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1318 The Greedy Assassin Xu Xiaoshou! 2

“My name is Little Ninja.”

Xu Xiaoshous incarnation of Double Dumba*s jumped down from the ancient tree dressed in a mysterious black robe.

He raised his hands to indicate that he had no intention to attack.

He was very friendly.

“Little Ninja”

Hong Dang thought for a while and sneered, “Little Ninja, the Gold Hunting Token Killer of the Three Incenses in the Central Region He is not as tall as you!”

“You know quite a lot about him”

Xu Xiaoshou didnt expect that this person knew Little Ninja.

However, on second thought, there were only a few people in the Higher Void level who were active in the Shengshen continent.

If an ordinary person lived for a long time, they must have collected information on the Higher Void level .

Therefore, it did not come as surprise that the person in front of him knew Little Ninjas information, even if Little Ninja was the mysterious Gold Hunting Token Killer.

“I have already introduced myself.

I respect you so much, but I dont know what your name is” Xu Xiaoshou smiled as he kept a certain distance from the person in front of him and stopped at the right time.

“You are not Little Ninja.” Hong Dang shook his head and said in a very confident voice.

“You have a sharp eye.” Xu Xiaoshou shook his head and sighed as if he had been exposed.

He could only take off his mask and revealed an ordinary face as he said, “Im Double Dumba*s, a Gold Hunting Token Killer of the Three Incenses from the Central Region.

Is this sincere enough”

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He had never thought of revealing his family name in the first place.

That was because it would make the other party wary.

After all, a killer was not an identity that sounded very honorable.

However, with the cover ofLittle Ninja and the self-exposure of his identity, he thought that the burly man in front of him would also be able to sense his sincerity.

Thus, he let down his initial caution.

“You are Double Dumba*s”

Sure enough, even though Hong Dang was slightly stunned, he seemed to have some basic information about Double Dumba*s in his mind.

After confirming it thoroughly, he said, “How can I trust you”

“You dont have to trust me, but you and I are both here for the Foundational Roots of Saint Ascension.

Since thats the case, our temporary cooperation is necessary because you cant break this Barrier.” Xu Xiaoshou pointed at the Barrier that sealed the Herb Garden of Divine Farmer.

Hong Dangs face darkened as he turned sideways and glanced warily at the Barrier.

He sneered as he said, “And you are able to do so”

“Sir, you still dont trust me totally.

You dont even want to tell me your name.

How can we continue to cooperate” Xu Xiaoshou sighed.

“Dragon Fighter, Hong Dang! One without a family, like a wandering crane.” Hong Dang said after a moment of hesitation.

“Hong Dang… so its you.

Ive heard so much about you!”

Xu Xiaoshou had never heard of this person before, but since a wandering crane could still attain the Higher Void level , this person must be extraordinary.

At least, from what he had encountered so far, there was still the difference between the Cutting Path Stage and the ordinary Cutting Path Stage, which could rival the Higher Void level.

As for Higher Void level…

There was no simple Higher Void level in this world.

Because in order to achieve the Higher Void level , one had to first withstand the Nine Death Thunder Calamity.

This level was a trap for 99% of the worlds talented Spiritual Cultivators.

Those who could break through it were all like dragons and phoenixes among men!

“Brother Hong Dang also came here after you heard the news, and now youre also looking for any news and chasing after the fragrance of the Spiritual Medicine.

Is this the first time that youve come here” Xu Xiaoshou chuckled.

“So what if it is” Hong Dang didnt deny it.

Among all the Higher Void level that could come to Sky City, which one of them wasnt here for the Foundational Roots of Saint Ascension

“Thats easy then.

I am also here for the Herb Garden of Divine Farmer.

Now, the collaboration can be concluded.” Xu Xiaoshouinadvertently revealed the truth.

He walked forward and began to shorten the distance between himself and the enemy starting from the physical distance.

“Herb Garden of Divine Farmer”

Sure enough, Hong Dang was stunned.

Then, a hint of eagerness appeared within the depths of his eyes.

“Double dumba*s… Brother, do you know anything about this situation”

“A little bit.”

“Can you tell me”

“Since we are going to cooperate, of course I have to tell you everything.”

Xu Xiaoshou didnt waste any time and went straight to the point.

With a reminiscing look, he said,

“I came here earlier than Brother, but I hid in the dark.

During this period, I saw someone coming, but I was vigilant and didnt show myself.”

“That person was very young, good-looking, and had powerful means.

He was a Spirit-gathering Array Expert.

He exerted a bit of effort and was able to break a corner of the Barrier of this Herb Garden of Divine Farmer and managed to get in.”

“I knew that a fortuitous encounter was bound to be accompanied by danger.

I only watched from afar and did not dare to approach.”

“But once the Barrier was broken, the rich medicinal fragrance inside was simply something rarely to be had in the world!”

