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1319 Brother Hong Dang, May the Lord Bless You! 1


Hong Dangs eyebrows shot up.

“Are you taking the 90% or am I taking the 90%”

“Brother Hong Dang, what the hell are you thinking of”

Xu Xiaoshou sneered as his killers greedy nature appeared.

“I did the Array Shattering.

Brother is just a small Fire Power attractor.

If it werent for me, you wouldnt even get 10% of the Spiritual Medicine.”

“The 10:90% split is impossible!” Hong Dang sneered.

“Even if the great merit and Array Shattering is in your hands and Im merely the Fire Power attractor… without a 40:60% share, I wont agree!”




“Good deal.

30:70%, it is then.

Ill take 30% and you take 70%!” Hong Dang suddenly agreed.

After all, he wasnt a Spirit Array Caster.

If he tried to forcefully attack this Barrier, he would probably only attract the counterattack of the Guardian of the Herb Garden of Divine Farmer.

At that time, not to mention his 30% share, he might not even be able to obtain a single stalk of the Holy Medicine.

boxn ovel.


Since that was the case, Hong Dang was happy that Double Dumba*s was able to break the Array.

He only had to attract the Fire Power, and he wouldnt die.

Hong Dang was very confident of his own life-saving means.

And from this 19% to 30% splitting of shares, from such an exaggerated distribution of benefits, Hong Dang also saw Double Dumba*s greedy nature.

He finally believed that the Spiritual Medicine produced in the Herb Garden of Divine Farmer might really be as amazing as what the other party had said.

Otherwise, this fellow would have agreed on a 50-50% split and might then stab him in the back.

He would then have taken 100%.

The reason why he was agreeable to compromise at this point was probably because he did not want to waste time in case too many people turned up.

“Happy cooperation.” Xu Xiaoshou sneered as he extended his hand.

He had this thought that no one would want to shake hands with a killer.

Hong Dang glanced at him.

Indeed, he did not want to shake hands.

He only said, “What sort of Fire Power do I need to attract”

Xu Xiaoshou had long expected this and was not embarrassed at all.

He put down his hand and said,

“After I break the Array, there will be a passageway that will only allow one person to enter and exit.”

“When that time comes, Brother Hong Dang will go in first.

When you pick any Holy Medicine, it will trigger the Guardian to react.”

“You can just run away.

After all, the person from before had also made his getaway.”

“Pick any random Holy Medicine and you can… Hong Dangs eyebrows jumped wildly when he heard this.

“Listen up, is this even human language”

“What kind of surprise would the Herb Garden of Divine Farmer spring on people”

“The person that Brother Double Dumba*s has been talking about, is he…” Hong Dang couldnt help but ask.

He was too curious.

Someone was able to make a move in front of this greedy Double Dumba*s.

In the end, Double Dumba*s might not even dare to venture into the Herb Garden of Divine Farmer.

“How strong was this person”

He sounded very intimidating!

“He…” Xu Xiaoshou hesitated.

A sincere person would not want to lie unless it was absolutely necessary.

“Brother Double Dumba*s, dont forget, were working together!” Hong Dang chuckled, with an expression that said, “If you dont tell me, I wont cooperate.”

Xu Xiaoshou was helpless.

He spread his hands and said, “He is Xu Xiaoshou.”

“Xu Xiaoshou”


“Just one Xu Xiaoshou, he is able to scare Brother Double Dumba*s” Hong Dang felt incredulous.

Of course he knew who Xu Xiaoshou was!

He was with Rao Yaoyao and Teng Shanhai during the battle at the Yunlun Mountain Range, although he had no direct dealing with this Xu Xiaoshou.

But word on the street was that this guy was a **-stirrer with a low cultivation level, and he exceled at stirring up trouble everywhere, which was a classic example of the his style of annihilation.


Up until now, Xu Xiaoshou should still be alive.

In other words, that guy hadnt even done half of the things and was still living happily.

“Xu Xiaoshou is not as simple as you think!”

Xu Xiaoshous Double Dumba*s sneered, raised his voice, and advised,

“As a Gold Hunting Token killer, I came from the Central Region this time to kill Xu Xiaoshou.”

“However, before we met, I fell into his trap.”

“On the Lone Cliff, Brother Hong Dang, do you still remember how that kid resisted Rao Yaoyao and Teng Shanhai and was still not at a disadvantage”

“On the contrary, the two of us were like outsiders in that situation.

We didnt get involved at all.

In the end, we were manipulated and fell into the Deep Sea.”

“From this, Brother Hong Dang, cant you see how powerful Xu Xiaoshou is”

Hong Dang listened dazedly to the Double Dumba*s in front of him.

He didnt expect that Xu Xiaoshous evaluation in the eyes of the enemy at the Grandmaster Realm would be so high.

But thinking about it carefully, wasnt the Double Dumba*s evaluation a little too much

“Despised, passive points, 1.”

The information bar suddenly jumped.

Xu Xiaoshou was slightly stunned.

Looking at Hong Dangs expression, he could not have thoughts to such an extent, right

There was no third person at the scene…


“Its you again, Junior Sister.”

“Is there anything wrong If I dont get praised by anyone and you did not praise me, then why cant I praise myself”

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly became excited.

He shook his head and said with emotion,

“Speaking of Xu Xiaoshou, now I dont dare to think about him at all…”

“Xu Xiaoshous talent is not inferior to mine; Xu Xiaoshous wisdom is the best among the Sword Deity; Xu Xiaoshous bravery is unmatched at the Lone Cliff; Xu Xiaoshous ability is such that other than the Eighth Sword Deity whom I have never met, I have yet to find anyone else on the Shengshen continent who can match up to him!”

This undisguised praise really stunned Hong Dang.

“Suspected, passive points 1.”

“Disliked, passive points 1.”

“Hehe, its you again, Junior sister…” Xu Xiaoshou almost turned around to glare at Lei Xier who was hiding in the White Cave Small World.

“Brother Double Dumba*s, you have such a high opinion of Xu Xiaoshou” Hong Dang was suspicious.

At one point, he even suspected that Double Dumba*s was Xu Xiaoshous accomplice in secret.

Otherwise, why would he praise a Master Stage Junior in such an excessive way

Xu Xiaoshou said calmly, “Isnt the person who knows his opponent best not really his opponent”


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