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1288 Youre Really a Big Treasure! 3

“Im starting to write!”

Xu Xiaoshou shouted again, but before the Void Suppression Stele could react, he quickly wrote.

Swish Swish Swish.

Very soon, stone chips flew out and only the wordsAbyss Island ” were written on it.

Other than that, on the top left side of the extremely clean Void Suppression Stele, there were two more words.

“Shou… God”

Lei Xier muttered, and her beautiful face immediately turned red.

This was too shameless!

She even felt extremely ashamed when she read out these two words.

“How could Xu Xiaoshou write that”


“Shou God Is he not ashamed”

“Despised, passive points, 1.”

While she was still thinking about this, Lei Xier suddenly saw that Xu Xiaoshou had finished writingShou God but did not stop there.

He continued to write “Shou”…

“Shou God”

“What does that mean”

Before she could think, the fourth word was written.

“Shou God, Shou God…”

Swish! Swish! Swish!

“Shou God Shou God Shou God…”

Swish! Swish! Swish!


This time, no matter how stupid Lei Xier was, she could figure out what Xu Xiaoshou was trying to do.

This fellow actually planned to completely fill up the front of the Void Suppression Stele before it could react!

Was he really a human, not a demon

Lei Xier stared blankly at Xu Xiaoshous increasingly impudent words as she fell into deep thought.

“Surprised, passive points, 1.”

The more Xu Xiaoshou wrote, the crazier he became.

The expression on his face also gradually became abnormal.

“Wahahaha, Ive already helped you to do the calculations, little stone stele, just now.

Your reaction is very slow.

You need thirty breaths of time.”

“In thirty breaths of time, I can write two full sides for you, but today Ill only write one side, Ill consider it as giving you face.”

“Not much, 999 signatures.

In the future when I become famous, you can cut off this stone stele and sell it for a sky-high price.”

“Are you excited Isnt this exciting

“Heehee Heehee…”

Xu Xiaoshou wrote until his laughter sounded really abnormal.

Following the afterimages in his hands, the Fourth Sword carved 999 names on the stone stele.

He did not believe that the Void Suppression Stele would not be angry enough to hit someone after being played like this.

“It was fine if you did not give me the treasure, but if you can resist hitting me today, I will remove the wordShou from my name!


Finally, after thirty breaths, the Void Suppression Stele reacted.

“Sinners… Shou God Shou…God Shou…God Shou God… Beast… Rope… eh”


The Void Suppression Stele let out anEh sound.

Xu Xiaoshous eyes lit up.

He turned to look at Lei Xier and pointed at the Void Suppression Stele and laughed maniacally.

“It, its stuck! Im dying of laughter!”

Lei Xier: “…”

She was flabbergasted.

She could not understand the scene which left a person speechless in front of her.

So why was it funny that the stele was stuck

“Yes.” The corners of Lei Xiers mouth twitched a little as she finally understood theShou style of humor.

“What happened here, did it break down”

At this moment, the Void Suppresion Stele was still struggling..

“Shou God… Beast… Aunt…God… Shou Aunt… Receive… Uh Uh uh UH UH…”

After a while…

The uttering of “Shou Shou” andAunt disappeared and only the short and rapid sounds ofUH UH UH could be heard.

Xu Xiaoshou guessed that after millions of years on this Abyss Island, the Void Suppression Stele was not functioning too well and its energy was insufficient.

“But I didnt think it could be so bad that it couldnt even say the last two sentences.”

“Void Suppression Stele, Void Suppression Stele, you are really a big baby!”

After he used the Fourth Sword to slash it twice, he realized that no matter how humiliated it was, the Void Suppression Stele would not attack anyone.

Xu Xiaoshou was happy.

“Make way.” He braced himself and got into position.

“What are you doing” Lei Xier was nervous.

“Is this another trick”

“The Void Suppression Stele had already been damaged, what else do you want to do”


Xu Xiaoshou put away the three swords and rolled up his sleeves, turned his head and said excitedly, “This big treasure only knows how to sayUh uh uh.

Although it cant spit out a mini treasure, even Four Swords cant cut through it.

What level do you think it is at”

Lei Xier was dumbfounded.

“You mean…”

Xu Xiaoshou didnt reply.

But in the next second, Lei Xier knew what he meant.

After this guy had positioned himself, he stretched out his hands and actually grabbed the oval boulder that was taller than a person and then exerted some force.

“Peng! Peng!”

The ground beneath his feet shattered.

Xu Xiaoshous knees sank into the ground.

One could imagine how heavy the Void Suppression Stele was.

However, in the next second…


Golden spots of light glowed on Xu Xiaoshous body as he activated hisExploding Posture.

The Void Suppression Stele was lifted up by a human amidst the sounds ofUh uh!

“Lei Xier, lets go!”

Xu Xiaoshou lifted the Void Suppression Stele and balanced it on his shoulder.

He turned his head and his eyes burned with passion.

“If I use this thing to hit a Demi-Saint, it will definitely hurt! It will be great! As for the Higher Void level… it will definitely hit one at a time!”

Lei Xier: “Uh…”

The Void Suppression Stele: “Er er er er…”

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