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Chapter 146: My World

“You lost.”

As if these three simple words were the last straw to break the camels back, the brightness in Luo Leileis eyes disappeared.

Her Thunder Gods Body faded away, and her purple lightning wings broke.

She was angered by Xu Xiaoshous words and actions.

Shed finally been defeated by his odd move.

“Why did my own spiritual energy burst just from this guy taking a breath” she thought.

“Shouldnt I be in control of my own spiritual energy”

Luo Leileis eyes gradually lost focus, and Xu Xiaoshou became a blur, but it seemed to her that he looked a little panicked.

“Heh, this guy…” she mused.

“He said he doesnt hit women, but every blow he landed was more severe than the last one.”

Xu Xiaoshou was panicked.

He was really flustered.

After saying a few words and savoring his victory, hed realized that the girl in front of him didnt have an Innate Level physique and that she probably didnt have Eternal Vitality either.

So that hole hed punched through her chest could kill her!

Yet, Luo Leilei couldnt die!

If shed been sent by Zhang Xinxiong, then her dying wouldnt have mattered, but she was a member of the Holy Vassal!

“If she dies, what should I do when the masked man comes to duel with me” he thought.

Xu Xiaoshou took out a jar of golden liquid to drink, intending to let her drink all of it, but thought better of it.

“Well, she probably doesnt have Breathing Technique, so she could die from taking it! A drop of this red gold liquid is much stronger than the Red Gold Pill,” he thought.

Xu Xiaoshou used his finger to pick out a small piece and carefully jammed it between Luo Leileis pale lips.

Though this girl had fought violently, Xu Xiaoshou found her small mouth rather soft and warm.

Noticing that the medicine was kicking in, he pulled his right hand out from her chest.

The red gold liquid was indeed the best of Xu Xiaoshous invention.

Its efficacy was excellent when it was still within its shelflife.

Soon after, the wound on Luo Leileis chest healed, and her chest returned to normal without a trace of a scar.

Xu Xiaoshou forcefully pulled his gaze away from her chest and focused on the girls face.

“Pah, pah!”

He hit her cheek twice.

“Wake up!”

“Hmm” he thought.

“Its quite soft.”

He couldnt help but pinch it, and the pain awoke Luo Leilei.

She saw Xu Xiaoshous face and said in surprise, “Xu Xiaoshou! Are you dead too”

Xu Xiaoshou: “…”

Luo Leilei finally remembered what had happened and became angry.

However, she was so weak that she couldnt stop his hands from pinching her.

“What are you doing!”

Xu Xiaoshou was calm and collected.

“To save you, and wake you up as well.”

“Im already awake!”

“Oh.” Xu Xiaoshous hands didnt stop moving.

“According to the rule of the wager, your whole person has lost to me even though youre awake now.

So its not outrageous to pinch you.”

Luo Leileis face was red.

Whether this was from Xu Xiaoshous pinching or because she was angry was unclear.

“Xu Xiao… um!”

Xu Xiaoshou jammed the honey on his finger into the girls mouth, muffling her words.

The sweet and sticky fluid melted in Luo Leileis mouth, and she asked crossly, “Xu Xiaoshou, what did you feed me”

“Poison.” Xu Xiaoshou dropped her on the Black Fallen Cliff, got up, and said, “In order to prevent you from going back on your word, I have to feed you this.”

He pointed to a jar of honey-like medicine on the ground.

“This stuff is yours now.

Dont finish it too fast, because by the time its finished, youll be close to death.”

An uncertain, gloomy look appeared on Luo Leileis face.

“Ive been an outstanding person all my life.

I never expected that Id fall into the hands of such an evil man,” she thought, her eyes red.

Cursed, Passive Points 1.

Xu Xiaoshou had no intention to spend time with her, but he couldnt kill her either.

On the other hand, he would face a great deal of trouble if he let her live.

He remembered what the girl had said earlier: “Even if you get the scabbard, you wont be able to transport it out of here.”

As such, she must have a way to transport it out since shed said this much while knowing the strength of the Tiansang Spirit Palace.

Then, when the Tianxuan Gate opened again, it would be another fight to the death.

What a headache!

Xu Xiaoshou covered his head with his hands, thinking that hed better leave first and stay far away from here.

Then that masked man probably wouldnt fix his attention on him again.

“Im leaving, and dont follow me again.” Xu Xiaoshou looked back at her and said, “Its impossible to give you the scabbard.

