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1305 One Piece Was Real! 1


The Void Suppression Stele was gently pressed down.

Double Dumba*s felt his energy reserve become quiet.

Just like him, it gave up struggling.

At the same time, the recovery speed of the wisp of holy power from the Holy Miracle Fruit seemed to be suppressed.

It became extremely slow…

Almost as if the world had suddenly slowed down.

“Xu Xiaoshou, what do you want to ask”

Double Dumba*s knew that Xu Xiaoshou had kept him alive not because he didnt want to kill him, but because he wanted to get some answers from him.

“You might not be able to tell me everything about the questions I want to ask.”

The super berserk giant bent down and covered the entire world in Double Dumba*ss vision with a scarlet eye.


Double Dumba*s swallowed his saliva and said with a difficult expression, “As long as youre willing to let me go…”

boxn ovel.


Wishful thinking!

How could Xu Xiaoshou let the tiger go back to the mountain Wouldnt he be seeking his own death

“Promise me one condition.”


“Look at my cat.”


Double Dumba*s was stunned.

Before he could think further, a cat suddenly flew down from the head of the silver-haired woman standing in the Golden Giants palm and landed on the Void Suppression Stele.

It was very light.

However, to the extremely weak Double Dumba*s, this was undoubtedly secondary damage.


Spitting out a mouthful of blood, Double Dumba*s could not help but turn his eyes to look at the cat.

The next second.


Greedy the cat spirits left eye turned grey and his three loathsome eyes opened.

“What do you think Can the recovery of spiritual source and holy power still move under the suppression of the Void Suppression Stele” Xu Xiaoshou asked.

“Meow meow meow,” translated by Greedy the cat spirit.

The eyes of Double Dumba*s became dull as he stuttered, “Spiritual source…cant…move.

Holy Power… recovery… is very slow…”

Indeed, it couldnt suppress holy power!

Xu Xiaoshou came to a realization.

However, the suppressive force seemed to be able to slow down the recovery of holy power by suppressing people.

In other words, its suppressive force was still somewhat useful.

In that case…

If he placed ten Void Suppression Steles on a demi-saint, would they still be able to move

It was obvious that Double Dumba*s couldnt answer this question.

Xu Xiaoshou went straight to the point and asked, “When was the closest time you saw a demi-saint It doesnt count if you only saw them from far and didnt make any eye contact.”

“Only…eighteen…years ago…once, but didnt…make contact…”

“Then I wont stand on ceremony.”

Xu Xiaoshou took Greedy the cat spirit away without hesitation.

It was just as he had expected.

For someone like Double Dumba*s who came from a higher void background, it was as difficult as ascending to the heavens to meet a saint.

Unlike those from a demi-saint family and the Holy Divine Palace, any junior could run into a demi-saint who pretended to be a floor-sweeping monk.

“Soul Reading!”

Xu Xiaoshous scarlet eyes flashed as he began to read double dumba*ss soul memories.


Soon, as Double Dumba*s convulsed in pain, Xu Xiaoshou personally experienced his entire life.

Path principles of the gold attribute…

A special second attribute…Various abilities of the Dissolve attribute…

He was a genius spiritual cultivator from a small county who had his confidence shattered after coming out of the great world.

He then joined the Three Incenses and went through the arduous process of constantly hunting for resources…

Of course.

There was also the most important Abyss Island, the Forest of miracles, and the Herb Garden of Divine Farmer…


Xu Xiaoshou couldnt help but suck in a breath of cold air as he was pulled out of the Double Dumba*ss life.

This person…

It could be said that he had experienced various ups and downs in his life.

However, in the end, a wave of the Herb Garden of Divine Farmer almost gave him a chance to successfully turn the tables.

He only needed three months…


Double Dumba*s would only need one month, or even half a month, to familiarize himself with the power of the Holy Miracle Fruit and increase the value of his holy power a little.

It could be said that the number one higher void below the demi-saint that Double Dumba*s had imagined wouldnt be a problem!

In fact, Xu Xiaoshou even suspected whether Water Ghost would be able to defeat the Double Dumba*s in half a year if he did not consume the holy blood.

This was the terrifying part of the “Holy Miracle Fruit”, a peak-level holy medicine, a Supreme Treasure!

What a pity…

“You met me.”

Xu Xiaoshou let out a long sigh, his heart full of regret.

Lifes circumstances were indeed unpredictable.

Fortune and misfortune were intertwined, and it was hard to escape fate.

If Double Dumba*s did not target this head of his, the killer might really have run away from the feet of the void attendant, and then he would have been able to soar into the sky.

However, from the moment he accepted the black gold bounty, his fate seemed to have already been decided.

Of course, from a different perspective.

If Double Dumba*s did not accept the black gold bounty, he would not be a gold hunting token killer, and he would not be suitable for Three Incenses.

If that was the case, he would not have been able to make a name for himself from the very beginning and grow to the higher void level.

“It is indeed tiring to be alive…”

He thought of the last desperate sigh of the Double Dumba*s.

Then, he glanced at the fellow who was still twitching in pain due to the side effects of Soul Reading.

Xu Xiaoshou pondered for a moment and dispelled the Berserk Giant and the gargantuan transformation that had consumed a lot of energy.

He reverted back to his human form.

At the same time, under the cover of white flame, he nimbly changed into a brand new set of clothes for himself.

“Pitiful worm.”

“Since you want to, then Ill give you a quick death.”

Without waiting for Double Dumba*s to wake up, Xu Xiaoshou used Fourth Sword to cut off his head.

Higher Void, gold hunting token killer, the first spiritual cultivator below the demi-saint to master holy power, Double Dumba*s…

Had fallen!


Lei Xier landed on the ground and looked at Xu Xiaoshou.

Without a change in expression, she burned the Double Dumba*ss bones with a white flame.

This person had indeed changed.

“Yes, hes dead.”

“He doesnt have any other ability to escape.”

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