the case.”

He let out a long sigh and looked to the east as he muttered.

“Bazhunan has already entered the game.

He is now a chess seat away from me.

“How can a person who is destined talk about variables

“What I cant deduce can only be something that I have never come into contact with before or something that is beyond destiny… The Divine Secret somehow has an end.”

Ai Cangsheng muttered, “Even you cant directly deduce who he is”

“Variable, variable! The variable that changes… It has just begun, and destiny hasnt been set yet.

If I can deduce it, Im afraid that the Holy Emperor is just around the corner,” Dao Qiongcang said.

Ai Cangsheng tilted his head and looked to the east as well.

He was in deep thought.

“Since its a game of chess and not Bazhunan… then other than those existences on the Inner Island of Abyss Island, this variable can only be his pawn, right”

Dao Qiongcang was silent.

The existence in the Inner Island of Abyss Island had long been predicted by him.

His destiny had already been set.

If there were any changes, they would have changed long ago.

But now, this “variable” had just begun…

“It can only be a pawn.” Dao Qiongcang sighed.

“Who could it be”Ai Cangsheng asked.

He knew that Dao Qiongcang did not need anyone to answer his questions.

He just needed someone to help him follow his train of thought.

“A pawn…” Dao Qiongcang muttered, “Its hard to say.”

Ai Cangsheng smiled.

“Youve kept me here until now, yet youre still discussing variables.

You would already have an answer long ago.

Bring it out.”

“Hehe! Even you know how to trap me now…”

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