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1307 One Piece Was Real! 3

Xu Xiaoshou felt the spiritual essence in his energy reserve getting restless as if they had the urge to break through shackles.

“Good stuff!”

Xu Xiaoshous expression changed.

This was a treasure!

It was probably even better than that third or fourth-grade sovereign-level alchemy elixirs.

This was because this crystal contained non-elemental energy that could be completely absorbed by the energy reserve withoutTransformation or the breathing technique.

“Void Crystal”

Xu Xiaoshou took the two black hexagonal crystals and realized that this was the reward of the “Clear Intruders” mission.

“Lord Void Attendant, what is the use of this Void Crystal”

Xu Xiaoshou felt that since this thing was called “Void Crystal” and not a cultivation crystal, it must have some connection with Abyss Island and was not solely for cultivation.

Facing the invisible giant tribe and the sinner number 800820 of the ice and fire humanoid bomb, the void attendant did not ignore his question this time.

He hummed and replied,

boxn ovel.


“Void Crystal can be used to assist in cultivation or you can go to First Hall of Sins to exchange for the survival resources of Abyss Island.”

First Hall of Sins

Xu Xiaoshou tilted his head.

He remembered that Lei Xier had mentioned this place.

“I only mentioned it, but I dont know what First Hall of Sins looks like and what resources can be exchanged for.” Lei Xier looked over, and Xu Xiaoshou understood.

“May I ask, Lord Void Attendant, what survival resources does the Hall of Sins have that can be exchanged for”

“A lot.”

“Like what”

“Like theDeath Exemption Order, which can allow you to avoid death once.”

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned when he heard this.

Avoid death…

Was this saying that the person who was a sinner of Abyss Island could be exempted from the death penalty

There were some things, but not many.

“What else”

Xu Xiaoshou stuck his head out and asked again.

He felt that the void attendants words were too much.

If no one pushed it, he would not give out anything.

If they pushed a little, he would only give out a little.

If you stopped, he would stop as well… He did not know how to keep a conversation going at all, nor did he tell him some of the problems of Abyss Island.

How annoying.

“For example, afree pass.

A pass that will allow one to enter a restricted area.”

The void attendant did reply to his question, however, his answer was not very helpful.

“What else”

“Theres also… all sorts of treasures.

Youll know when you find the Hall of Sins.

Theres an introduction there.”

The void attendant stopped again.

At the same time, he impatiently rejected all of Xu Xiaoshous subsequent questions and said, “Mission over.

I should return to the land of protection.”


Xu Xiaoshou had indeed never come into contact with such a super giant before, so he could only wave his hand and bid farewell.

“Then, goodbye.”

The void attendant stood high above them, crossed his arms, and said mockingly, “You dont want to see me again.”

Then, with a rumble, he took a long step and left.

“But well see each other again…” Xu Xiaoshou looked in the direction he left, but he muttered silently.

“What did you say” Lei Xier tilted her head and looked over.

“Nothing.” Xu Xiaoshou pointed at the void attendants back and said, “Remember, this back, this road.”

Lei Xier looked in the same direction.


“Remember it, Big Baby!”

“Big Baby What do you mean”

“Have you seen 10,000 kinds of holy medicine similar to the Holy Miracle Fruit” Xu Xiaoshous eyes suddenly became fervent as he stared at Lei Xier, who had an exquisite little face.

“…” Lei Xier took a step back and really wanted to touch Xu Xiaoshous forehead.

Was he daydreaming or did he have a fever

Xu Xiaoshou held the cat and waved it around.

“Ive seen it before!”

“One Piece was real!”

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