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Chapter 132: Innate Level.

Eating Everything Up.

“How should I go about it”

Xu Xiaoshou felt rather helpless as he started to make a breakthrough into Innate Level.

Someone else might have been able to use some kind of technique, some active measure, to go on about it.

In his case, however, there wasnt even such a technique he could use.

He could do nothing but watch as his body went on to make a breakthrough…


“Cant do.

Have to do something somehow!”

He was the true master of his own body and he had to do something about it.

He looked down at his body.

“You really think you can just make a breakthrough just because you feel like it

“H*ll no!”

He suppressed it, causing his energy reserve to compress for a bit before springing open again and absorbing even more ambient spiritual energy around him.

Xu Xiaoshou was speechless.

“Whatever,” he thought.

“Things have already come this far.

I can no longer do anything to suppress it, and there isnt any actual need to do so, so come on and get it over with, then.”

He then took out the Innate Pill, which hed gotten as a reward for becoming champion.

Hed heard this thing could increase his understanding.

He didnt think hed need it, yet he still gently sucked it in nonetheless, reducing the pill into a stream of gas as it flowed into his body.

This was the only thing he could do for himself.

He didnt like the idea of watching his body make a breakthrough while he just stood by, doing nothing.

As soon as the pill entered his body, he felt his mind grow calmer, stripped of all excess thoughts.

He became highly focused to where the only thing that existed was his raging energy reserve.

“Its actually useful” He shrugged off of his exceedingly focused state and, after thinking for a bit, dived back into his breakthrough, deciding he couldnt afford to waste anything.

The waves of his energy reserve were frighteningly fierce and wild.

Then, the waves subsided and charged, like a tsunami was about to hit.

His spiritual source was depleted to nourish his body, and it felt like his entire body was filled.

It felt so good he almost felt like moaning.

A blast of golden light descended from above and immediately washed over his energy reserve.

He could hear the sound of mantra chants from all directions, and the Great Path seemed clear before his eyes, but he opened them to find only the void without that true nature of the world hed hoped to see within his sight.

The raging ambient spiritual energy stagnated, and, the very next second, gobbled up his body like a black hole.

Under the light that shone onto it, rapidly working and sucking in all that thick, viscous spiritual source, an origin emerged from his energy reserve, culminating into a transparent ball of light.

All 10 levels of spiritual cultivation returned to his energy reserve as the ball of golden dragons light made its way into Innate Level.

A terrifying spiritual force spread out from his energy reserve, and it shook his surroundings, causing a spiritual mist to wash all over the Black Cliff.

He felt as if hed ascended to some higher heights, and his soul was entirely absorbed into the realm he was in.

While he was still unable to make out the Great Path, he felt himself become inextricably linked with it nonetheless.

His being melded with the Great Path.

His moment of enlightenment was over, and hed gained a lot.

His eyes gradually focused, and his consciousness came to the depths of the center of his brow.

“Now that my powers are now at the Innate level, its the time to open up the Origin Court.”

The spiritual source, which had just stabilized in his energy reserve, shot upwards into the center of his brow without stopping.

The place, which had been sealed shut for years, vaguely started to appear now that hed made a breakthrough into Innate Level, and it wouldnt be around for long.

He directed his spiritual source to bang on the gate without a moments hesitation.


His mind rumbled.

Said gate swung wide open after that one strike from his spiritual source, which was several times far more raging than others.

He was utterly shocked at how easy it was.

“Isnt this a little too much…”

The gate was opened, and the Origin Court appeared.

His vast inner landscape spread right before his eyes, and he was even able to see the very source of his own soul.

The spiritual source rushed into the Origin Court, and his will entangled with it, completing the evolution in an instant.

Spiritual senses.

It was a special ability similar to “Sense,” yet somehow different.

At the moment, his Sense allowed him to clearly visualize everything within a 10-meter radius, while spiritual senses could scan everything within a radius of several kilometers.

What was different about them was that only a vague outline materialized in the latters visualization.

But he was elated all the same, as the two didnt conflict with each other.

Both perception abilities could be used at the same time to compliment each other, which was a great thing for him.

