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Chapter 1279: Landed on Abyss Island 3

“Its been so long, and he is still acting weird.

It means that the void gate has been opened… many people came in at once”

Gu Qingyi held the void token in his hand and suddenly realized that running to the edge wasnt a good idea.

Although he didnt know how many people would come from Deep Sea World, there was no way back.

Abyss Island should be lively now.

“Its definitely too late for me to send out the information now.

Also, I dont know if I can find Sword Deity Rao after getting out of here.

“I am late anyway.

Since everyone is here, I might as well fight for the opportunity…”

The void token in his hand suddenly became a bit hot.

Gu Qingyi took the void token from Yu Lingdi but didnt plan to help him, which made him feel strange.

After all, he was not a person tend to go back on his words.


When he thought about the fact that the closest place to Deep Sea World was Lone Cliff, and his second junior brother was there.

If a large number of people entered Deep Sea World…

Would Gu Qinger also jump off the cliff

“Yu Lingdi…”

“Second junior brother…”

He had two choices.

Gu Qingyi hesitated for a moment before coming to a decision.

No matter what he had received from the stranger, as the eldest senior brother of Burial Sword Tomb, he couldnt just give up on his family to complete a sudden mission.

“Im sorry.”

Gu Qingyi raised his eyes and bowed to Yu Lingdi, who was about to lose consciousness.

“If my second junior brother comes here, I am sure something will happen to him sooner or later.

“I am returning you this void token now.

I must find him here!”

After saying this, Gu Qingyi threw the void token back despite Yu Lingdis response or the fact that he couldnt answer.

He then made up his mind and followed the familiar Sword Will.

“Sow nothing, reap nothing,” he thought.

If the second junior brother was in trouble, he didnt want the key to go home!



Xu Xiaoshou felt like he had fallen from the sky.

A second ago, he was still in Deep Sea World.

He was still holding Situ Yongren and fighting with Rao Yaoyao and demi-saint Jiang Buyi.

However, not long after the Holy Emperors Golden Edict was released, the void gate moved and swallowed everyone in front of it.

If nothing went wrong, all the survivors in Deep Sea World world should have been sucked into the void gate by that terrifying suction force, right

As Water Ghost had said…

The void gate should be connected to Abyss Island!

“This is the center of the storm, Sky City, which is known as foundational roots of Saint Ascension.

Some people even call here the land of exile, so the the place that trapped demi-saint and even Holy Emperors is… Abyss Island”

He looked up.

In front of him was a huge rock, and in the distance was the ancient citys street that was gradually climbing higher.

At this moment, his vision, five senses, and even six senses were blocked by the strange magnetic field of Abyss Island, so he could not see very far.

However, his perception still worked perfectly.

Looking in from the perception perspective, he found the deeper he went, the bigger the buildings became.

Abyss Island was simply a kingdom of giants!

It seemed those building this country were all Berserk Giants!

“This is Abyss Island”

Xu Xiaoshou was not afraid of the giants, but he was anxious and uneasy because of the legends of Abyss Island that he had learned in the past.

However, the proverb was right.

He should take things as they came.

If Water Ghost did not lie to him, Abyss Island was a land of death and opportunities!


“Where is he”

Xu Xiaoshou turned his head and looked at his right hand.

He was in Deep Sea World with Situ Yongren.

How did he disappear after the teleportation

“Random teleportation”

Xu Xiaoshou fell into deep thought.

He wondered if he lost his perfect hostage, Situ Yongren, who could be his scapegoat if Rao Yaoyao or demi-saint Jiang Buyi were here


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