Youve lost, so its not that unreasonable for me to take it.”

“This girl is very fast, but I defeated her in this fight, so it would be dishonorable for her to continue following me,” he thought.

“As such, I can act alone again.”

Luo Leilei propped herself up on the ground with her hands, and, to her surprise, found that shed regained some of her energy and felt that she could possibly fight again.

But when she thought of Xu Xiaoshous strength…

“Forget it,” she thought.

“This guy is a monster with a Master Level Physique, swordsmanship, and magic techniques.

I guess only Brother Shuang Xing will be able to defeat him.”

Her eyes drifted to the side.

“You can leave, but you must give me the antidote.”

Xu Xiaoshou was amused at how shed actually believed him.

“There is no antidote.”

Luo Leilei glared at him angrily.


“I only developed the poison, and have no intention of giving the enemy the antidote.

But,” Xu Xiaoshou rolled his eyes sideways and suddenly teased, “there is a way to save you!”

“What way”

“Fight poison with poison!”

Luo Leilei froze.

“What kind of poison do I need to fight it with”

“Haha.” Xu Xiaoshou flew up into the blue sky with his hands behind his back, his clothes fluttering in the wind.

“Missing someone is a kind of intestinal poison.

Whenever you think of me, the medicine will cure the illness.”

Luo Leilei was speechless.

“Xu Xiaoshou, youre sick!”

It was then that she realized shed been tricked again.

This guy probably hadnt dared to poison her.

“Oh, right.” Xu Xiaoshou suddenly turned his head around mid-flight and pointed his finger at the girls chest.

“I forgot to mention this to you; put on clothes,” he said slowly.

“Also,” he continued, unable to help but add this remark, “now that youre a grown-up, you need to learn to buy some new clothes for yourself.

You cant always wear clothes of such a small size; its suffocating.”

Startled, Luo Leilei lowered her head and saw that the clothes on her chest hadnt returned to normal although the wound passing through her chest had.

A slight blush spread across her cheeks, and she almost ground her teeth to pieces.

“Xu… Xiao..


Missed, Passive Points 1.

Xu Xiaoshou was startled to see her try to fly up again.

“Stop,” he said.

“You dont need to chase me anymore.

Even if you catch me, you cant beat me.”

Luo Leilei was immediately at a loss for words, and she really wanted to cut his tongue off.

She was so angry!

But there was nothing she could do.

She pulled the clothes over her chest, and her tone softened as she said seriously, “Xu Xiaoshou, are you really not going to go with me

“As long as you want, this girl will stay with you and take you away once were out of the Tianxuan Gate.

I heard that you were refused entry by the Spirit Palace.”

“No way!” Xu Xiaoshou interrupted her.

“I didnt do anything to you, so you cant ask me to be responsible for you.

I was kind enough to have reminded you.”

Luo Leilei: “…”

“Dont joke around.

Im serious,” she said gravely.

Xu Xiaoshou stopped grinning, which hardly ever happened, and called back the small bathtub hed knocked away during the fight.

It had turned black after the strike.

He retrieved Hiding Pain.

Fortunately, it wasnt broken!

He looked at the girl on top of the cliff.

“Dont you hate me since I injured you like this”

Luo Leilei casually waved her hand.

“This big girl doesnt remember a small mans fault.

I appreciate your qualifications.”

Xu Xiaoshou smiled and shook his head again.

“I refuse.”

“Are you serious”

“Im serious!”

“Do you know what youre refusing What you will lose” Luo Leilei was furious.

She thought shed been sincere.

She hadnt gone this far with anyone else before.

“I dont know, and I dont want to know.” Xu Xiaoshou rubbed Hiding Pain and mercilessly chose to run away.

“Xu Xiaoshou!” Luo Leilei stopped him.

“You really dont want to take a look at the outside world Maybe its more exciting than you think!”

“Its my world.

Ill go see it for myself.”

Luo Leilei watched him fly away.

She cupped her hands around her mouth and said loudly, “Without someone to protect you, youll only end up bruised all over!”

“Even so!” he yelled.

Luo Leilei was shocked by Xu Xiaoshous serious tone.

She was dumbfounded as she watched him fly away into the distance, a peculiar look in her eyes.

“Its my world.

Ill go see it for myself, even if I end up bruised all over” She muttered Xu Xiaoshous words to herself.


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