While the breakthrough looked like itd taken a long time to accomplish, the process had actually taken only mere seconds.

All the aura around him had broken into Innate Level from Acquired level as well, thoroughly completing his transformation.

However, the spiritual energy that had rushed into his body in a frenzy continued to rush in.

He looked very expectant as he looked at his Origin Court, fully focused on it.

He could see a vague humanoid silhouette at the center of the place.

That was the source of his soul.

That thing seemed to grow at blitzing speeds as it kept absorbing ambient spiritual energy, and it wasnt long before it took its form.

His Origin Court trembled at that moment as a beam of multicolored light from the source of his soul shot to the sky.

“Innate Elemental Power!” He looked on, his eyes full of anticipation, while clenching his fist.

“I wonder what itll be.”

He looked at the scorching red color within the beam and sensed that the red was apparently very thick and matched him extremely well.

“The element of fire”

He was very excited.

“Element of fire and four other colors still around

“Am I going to get a complete set of the five elements

“Well, well…

“Looks like I, Xu Xiaoshou, is the diamond-in-the-rough kind of a genius.

I actually managed to get all five el…”

But his excitement didnt last for long.

A red interface appeared at the top of the beam of light, and a massive mouth seemed to open up, gobbling everything up.

He was baffled.

“What kind of a joke is this!

“Godd*mn you, spit it all out right now!”

He was very flustered at the moment.

“I was looking forward to getting my Innate Elemental Power and it just f**kin had to eat up everything like that

“You were nowhere near that active before, yet you just had to come out and steal my thunder like that

“Oh, you piece of sh** of a system!!”

He was extremely furious and so badly wanted to stop it that he actually thought of destroying the system right away, yet he was unable to do anything.

Despite him mobilizing massive quantities of spiritual sense and blasting it at the red interface, the interface remained unchanged, as if he hadnt even hit it.

“D*mn you…

“You actually canceled out the damage!

After gobbling everything up, the red interface didnt bother saying or doing anything else before leaving without a trace.

At that moment, the source of his soul seemed as if it were struggling to contain something really big.

Then it shuddered and fired a beam of white light.

“Theres something else”

He was utterly shocked, wondering if he was indeed… a genius among genius, someone who was able to awaken a two-fold elemental power.

While the beam of white light was a lot thinner, as if it lacked something right from the start, the brimming sword will it carried seemed to have suppressed all those five colors from before.

“This is something.”

“Well, well, I, Xu Xiaoshou, is indeed a genius, the likes of which no one has seen before, despite the systems suppression!”

He stood akimbo and laughed out loud, berating the heavens.

“Hahaha, you piece of… huh D*mn, what are you doing Stop it!!”

The red interface, which had initially receded, also seemed to have been baffled by his super talents, as it started to reconsolidate the next second.

That massive formless mouth opened and gobbled up the light, then disappeared shortly afterward without a trace.

“F**k you!”

He was utterly flabbergasted.

“My two-fold Innate Elemental Powers, all eaten up eh”

At that moment, deep down, he felt like hed been utterly betrayed, and his hatred was so intense he felt like he couldve brought down the heavens.

Yet, he simply dejectedly dropped from the sky, with his eyes looking completely hollow, as he figured that it would be a pointless exercise.

His powers had all been eaten, after all.

But just when he was starting to feel dazed, he saw the source of his soul shudder again…

“Ill be d*mned.

Theres still more”

He was elated, yet the source looked like it was only shuddering from anger.

It started to become blurry, and nothing more came out of it.

“Got squeezed dry, eh”

Boundless rage filled his heart, and he saw the source of his soul shoot to the sky, making its way into that red interface.

He was flabbergasted, and he spread his spiritual sense to the limit to try and stop what the source was doing.

“Dont be rash!

“What will I do if you end up being eaten!” Xu Xiaoshou very much wanted to cry as he saw that very much blurred source of his soul, his heart full of sorrow.

“Remember this.”

He directed his spiritual sense at that red interface that had disappeared in the air as he shouted to the top of his lungs, “Remember it, my brother!

“This red interface is the enemy! We shall seek our revenge when we got stronger in the future! We shall rip it to shreds!

“For now, lets calm down…”


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