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Chapter 1283: Void Suppression Tablet What Kind of Rubbish Are You ! 1

Lei Xier: “ ”

“An ordinary Holy Emperor”

“A treasure”

“Is he for real”

Speaking of which, back in the White Cave, she was still in Mu Zixis form.

Although she was the same as everyone else, she knew that Xu Xiaoshou had obtained tremendous benefits in the small White Cave.

One Vicious Sword that came with four swords, and the other was the Famed Sword, Flame Python.

The former was Bazhunans former saber, so it was reasonable for Xu Xiaoshou to obtain it.

But for the latter, who would think that it was a treasure bestowed by the Holy Emperor

Everyone thought that it was a normal opportunity for a normal person, and that it was a normal burst of good luck for him to obtain such an abnormal sword.

So be it!

Now it seemed like…

“You.” Lei Xier gaped and her thoughts suddenly became a little unclear.

“Was it really the Holy Emperor”

“Mm-Hmm.” Xu Xiaoshou nodded and described the scene he saw at that time:

“I called him the Wretched Saint…”

“Should I say it or not It was true that he appeared at that time… uh, it was just that it didnt mean that he was forced.”

“His hands and feet were shackled, and it was as if he sneaked out on a date.

Later on, it seemed as if someone found about about this private meeting, and then he ran off in dejection and left behind only a sword.

Tsk Tsk…”

Lei Xier: “ ”

“You call this a Holy Emperor”

“Suspected, passive points 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou could clearly read Lei Xiers facial expression and said,

“You can doubt his ability, but you cant doubt my judgment.”

“At that time, when he appeared, he had Holy Power.

I thought he was a Demi-Saint.

Now that I think about it, a Demi-Saint probably cant exude such a great sense of oppression.

He could only be a Holy Emperor.”

Lei Xier was silent.

She didnt ask too specifically about how Xu Xiaoshou had gotten the Flame Python then, because no one would have thought that it was a gift from the Holy Emperor, so why would she ask about it now

Glancing at the excited Flame Python, Lei Xier said solemnly, “I think there may be risks involved.”

“The Holy Emperor gave you a treasure for no reason”

“How could there be such a good thing in the world”

Lei Xier didnt even need to think about it.

She felt that this could be a trap.

“Have more confidence and remove themaybe.”

Xu Xiaoshou pinched the Flame Python to calm it down and said with a smile.

He had long known that the Holy Emperor used him as a chess piece to set up the overall situation for a hundred years.

There would certainly be risks involved.

However, when he encountered Demi-Saint Zang Ren last time, so manyWills emerged from his body.

One of them seemed to belong to the Wretched Saint.

There was definitely a plot, but there was also goodwill.

If a little Master Stage was not useful, why would the Holy Emperor give him a treasure

Xu Xiaoshou put away his sword calmly.

At this moment, he did not care about the risks at all.

He knew that as long as he continued to be of value and satisfied the Wretched Saint, it was unlikely that anything would happen to him.

After all, the other party would only give him the sword in advance if he needed something in return.

Moreover, Xu Xiaoshou didnt know the identity of the Wretched Saint in the past.

Now he had learned some things about the Inner island of the Abyss Island through Bazhunan and so on.

He also had some speculations about the Wretched Saint.

“Do you know who the Holy Emperor is”

Lei Xier coincidentally asked.

She knew that Xu Xiaoshou wasnt someone who was easily manipulated by others, so he must have secretly looked for information about the Holy Emperor.

“If nothing unexpected happened…”

Xu Xiaoshou paused and looked at her with a smile.

“The Inner Island of the Abyss Island, one of the three ancestors of the White Vein, the ultimate grand ancestor of the Great Infernal Ancestor!”

Lei Xiers pupils constricted.

The Great Infernal Ancestor… She had never heard of him!

However, with so many prefixes, it was terrifying and unclear!

“Infernal Ancestor”

Lei Xier rejected this term quickly and fell into deep thought.


Xu Xiaoshou nodded.

“Maybe its a demon, but the greater probability could be that it was a previous generation of Elder Sangs previous generation… perhaps Demi-Saint Infernals rise is also thanks to the Great Infernal Ancestor,” he speculated boldly.

‘Holy Emperor… Lei Xiers small face was filled with worry.

She subconsciously grabbed her silver hair and curled it into two strands, like a pair of ponytails that she would grab when she was thinking.

After a long time, she said, “After all, he is a Holy Emperor.

Perhaps we should be more cautious.”

“Indeed, we should be cautious, but theres no need to be too nervous.” Xu Xiaoshou laughed when he heard what she said.

After he stopped speaking, he suddenly took a deep breath and raised the Famed Sword Flame Python and shouted toward the sky, “Great Infernal Ancestor! Great Infernal Ancestor! Im coming to find you.

Quick, show yourself!”

Lei Xier was so scared that her face turned pale.

She was completely confused by Xu Xiaoshous action.

“What are you doing!”

She could not help but reach out to pull Xu Xiaoshous sleeve.

“This was the Holy Emperor! Do you think youre at the vegetable market selling vegetables, shouting in that manner Are you courting death”

“There was no response…”

Xu Xiaoshou was pulled back and let out a long sigh.

“I just dont know the Great Infernal Ancestors real name.

Otherwise, maybe I could really call the old man out to meet me.”

Lei Xier was still in a daze.

She did not understand why Xu Xiaoshou, who used to be so afraid of death, would become so impudent after coming to the Abyss Island.

“Are you crazy”

“Im not crazy.”

“Then you…”

“I have a trump card.”

Xu Xiaoshou chuckled and took out theFour Pillars of Destiny Token from his ring:

“The Master of the Black and White Veins is Bazhunan.

This is the Command Token he gave me.”

“Its said that when you see a Command Token, its like seeing a person.

It wont work for weaker Spiritual Cultivators, but we have to give face to anyone who has a bit of knowledge.”

“I was thinking that if we call out to the Great Infernal Ancestor, maybe well have one more great bodyguard.

This way, well be much safer on the Abyss Island.”

Even now, Xu Xiaoshou was still brooding over the loss of Xiao Kongtong, the great bodyguard from Fringe Moon Immortal City.

Lei Xier: “…”

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