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1304 Xu Xiaoshou, Who Had Unleashed All His Power! The True King Of The Giant Kingdom! 3

With that, he, double dumba*s, fell into the center of the White Sun.



Deathly heat that felt like his soul was about to be burned through!

This White Sun descended upon the world, instantly incinerating the higher void world.

At the same time, it was like a cage, completely trapping the countless fleeing double dumba*s clones!

Inside the world of White Sun, the double dumba*s couldnt help but stop running.

“It cant be, right”

“Am I dreaming”

The veins on the double dumba*ss forehead were throbbing wildly, and his eyes were filled with disbelief.

However, after the “Sizzle” sound, the white flame that bloomed from his body, the white flame that rose from his energy reserve, and even the order of the heavens that could be communicated with his consciousness world were all burning with the white flame.

Double Dumba*s knew that this wasnt a dream.

boxn ovel.


That person, who was at the master stage, had really ignited everything in his body with one move!


Countless screams echoed in all directions at the same time.

Almost at the moment when the Dragon Melting Realm covered the area, all of Double Dumba*s clone was burned to ashes and disappeared without a trace.

“How could it be…”

“So, this move of his was just to lock onto my real body”

Double Dumba*s shook his head in a daze, muttering silently as if he had lost his mind.

He did not understand.

No matter how weak he was now, the higher void world that had borrowed holy power was not something that an ordinary person could break, right

However, Xu Xiaoshou had destroyed all of his clones in an instant, and he had even constructed a cage of the white flame world within a radius of a hundred miles that he had nowhere to hide.

How was he supposed to fight!

All of his abilities had been competed to death!

“Isnt he only at the master stage”

Double Dumba*s could not believe that this world of white flame was created by a mere master.

He turned his head in confusion.

In the next second, he saw Xu the beast in the form of a giant slowly floating in the air amidst the white flame in the distance.

“What the f*ck!”

In an instant, double dumba*spupils constricted.

It was a thousand feet tall giant that was emitting golden spots of light.

Its foot stomp was on a magnificent ice lotus that could support a lifetime.

Its body was bathed in white flames that were as holy as the Fire God.

In its palm were the gigantic forms of vicious swords, Fourth Sword and Flame Python.

On its back was a pair of blue and white wings of ice and fire.

It was like a world-destroying demonic god that had suddenly descended on Abyss Island.

“This is Xu Xiaoshou”

Double Dumba*ss eyeballs almost popped out.

If it wasnt for the fact that he recognized the two swords in Xu Xiaoshous hands, he would have thought that this was a void attendant that had shrunk in size but had activated battle mode, and was coming to kill him.

“Is this a f*cking joke”

“This is a master stage”

“Who calls this a master stage Step forward! Isnt this a pure scam!”

At this moment, double dumba*s hated the guy who issued the Black Gold Bounty.

What grandmaster realm A combat strength of a Cutting Path That was all BULLSH*T!

After Xu Xiaoshou unleashed all his power, this was what he looked like

This was called a cutting paths combat strength

Even an ordinary higher void could be shattered by his palm, right!


It was impossible for him to run.

Double Dumba*s seemed to have seen his own fate.

He stared at the Super Golden Giant in the distance in despair.

He stretched out his hand and faced the silver-haired girl.

Then, this pair of “Beauties and beasts” formed a ripple of space attributes around him.

With one step, they arrived in front of him.


Double Dumba*ss adam apple bobbed, and an aura of death rose on his face.

A giant with space attributes…

F*ck! F*ck! F*ck!

Not to mention that there was no holy power left in his energy reserve at the moment.

Even if there was, double dumba*s felt that with Xu Xiaoshous current form, holy power would at most destroy his appearance, and the latter would definitely have other methods to chase after him.


The giant opened his mouth, and his voice was like thunder, exploding into Double Dumba*ss eardrums till they were about to burst, leaving his mind buzzing.

“Yes, I have to run…”

Double Dumba*s suddenly remembered that he still had to run.

If he didnt try, how would he know the final despair

“You can move, but it will be very painful.” The giant stared down mockingly.

“…” Double Dumba*s was about to lift his foot before he was instantly petrified on the spot when he heard what Xu Xiaoshou said.

Forget it.

Just end him.

If he could do it all over again…

Why did the heavens let him encounter the Forest of Miracles! That wasnt a miracle, it was a sign of death!

“Dont panic, Ill be gentler.” The giants voice fell again.

Double Dumba*s raised his eyes in despair.

He watched helplessly as the berserk giant held a small void suppression tablet in his hand and gently pressed it toward him.


At this moment, double dumba*s gave up struggling and instead calmed down.

He opened his arms and chose to embrace death.

This f*cking world was filled with all kinds of strange things.

There were all kinds of master stages.

This was f*cking ridiculous…

Living was so tiring!

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