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1292 The Giant Laborer in the Giant Kingdom! (1)

On the other end.


Xu Xiaoshou trembled as he carried the Void Suppression Stele on his shoulders.

After taking two steps, he felt his legs go weak.

There was already a strange gravitational pressure on Abyss Island.

In addition, the Void Suppression Stele itself was extremely heavy.

Only with the additional “toughness”, “Recoil”, and other passive skills, as well as activating his “Exploding Posture” for continuous explosion impact on top of his Sovereign Physique that he could lift it.

If it were any other Sovereign Physique, it might not even be able to move the Void Suppression Stele, let alone shoulder it.

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou suddenly let out a strange cry as he struggled to withstand the Void Suppression Stele, which was even larger than a person.

“Whats the matter”

Seeing Xu Xiaoshou with all his might turn the Void Suppression Stele from worthless to a treasure, Lei Xier was somewhat speechless.

At the same time, she was worried that he would collapse in the next second and be smashed to death.

“Received Concern, Passive Points 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at her in shock and said in disbelief, “My spiritual cultivation ability has been sealed!”


Lei Xier was stunned.

What did this mean

Could it be…

“Void Suppression Stele”

“Yes!” Xu Xiaoshou nodded gravely.

“After carrying this thing, my energy reserve suddenly turned into a dead sea and I cant mobilize my spiritual source at all.

Do you know anything else about the Void Suppression Stele”

“No…” Lei Xier opened her red lips and was speechless.

For millions of years, perhaps only a weirdo like you would want to carry a huge rock at the entrance of Abyss Island.

What other information could there be

No one had even tried doing this.

So what other information could be passed down

“Then it should be an exclusive unique ability of the Void Suppression Stele…”

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

He tried his energy reserve again.

And sure enough, it was as if he had met the grey mist figure and also entered the world of the deep sea.

The spiritual cultivation ability had been sealed.

“Forbidden spell”

Xu Xiaoshou felt suspicious.

This Void Suppression Stele was called the Void Suppression Stele.

What was suppressed

The Void Suppression Stele shouldnt be suppressing the Inner Island of Abyss Island, which was also the source of the legendary Spell Forbidden Barrier on the Inner Island of Abyss Island, right

“If thats the case, Ill carry all the Void Suppression Stele on Abyss Island and let them suppress me alone.

Will those Bosses on the Inner Island be able to take off directly then”

Xu Xiaoshou felt that he had found a shortcut.

This should be a path that even Bazhunan had never tried before.

That was right.

After all, it was his physical body that had restricted Bazhunan from taking off.

It was only after he died and the God of War returned that he mastered the extremely special “Indestructible Sword Body” that was comparable to a sacred physique.

“This is indeed a path…”

Xu Xiaoshou muttered to himself.

He felt that even though this deduction was a little unrealistic, the Void Suppression Stele was indeed a treasure.

If he were to collect all these things, it meant the Inner Island of Abyss Island would not be freed.

He would let them enter the world of Yuan Mansion and use them as a treasure to slightly suppress the world…

The world of Yuan Mansion should have been stable by now, right

In the future, even if he were to lock up a demi-saint in there, he wouldnt be able to destroy the world.

In fact, just the world of Yuan Mansion itself could give birth to a demi-saint.

Thinking of this, Xu Xiaoshou became envious.

As expected, there were treasures everywhere on Abyss Island.

Water Ghost and Bazhunan didnt deceive him.

“From what you know, how many such Void Suppression Stele are there” Xu Xiaoshou asked hurriedly.

Lei Xier shook her head.

She understood Xu Xiaoshous wishful thinking and said, “I dont know the number of Void Suppression Stele.

I only know that every person who enters Abyss Island should encounter the Void Suppression Stele, and they are all not the same…”

She hesitated for a moment and looked up and down at Xu Xiaoshou whose knees were trembling.

She said helplessly, “No one would be so free to collect the Void Suppression Stele.

More so to count them.”

“Satirized, Passive Points 1.”


Were you saying that I was not human

Xu Xiaoshou was furious.

“It is indeed a treasure! They failed to recognize a great thing!”

Yes, yes, yes.

If you say so.”

Lei Xier shrugged slightly and gave up struggling.

Obviously, asking Xu Xiaoshou to put down the Void Suppression Stele was not practical.


As they spoke, a faint sound came from afar as if thunder exploded in the distance.

“Did someone cause trouble”

Lei Xier looked up and immediately deduced something.

After so many years of peace on Abyss Island, everything should have been settled.

Now that there was an anomaly, it must be because a large number of people had rushed into Abyss Island, breaking the previous silence.

Xu Xiaoshou had roughly explained everything that had happened in the world of the deep sea, and Lei Xier naturally knew about it.

She and Xu Xiaoshou were not the only two people who had come to the island.

“Should we go and take a look” Lei Xier turned her head and asked.

“Wait a moment.”

If something really happened, Xu Xiaoshou would still be nervous.

He still had to make the necessary preparations.

He first opened his Yuan Mansion.

He wanted to send in the Void Suppression Stele that would suppress his combat strength.

However, after many attempts, the Void Suppression Stele completely repelled the different world.

Even if Xu Xiaoshou were to use force, he reckoned that he wouldnt be able to deal with the Void Suppression Stele in less than ten days to half a month.


Xu Xiaoshou frowned.

It was indeed a treasure, but it was very stubborn.

He couldnt possibly carry this broken stone stele on his back all the time while rushing which would cause problems!

As for wasting ten days to half a month to forcibly store the Void Suppression Stele in the world of Yuan Mansion.

It was even more ridiculous!

Not to mention ten days.

After a day, it was estimated that all the people on the island would have gained something.

When the time came, they would break through one by one and find him, but he would still be fiddling with this broken stone stele!

He would definitely be plundered!

“You cant be carrying the Void Suppression Stele around, can you”

Lei Xiers lips curled up as she thought of that funny scene.

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