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1289 Herb Garden of Divine Farmer! Holy Miracle Fruit! (1)

Abyss Island, Forest of Miracles.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

A thunderous explosion sounded behind him.

Every time a loud explosion sounded, it seemed as if there was an earthquake at the Forest of Miracles as the ground cracked open.

Above his head, the darkness that seemed to crush everything in its path pushed forward.

At this moment, Double Dumba*s, the killer with the Three Incenses Gold Hunting Token and the representative of Xu Xiao Shous Central Regions killing group of five, held a fruit which was the size of a human head in his arms.

He was in a panic, but he ran out excitedly from an ancient forest.

“Im out! Im finally out!”

“Im rich! Im rich!”

“As expected of Sky City, as expected of the Foundational Roots of Saint Ascension… Ive only just entered and Im actually able to obtain such an opportunity.

Could it be that Im the destined one”

Double Dumba*s hugged the fruit that emitted Holy Power undulations in his arms.

He could not help but glance behind him before dashing away.

On the Lone Cliff, he trembled as he hid in the Way of the Heavens with the assassin group.

Beside him was Mu Ling from the Holy Palace, who stared intently at him.

Unexpectedly, Mu Ling did not make a move.

Instead, that Ye Xiaotian with Space Attributes pulled them into a sea of misery.

Later on, the Lone Cliff was submerged by the big waves, and Double Dumba*s also followed them into the Deep Sea.

When they were in the Deep Sea, he felt nervous and excited, because to them, danger represented opportunity.

Sure enough, although during that period of time, there was Thunder Calamity rumbling continuously in the surroundings, until the end, the Water Ball was not able to completely drain his Spiritual Source, and there was even not much unnecessary danger from the outside world which affected him.

Double Dumba*s got what he wanted.

He was swallowed by the dazzling light and then came to this unknown place.

He was different from Xu Xiaoshou and Lei Xier.

The moment he arrived here, other than the large stone stele in front of him, behind the stone stele was not an ancient city structure, but a forest.

Double Dumba*s picked the moss off the stone stele and tried his best.

He could not leave his name on the large stone stele, but the wordsAbyss Island made him extremely excited.

This was the Sacred Abyss Island, the Sky City!

He abandoned the stone stele and entered the ancient forest.

According to his memories and based on legends, Double Dumba*s suspected that this ancient forest might be a treasure land that was as famous as theHall of Sin in the Sky City, the Forest of Miracles.

As a Gold Hunting Token killer, Double Dumba*s method of obtaining information was mostly through hunting mission targets and plundering their memories.

Mission targets all over the Five Domains of the Continent had a tiny bit of understanding of theForest of Miracles from their miscellaneous memories.

“Herb Garden of Divine Farmer!”

According to legend, one of the ten ancient ancestors, Divine Farmer Hundred Grass, who was as famous as the Sword God Gu Louying, had once left behind an ancient herb garden here.

He couldnt rely on the information from the ancient legend so Double Dumba*s excitedly searched for it.

After all, he had even entered an unrealistic place like Sky City, so what harm was there in searching for an unrealistic ancient herb garden based on his memories

After entering the Forest of Miracles.

Unexpectedly, and with good reason, Double Dumba*s did not encounter any trouble.

He smelled a faint medicinal fragrance.

Relying on his own ability, he searched for this wisp of medicinal fragrance.

He did not dare to waste time and finally found the source.

It was a super herb garden that was shrouded in endless fog, and the end point was nowhere to be seen!

“Herb Garden of Divine Farmer!”

Double Dumba*s eyes immediately turned red.

He knew that even if this place was not the legendary Herb Garden of Divine Farmer.

However, Sky City was from ancient times.

If no one had set foot in this place for millions of years…

Back then, even a weed in the herb garden should have evolved into an immortal Holy Medicine or even a divine medicine in a mythical place like Sky City!

“Foundational Roots of Saint Ascension!”

These four words popped up in Double Dumba*s mind almost without him thinking about it.

He knew that his own era was coming!

As long as he entered this herb garden, a Demi-Saint was not a dream.

He could even use this to lay a deep foundation and get his hands on the legendaryHoly Emperor person!

On the Shengshen continent, the Higher Void level seemed to have ended their Spiritual Cultivation.

A Demi-Saint occasionally appeared, but other than Demi-Saint families and the Demi-Saint Faction, very few people knew how to truly step onto the path of becoming a Saint.

Double Dumba*s was different.

He had completed the feat of hunting the Higher Void level seventeen years ago.

Although he did not reveal his achievements, he had also killed many Higher Void level for the sake of Spiritual Cultivation.

This allowed his Spiritual Cultivation Realm to reach the peak of the Higher Void level.

From the ancient memories of the Higher Void level, Double Dumba*s also knew about the path to Saint Ascension.

Demi-saints really existed in the Shengshen continent.

However, there were only 108 Semi-Saint Persons.

Even if ones cultivation level reached the peak of the Higher Void level and touched the Holy Path, they wouldnt be able to break through to the Demi-Saint level.

Unless he could obtain the Demi-Saint status!

108 Semi-Saint Persons didnt sound like a lot.

More than half of them were in the hands of the Holy Divine Palace and the Demi-Saint families.

However, in reality, there were less than 108 Demi-Saints in the Shengshen continent.

More than half of them were dead.

The path to becoming a saint was too difficult!

Some of the ancient aristocratic families had existed till today, so they could have some Demi-Saint Person in the family till now.

However, after a few generations, no one in the family could reach the Demi-Saint level.

In the end, it would lead to a war, which would cause the Demi-Saint Person to change hands or be lost.

It would be fine if the Demi-Saint Person changed hands.

This meant that another faction had the right to become a Saint.

In fact, once the war started, the faction that originally had the Demi-Saint Person would rather be destroyed than risk their lives.

This led to more and more Demi-Saint Persons being lost in unknown places and turned into Demi-Saint ruins.

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