Xu Xiaoshous eyes were filled with fanaticism, and he was completely immersed in the scene he saw through the Soul Reading.

He said sincerely,

“With just a fleeting glance, I saw that in this medicinal garden, there were no less than tens of thousands of first grade Spiritual Medicine.

Even the Holy Medicine… was uncountable!”

Hong Dangs heartbeat suddenly accelerated.

But even though he was moved by what he said, he couldnt help but retort, “Brother, are you joking There are tens of thousands of grade one Spiritual Medicine, and even the Holy Medicine is uncountable Do you think Ill believe it”

Xu Xiaoshou didnt refute, and his expression became even more fervent as he said,

“To be more precise, its the first Grade weeds that are uncountable, and the Holy Medicine is the foundation of this Herb Garden of Divine Farmer.”

“Brother Hong Dang, you dont believe me Initially, I didnt believe it either!”!

“But then I thought about it, this is Sky City! This is the Foundational Roots of Saint Ascension!”

“No one has set foot in this place for millions of years.

A weed from the past would probably attract the attention of countless people if it were to be placed in the outside world now!”

“Brother Hong Dang, look around…”

Xu Xiaoshou pointed at the surrounding ancient forest:

“This is a Breeze Tree that does not have any quality in the outside world.

“However, at this moment, the Breeze Trees all over the mountains and plains have evolved to the sixth Grade at the very least, and there are even some at the fifth Grade.

Occasionally, there are even some fourth Grade Sovereign level Breeze Trees

“Brother Hong Dang can surely sense that time and the environment of Sky City can improve and change these ungraded Spirit Trees.

“Those first or second Grade Spiritual Medicine, if placed in the environment of the Herb Garden of Divine Farmer, think how much more they can grow to after millions of years”

Dragon Fighter, Hong Dangs gaze turned solemn.

After taking a closer look, he discovered that the energy contained within these ancient trees, which he was used to seeing, was not inferior to that of a Master Stage or a Sovereign Stage Spirit Medicine.

However, he was not an Elixir master, he did not know if these ungraded Spirit Trees could be used as medicine after they had grown to this point.


Double Dumba*s was right.

Even the Breeze Trees had grown to this point due to the fragrance of the Spirit Medicine.

How could the true Spirit Medicine in the so-calledHerb Garden of Divine Farmer still be ordinary

“I still dont believe you.”

Hong Dang thought for a moment and shook his head in refusal.

He didnt want to cooperate with an assassin at all.

The risk was too great.

Perhaps in the end, this fellow might backstab him and he, Hong Dang, would lose his life on the spot.

Upon hearing this, Xu Xiaoshou sighed softly, and killing intent appeared in his eyes.

“Sir! If it werent for the fact that I really need someone to share the Fire Power, do you really think that I would share this treasure with you”

Sensing the killing intent, Hong Dangs hairs stood on end, and he asked warily, “What do you mean”

“Brother Hong Dang, youre too timid!”

Xu Xiaoshou sneered and said, “If the person who came here was at the Cutting Path Stage, I would kill him immediately.

If the person who came here was a Higher Void level, I would try to escape secretly.

But the person who came here is you, Brother Hong Dang!”

“Because it is you, I am confident that even if you regret it later, I am still able to fight with you to the death.

That is why I chose to cooperate with you.”

“However, Brother Hong Dangs ambition is indeed a little disappointing.”

“Foundational Roots of Saint Ascension is not something that can be obtained by the overly cautious!”

Hong Dang was infuriated by these words, but on second thought, they did make sense.

If the Double Dumba*s didnt want to suppress him, why would they want to cooperate with him and split the treasure with him

“Do you have a way to break this Barrier” Hong Dangs interest was piqued.

Just as the Double Dumba*s had thought, the other party felt that he could control him, and Hong Dang also felt that his strength wasnt inferior to the Double Dumba*s.

If this fellow really wanted to defect, he would stab his Brother in the back.

He was confident that he would be able to block the other partys last-minute counterattack.

“I have a way!”

Xu Xiaoshou was calm and composed.

“Ive seen that fellow from before using the Spiritual Array, which unfortunately, I was only slightly involved in.

With my method, opening a passageway in the Herb Garden of Divine Farmers sealed Barrier wont be a problem.”

“Then, how do we work together” Hong Dang asked decisively.

He had also thought it through.

Since he was already here, if this Herb Garden of Divine Farmer was really as mysterious as what the Double Dumba*s had said, he would just walk away.

After this, he would probably regret it to the core.

“Ill break the Array while you attract the Fire Power.”

Xu Xiaoshous fingers twitched and as he talked and laughed, his mouth was wide open like a lions.

“After this, you and I will split the share at 10:90% of all the Spiritual Medicine in this Herb Garden of Divine Farmer…”

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