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1300 Explosive Killing Stream! 2

Xu Xiaoshou thought to himself that their lack of tacit coordination was what caused Lei Xier to waste more energy.

However, in a battle, there was no way for a team to communicate in detail…This was what Double Dumba*s understood.

Xu Xiaoshou instantly used telepathic communication with Lei Xier, “In future battles, when there are spiritual attacks, dont worry about me.

Your Senior Brother is invincible.”

Lei Xier was stunned.

She thought, “Are you really fighting Dont be reckless!”

“You want my head”

After communicating with Lei Xier telepathically, Xu Xiaoshou looked at the Double Dumba*s with a mocking smile.

He flipped Fourth Sword and stepped forward.

In a split second, his body appeared behind the Double Dumba*s.

“Withering Snow of the West Wind.”

There was a sound.

Four Sword returned to its scabbard, and frost fell from the sky.

The two Golden Buddhas behind him each exploded with a black ring of sword energy around their necks.

Sizzle, Sizzle.

There was noboom, nor was there any delay.

The Golden Buddhas were strong, they had a defense of the higher void level, but Xu Xiaoshou had no intention of using any other means to break through the defense forcefully.

One sword was enough.

The Vicious Swords had the Fourth Sword.

It could cut through iron as if it was mud, and it could kill Buddhas as if it was slaughtering dogs!


Screams of pain rang out.

The battle had already been decided the moment they were controlled by Lei Xier.

The two double dumba*s covered their necks in pain at the same time.

Devilish energy suddenly burst out from their bodies.

If a non-swordsman was hit by Fourth Sword, they would definitely suffer from cultivation deviation.

“No, this guy cant die yet…”

After putting away his sword, Xu Xiaoshou smoothed the hair on his forehead and carried out his ultimate skill to the end.

However, in the next second, he realized that the double dumba*s could not die.

This guy still had too many secrets in his head.

If he did not use his soul reading, how would he know the location of Herb Garden of Divine Farmer


Aje was no longer with him, so it could not help with the swallowing of the devilish energy.

However, Xu Xiaoshou did not panic.

He still had a backup plan.

Behind him, the Taotie Beast Head opened and suddenly swallowed the two Golden Buddha bodies of double dumba*s, who were holding their necks and wailing in pain.

“Dong, Dong.”

Two crisp sounds were heard as the spiritual source was transferred over.

Xu Xiaoshous body went numb.

He couldnt help but groan.

This pure spiritual source of the higher void level made his rich sea of spiritual energy reserve even more beautiful, like icing on the cake.

However, he thought that the feast would only swallow all the energy forms of the double dumba*s.

He didnt expect that his “Perception” could see that the two double dumba*s, who had cultivation deviation, were swallowed by the Taotie Beast Head…

They were instantly gone!

“Theyre all dead”

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

This was impossible!

It was impossible for Taotie Beast Head to eat people.

It would only eat energy materials.

In other words…

These two double dumba*s were formed from energy materials

“Divine power Demonic power!”

A shocked voice sounded in the distance at the spot where the void attendants had raised their feet.

The double dumba*s looked at Lei Xier in disbelief.

“How did you master such power”

Xu Xiaoshou looked over and suddenly understood.

Sure enough, these murderers couldnt possibly allow him to get close to them, right

In other words, the two double dumba*s that had suddenly attacked just now were both clones

“Impossible, this is impossible…”

Outside the battlefield, double dumba*s, who had only left a wisp of split energy before and had now returned to his original form, was already extremely frightened.

He had tried a little, only a little.

As expected, Xu Xiaoshou lived up to his reputation of being a black gold bounty.

His combat strength of the cutting path stage was even better than his, double dumba*s.

Coupled with his strange spiritual technique and the vicious sword, the Fourth Sword, it was impossible for him to take Xu Xiaoshou down in a short period of time.

However, what shocked double dumba*s the most was not Xu Xiaoshou, but the silver-haired woman who had been controlling the battlefield.

“Strange eyes, strange abilities…”

“Lei familys eyes”

Double dumba*s panicked when he thought of this.

This pair, not to mention that he was currently in a weak state…

At his peak, if he was even a little careless, he would probably fail miserably.

Now, however, if he could not instantly kill these two and the battle dragged on, his energy reserve and spiritual source would not be able to hold on at all.

“Damn it…”

Double dumba*s wanted to escape.

This was a killers instinct and intuition.

At this moment, it was very likely that he wouldnt be able to defeat these two youngsters.

However, the void attendant was standing at the back with his arms folded across his chest and looking at him mockingly.

It was impossible for him to let them run away!

Since that was the case…

“We cant drag this on any longer!”

“Holy Power!”


Double dumba*s raised both of his hands, and the Holy Miracle Fruit was born in his energy reserve.

He had used up all of his holy power after fighting with the void attendant, so the holy power that had suddenly bloomed was what he had recovered while stalling for time.


In an instant, the ground collapsed, and a thick demi-saints pressure pressed down.

Xu Xiaoshou bent his knees.

He felt similar pressure when he was facing Jiang Buyi, but it was not as unshakable as before.

On the contrary, the pressure of the holy power looked big, but its power was very small.

It was so small that it was like a stage where an ordinary spiritual cultivator had just swallowed the holy blood and begun to exert their power.

Of course, this was also very terrifying.

However, for Xu Xiaoshou, who often fought against the chief of the six divisions and had the experience of swallowing the Holy Blood, it was nothing out of the ordinary.

Xu Xiaoshou had a lot of experience with a higher void.

“Is this the effect of the Holy Miracle Fruit”

Even so, Xu Xiaoshou was still envious.

He had a lot of Holy Blood, which came from different demi-saint.

However, to be able to control the holy power without using the Holy Blood and grow to such an extent by themselves over time…How many people dreamed of this


He didnt face his opponent head-on.

Xu Xiaoshou summoned Ice as he didnt want to waste holy power on the desperate double dumba*s.

The strange rule suppression of the Abyss Island caused Ices lengthy skill casting time to increase further.

However, from the beginning of the battle, ice was already casting.

At this time, its “Forbidden spell” had taken shape.

“Three Days Frozen Calamity!”

With a flip of his hand, Xu Xiaoshou summoned the Three Days Frozen Calamity to coordinate with Ice.

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