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1297 The Battle of Cornered Beasts! 1

The mission of the void

On top of the Infernal White Skeletons head, Xu Xiaoshou was a little dazed as he listened.

Why was it a mission

And atoning for sins and performing meritorious deeds

What did the void attendant mean

“Who is the intruder What is this Void Crystal”

Xu Xiaoshou glanced at the Holy Emperor Dragon Scale and realized the heartbeat was still quite normal.

This meant the void attendant was not fooling him but was seriously issuing a mission.

Xu Xiaoshou could not help but ask.


The void attendant did not respond.

With a tap of his finger, two golden rays of light shot over.

Xu Xiaoshous scalp instantly went numb.

Just as he was about to dodge, he realized that the information bar did not show any notifications like “Ambushed”, and the Holy Emperor Dragon Scale did not have an increased heartbeat.

“Its not an attack…”

He stopped Lei Xier who was also thinking of retaliating.

He was afraid that this super giant would misunderstand.

The golden light flashed.

When it approached them, it turned into spots and dissipated.

At the same time, the specific information about the mission that the void attendant had issued appeared in Xu Xiaoshou and Lei Xiers minds.

“Name of Mission: Intruder Elimination.”

“Mission Target: Intruders, Higher Void State Spiritual Cultivation.”

“Mission Introduction: The intruder to Abyss Island stole the Holy Miracle Fruit from the Herb Garden of Divine Farmer in the Forest of Miracles.

After being discovered, the intruder attempted to escape.

The void attendant dealt a devastating blow, and the intruder is now in a weakened state.”

“Mission Instruction: Eliminate.”

“Mission Level: Normal.”

“Mission Reward: Void Crystal *2.”

After a quick glance, Xu Xiaoshou glanced at the Void Suppression Stele in Embers hands which was still honking.

He suddenly understood something.

So, Abyss Island was really a big prison, was it

And the void attendant was equivalent to the “warden”.

Those who could leave their names on the Void Suppression Stele would officially become the “Abyss Island Sinners”.

Under the protection of the void attendant, other than not knowing when they would be executed, they would not die unless they sought death.

And those who could not leave their names on the Void Suppression Stele would become the intruders.

Once they were discovered, they would be killed instantly.

If there was Abyss Island Sinner at the scene of the killing, the void attendant would execute the killing operation in the form of a mission and hand it over to the Abyss Island Sinner.

If he accomplished the mission, would his sentence be reduced

Or would he obtain some resources available in the big prison of Abyss Island Currency

For example, the Void Crystal

Thinking about it, Xu Xiaoshou felt that the overall structure was now connected.

The rules of Abyss Island that the Void Suppression Stele did not explicitly mention before might be the rules of the prisons game!

“Holy Miracle Fruit”

By the side, Lei Xier, who was on the ice-blue White Skeletons head, cried out in shock after she also understood everything.

“Whats wrong”

Xu Xiaoshou couldnt help but look over.

Soon, he also found the little information that the mission details had inadvertently revealed.

Forest of Miracles, Herb Garden of Divine Farmer, Holy Miracle Fruit…

Oh yes.

When he came over just now, he smelled a faint medicinal fragrance.

Was it the smell of this Holy Miracle Fruit

“Holy Miracle Fruit, why does it sound familiar” Xu Xiaoshou frowned and thought.

At this moment, Lei Xiers eyes were full of surprise.

She turned her head and exclaimed, “This is a kind of fruit that under the demi-saint level, Holy Power can be generated in the energy reserve.

It is priceless, but it has been extinct since ancient times.”

With that, Xu Xiaoshou remembered it now.

After his Cooking Expert advanced to the Sovereign Stage, one of the many ingredients that he had never seen or heard of appeared in his mind was the Holy Miracle Fruit.

“The Holy Miracle Fruit is milky-white in color.

It has boundless energy and is about the size of a human head.

Its sweet and fragrant.

It can be eaten as a dessert.

After picking from the Holy Miracle Tree, it cant last long.

A Holy Miracle Tree can only bear nine fruits at most in its lifetime.”

After recalling all of this information, Xu Xiaoshous eyes lit up with white light.

His eyes were filled with envy!

Holy Miracle Fruit, Holy Medicine!

This was extremely compatible with his current state–he only lacked high-grade spiritual ingredients, and not path principles comprehension.

“If I obtain this Holy Miracle Fruit and were to eat it, I might be able to break through directly to the Ying Yang State or the Star Worship State of Master (Stage).

“If I were to eat nine of them in a row, I might even be able to reach the Sovereign Dao Realm!”

The Holy Emperor Dragon Scales heartbeat didnt increase but Xu Xiaoshous heart was beating faster instead.


The Holy Miracle Fruit could only be plucked from the Holy Miracle Tree.

It also couldnt last for long.

Just now, the void attendant mentioned the Herb Garden of Divine Farmer again.

In other words, the intruders had intruded the Herb Garden of Divine Farmer and plucked the Holy Miracle Fruit.

From the looks of it, if nothing unexpected happened, there was still Holy Miracle Fruit left in the Herb Garden of Divine Farmer.

Moreover, the Herb Garden of Divine Farmer was called a “Herb garden.” How could only one Holy Miracle Tree be planted

Xu Xiaoshou raised his eyes and looked at the void attendant.

He asked eagerly, “Lord Void Attendant, may I ask where this Herb Garden of Divine Farmer is… ahem, is it big I suspect there are many intruders.

Perhaps after you came out, the place had been intruded on by others!”

Lei Xier was stunned!

You were so daring!

You even asked the void attendant questions!

You were indeed thinking about the entire herb garden!

“Received Concern, Passive Points 1”

The void attendant did not respond directly.

He hummed and said, “Sinner number 800802, please execute the mission.”

Xu Xiaoshou sighed in his heart.

As expected, he could not get any information!

But on second thought, thinking about the Herb Garden of Divine Farmer now definitely would not work.

It was better to complete the mission of the void attendant and befriend the warden first.

Returning to the mission itself…

“Lord Void Attendant, this intruder is at the Higher Void State.

I am only at the Heavenly Image State of the Master (Stage).

Are you serious that this mission is at the normal level”

Xu Xiaoshou swallowed his saliva.

On the surface, he looked scared.

But in reality, he was thinking about the mission reward, the Void Crystal.

Although he did not know what this thing was, but he could only get two Void Crystals killing a higher void.

It must be something good!

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