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Chapter 1277: Landed on Abyss Island 1

Yu Lingdi and Gu Qingyi had already given up on struggling on the vast square.

After exchanging their names, both of them knew each others identities.

They were both at the peak of the younger generation in the five regions of Shengshen Continent, so they saw each other as friends.

In the end, Gu Qingyi decided to help and get Yu Lingdi off this totem pole.

“The current situation on Abyss Island is unknown, and I dont even know the way to get out.

“Its obvious that this fellow should know more about Abyss Island than I do as Spirit Division Chief.

“If he can come down, he might be able to help me go back to Shengshen Continent is return…” Gu Qingyi thought.

Of course, even if his strategy didnt work and he couldnt get him back, dealing with the unknown danger on Abyss Island with another youngster at peak stage was better than doing it alone, right

However, his power was limited.

Gu Qingyi had a plan, but he could not pull Yu Lingdi off the huge totem pole with his ability, no matter how hard he tried.

There was no way to pull him out or chop him off.

The power of Saint Stage surrounded the totem pole.

Even if Ancient swordsmen and Spiritual Cultivators below Saint Stage tried their best, it was all in vain.

“Theres no need to try.”

At a certain moment, Yu Lingdi looked at Gu Qingyi, who was deep in thought with his sword in his arms.

“If you want to return to the five regions, go to the surrounding areas and look for the city gates.

Maybe you can bring the information out of this place after going there.

“Remember, if you manage to get out of here, tell Rao yaoyao that no one is allowed to enter this island unless they are at Saint Stage!” he sighed helplessly.

Yu Lingdi had kept his hopes, but now he was completely in despair.

After saying this, a stream of light flew out from his body.

Gu Qingyi stretched out his hand and caught it.

It was a command token.

“Void token.”

Yu Lingdi glanced at him and said, “Find the city gates.

With this void token, you will be able to return to Shengshen Continent.”

Gu Qingyi took the void token but fell silent.

His idea was to explore the legendary Sky City before going home but not returning without seeing anything.

After all, there were many opportunities here.

If it was possible, Gu Qingyi didnt want to just stroll around and leave without any gains.

This was too ridiculous!

Countless people couldnt get their hands on the foundational roots of Saint Ascension! He came here early, so how could he go back without searching

However, after looking at the void token in his hand and the young man on the pole…

“Why did you go up” Gu Qingyi asked.

Having the void token meant that he could return home, so he was not in a hurry at the moment.

Now, he was curious about why Yu Lingdi had gotten onto this totem pole without anyone else.

“There was someone.” Yu Lingdi glossed over.


Yu Lingdi stayed silent.

Obviously, he didnt want to answer this question.

Gu Qingyi held the void token and suddenly smiled.

“I can help you bring the information out, but Im more interested in this place than this mission… If you dont tell me, I might as well explore this place first.”

Yu Lingdi still didnt say a word.

He had already expected this situation.

By the time Gu Qingyi finished exploring this island, the information might already be outdated.

However, he still chose to give him the void token..

He had no choice!

This was the only way to solve the problem!

At this moment, Yu Lingdi was filled with hatred.

Why was the first person to come here and see him not someone from Holy Divine Palace or close to them Even anyone wanting to have a connection with them was better.

Gu Qingyi..

The ancient swordsmans power, wealth, and influence in Burial Sword Tomb probably could not satisfy or force him.

Curiosity and interest might be the only two things that could influence Gu Qingyis decision at this moment.


Yu Lingdi finally said this name.

“I encountered Bazhunan and was chased to Saint Punishment Square.

In the end, he tied me to Saint Punishment Pillar.”

“Saint Punishment Square..

Saint Punishment Pillar…” Gu Qingyi muttered to himself.

As expected, the Spirit Division Chief knew much more about this place than he did.

“Saint Punishment…”

From these similar names, it was not difficult to see what the true meaning of this square and the totem pillar was.


“Why did Bazhunan tie you to Saint Punishment Pillar” Gu Qingyi was curious.

He was not only curious about this but also about why Bazhunan was here.

Moreover, he wanted to know what kind of battle it had been between them and how powerful Bazhunans combat strength was… and so on.

However, it was unlikely that Yu Lingdi, who had been defeated and tied up here, would go into detail about how he was humiliated and bound.

That was Gu Qingyi directly cut to the point.

“I also want to know…” There was confusion in Yu Lingdis eyes when he heard the question.

He was tied up to Saint Punishment Pillar but did not experience the so-called Saint Punishment.

Instead, he felt that Saint Punishment Pillar was constantly absorbing the spiritual source in his body.

However, the speed of absorbing the spiritual source was too weak for a Spiritual Cultivator who had cut the path after fulfilling his Dao realm!

Yu Lingdi could deal with the loss of his spiritual source just by relying on the basic recovery speed of the energy reserve from his spiritual source.

He felt that he would have to hang here for a long time until Bazhunan achieved his goal!

“You dont know either”

Gu Qingyi frowned and asked again, “Then what have happened since you were hung here”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yu Lingdis body suddenly convulsed violently.

At the same time, the entire Saint Punishment Square lit up, and the path pattern formed by water-type Upanishad instantly burst out with light.

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