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1291 Herb Garden of Divine Farmer! Holy Miracle Fruit! (3)

At this moment, he really wanted to thank himself for willing to spend a lot of time in ten years or so to find this spiritual technique that was very compatible with the “Dissolve” attribute.

Otherwise, he got the Holy Miracle Fruit today.

On this day next year, someone else would get another Holy Miracle Fruit that was nourished by his fertilizer.

“Do I eat, or not eat”

Double Dumba*s, who was running frantically for his life, ran out of the Forest of Miracles with a Holy Miracle Fruit the size of a human head in his arms.

At this moment, there was only one thought in his mind.

Logically speaking, if the Holy Miracle Fruit was directly consumed, besides a waste of energy, ones body might not be able to withstand the Holy Power and his body would explode on the spot.

Under normal circumstances, with the addition of other supplementary ingredients, this Holy Miracle Fruit would definitely be able to unleash more than 100% of ones strength and push ones combat strength to the position of “First Higher Void”.

But under normal circumstances, there wouldnt be an ancient giant that was a thousand feet tall chasing from behind!

“I cant delay any longer.

Even if theres a risk, I still have to eat the Holy Miracle Fruit.

“The movement of the void attendant is too big.

I might be the only person in the Forest of Miracles.

But after running out, there will definitely be other Spiritual Cultivators elsewhere.

“If they discover that I have the Holy Miracle Fruit, theyll definitely go crazy.

Those people…”

Double Dumba*s was about to go crazy.

He was an outlaw himself.

How could he not know how envious the other higher void (level) would be when they saw the Holy Miracle Fruit

Perhaps even with the presence of the void attendant and the risk of being trampled to death, those people would still make a move and risk their lives to snatch it.


“I have the Dissolve attribute.

Even if I am blown to pieces by the energy of the Holy Miracle Fruit, I will still be able to survive.

“As long as I can digest a little bit of the Holy Miracle Fruits energy and gain an initial grasp of Holy Power, this broken giant…”

Double Dumba*s turned around and looked at the dark figure with each of his steps a huge pit in the sky.

His eyes were already filled with blood-red madness.

“Slurp, slurp, slurp!”

In no time at all, the human head-sized Holy Miracle Fruit was completely devoured.

Even its juice was not something Double Dumba*s was willing to waste.

While licking his finger, he almost chewed off his entire palm.

It could grow back anyway…


With this thought, Double Dumba*s endured the pain and finished eating both of his hands.

In the next second.


A surge of Holy Power shot up into the sky on the spot.

The surging energy instantly blasted Double Dumba*ss body into pieces.

However, a little bit of consciousness suddenly woke up from the shattered pieces of flesh and crazily swallowed the wasted medicine power of the Holy Miracle Fruit.

A medicinal fragrance filled the air.

The plants and flowers outside the Forest of Miracles seemed to have awakened their spiritual intelligence at this moment and greedily swallowed the medicine power of the Holy Miracle Fruit.

“Mine! Mine! Its all mine!”

Double Dumba*s, who had yet to resume his human form after being blasted into powder, went crazy when he saw this.

What kind of low-level creature was this

How could they dare to take a share

“All of you go and die!”

A surge of power exploded from his body.

In the blink of an eye, an area of ten Li was reduced to dust.

However, the medicinal effect of the Holy Miracle Fruit was still wasted.

Double Dumba*s did not dare to waste any more time venting.

He desperately continued to swallow, wanting to devour the pillar of medicine strength of the Holy Miracle Fruit that soared into the sky.

However, the reality was that 90% of the strength was wasted!


Behind it, the ancient giant void attendant that was still chasing slowed down when it saw the situation.

It was obvious that it was frightened by this crazy scene.

“Is this the human race”

It muttered and simply stopped chasing.

It crossed its arms over its chest and looked at the tiny particles under its feet with interest as it desperately swallowed the pillar of Holy Miracle Fruits medicine strength.


The sky-roaring medicine strength ended and Double Dumba*s resumed his human form.

Although he had no choice but to forcefully swallow the Holy Miracle Fruit, the medicinal effect was wasted by 99%.



With a flip of his hand, the first wisp of Holy Power that was born in the energy reserve appeared.

When Double Dumba*s saw this scene, tears immediately burst out of its eyes.



“How many years has it been Ive endured for so many years, and finally, Ive found the path to Saint Ascension.


Double Dumba*s laughed hysterically.

No one knew how much blood and sweat he took at the grassroots to join the Three Incenses and then to where he was today.

It was many times more than those disciples from big families!

And today.

He, Double Dumba*s, had grasped Holy Power with his higher void (level) body!

Furthermore, this Holy Power would grow on its own!

This was history!


Turning around, Double Dumba*s looked at the void attendant behind him who was staring at him like an ant.

He smiled.

“Ancient giant

“Void attendant”

The dark giant in front of him only looked tall, strong, and invincible.

There wasnt even a bit of Holy Power in its body.

How did it dare chase after him

How did it

“Void attendant, right…”

Double Dumba*s clenched its fists as he felt his body that was constantly evolving and was about to become a demi-saint.

The corner of its mouth twitched, and his face looked ferocious.

“Now, its my turn to feel good!”

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