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Chapter 151: The West Wind amid Fading Snow


Xu Xiaoshou huffed a little and popped back in his dislocated fist.

Thanks to the effects of Eternal Vitality, the injury was healed in the blink of an eye.

He was a little surprised.

Even though he looked a few sizes smaller than Yuan Tou, he had a Master Physique but was failing in terms of Strength.

That drop of blood… had the terrifying effect of increasing ones strength!

It must contain a power above that of Master Level…

Throne Level Xu Xiaoshous heart sank, and he realized hed been overly arrogant earlier.

He shouldnt have let this guy take the blood.

However, Yuan Tou certainly wouldnt last long after forcibly taking that stuff!


Yuan Tous laughter sounded a bit creepy.

It didnt sound at all human.

Though he wouldnt be able to last much longer, the bloods effect would afford him enough time to complete the task, which was to behead Xu Xiaoshou.

“The lads flesh strength actually resisted my blow,” he thought.

“It looks like his Innate Level Physique has already made a breakthrough… But so what”

“The strength of 10,000 pounds!” Yuan Tou shouted.

He slammed both his fists on the ground, and his whole body sank halfway into the ground with a booming sound.

Xu Xiaoshous eyelids twitched wildly when he saw this scene.

“This guy can change gravity.

Ten thousand pounds… Is this the strength of his Innate attribute”

As he was marveling at this peculiar attribute of Yuan Tous, the giant disappeared again.

Xu Xiaoshou tightened his body.

Then, he closed his eyes to help himself react more quickly with the help of Sense plus Agility.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

In an instant, he dodged Yuan Tous heavy strikes, backward sweeps, and knee bumps…

However, Yuan Tous reaction speed had obviously doubled.

He seized an opportunity to grab Xu Xiaoshou and knocked him flying in the air with a furious blow from both his hands.


Blood splashed.

Xu Xiaoshou was sent flying high into the sky like a kite with a broken string.

Yet, during the uncontrollable flying journey, his injury almost healed…

Recoil also sent Yuan Tou flying backward.

He had no idea what skill Xu Xiaoshou had employed to achieve this… But based on his experience, it was truly nasty!

He was unable to attack Xu Xiaoshou again.

All he could do was wait for the Recoil effect to end to strike again.

“D*mn it!”

He tightened his legs, ready to jump up; but found that something was wrong.

With scarlet eyes, he looked at his palms and saw a fire seed on each of them.

He wasnt sure when theyd been etched on his palms.

“From the blow earlier”

The only explanation was that Xu Xiaoshou had taken advantage of their moment of contact to secretly employ a technique…

“So, he intentionally let me hit him” he thought.

Yuan Tou felt his scalp prickle, and he looked at his palms again.

But by the time he discovered the compressed fire seeds, the violent energy in them had already exploded.



Yuan Tou was knocked away.

His thick palms were pierced through.

However, the power of the “throne essence blood” in his body was stimulated, and his injuries recovered.

Within a few moments, new flesh grew over the wounds!

“Whats going on”

He paid no mind to his own injuries and instead looked at Xu Xiaoshou, who was in the sky, in confusion, wondering… why the lad hadnt taken the opportunity to strike again.

Xu Xiaoshou, not faraway, tilted his head to look at his two fists.

Who knew what he was thinking.

“Whats wrong with him Hes fallen into a dazed state during the fight again.”

Yuan Tou had a sneering look on his face, but he soon noticed that something was wrong.

It seemed there was a terrifying energy building atop Xu Xiaoshous fists.

Yuan Tous pupils shook as his spiritual thoughts swept over Xu Xiaoshou.

“This lad…” he thought.

“Theres an additional compressed fire seed on each of his fists… Does he intend to clash fists with my fists, which have the added force of 10,000 pounds”

Yuan Tou didnt feel so well.

This wasnt fair!

Hed bombarded Xu Xiaoshou with punches and could tell that he was severely injured, yet the lad was now alive and well again only a few moments later.

On the other hand, Yuan Tou had to take time to recover after each attack from Xu Xiaoshous compressed fire seeds!

“How can I fight this”

After the analysis, Yuan Tou the giant felt intimidated for the first time and thought that he shouldnt continue the fight anymore because the lad was too formidable.

He might meet a very bad end!

However, he had no intention of yielding just yet.

At the same time, the Infernal Heavens suddenly came out from underneath Xu Xiaoshous feet and came at Yuan Tou.

“Little Roundhead, youre strength is very good!”

There was an excited smile on Xu Xiaoshous face, as he thought that fighting was indeed the fastest way to prove himself.

“Ive developed a new move.

Lets have some fun!

“Little fireball fist!


With a furious shout, Xu Xiaoshou brought his fist toward Yuan Tou.

Having suffered from the compressed fire seeds before, Yuan Tou had no intention to clash fists with Xu Xiaoshous.

He slammed the ground with both hands and leapt into the air, dodging Xu Xiaoshous punch.

Yuan Tous face a little twisted.

“Why” he thought.

“Why do I have to avoid his direct attack Strength is obviously my specialty.

This combat is… too humiliating!

He wanted to pull out his “Mysterious Overload Spear,” but the weapon was broken…

He felt even more humiliated!


As he complained, Xu Xiaoshou, who was below him, struck another punch and missed, but he didnt stop his momentum and allowed the fire seeds to explode.

Yuan Tou wanted to jeer at him, but then he saw the lad rapidly flying toward him though hed spurted some blood earlier.

“Good opportunity!”

His first thought had been to take advantage of the injuries hed caused Xu Xiaoshou to kill him.

However, hed instead witnessed that lad recover while being knocked away and, moreover, using the force of the counter-thrust to accelerate his next punch.


Yuan Tou instinctually reacted and tilted his head without a second thought to dodge it.


The wind whistled as Xu Xiaoshou punched the air, but he smoothly turned around and fiercely kicked Yuan Tou when Yuan Tou had no way to take advantage of his own strength.

“Foot of Little Fireball!”


Yuan Tou was kicked into the depths of the ground.

However, this blow didnt cause him much damage.

Based on the name of the attack…

As expected, he looked down and saw the compressed fire seed between the footprints on his chest.



A mushroom cloud rose up into the sky along with some fresh blood.

“Holy sh*it…”

Xu Xiaoshous shoulders shrank in shock.

He realized that the person in the ground had nowhere to retreat and would bear the blunt impact of the attack!

However, based on lessons learned, he didnt intend to give Yuan Tou a chance to survive.

“Five Fingerprint Seeds Technique!”

He erected all five of his fingers, and five fire seeds burned on their tips.

As a matter of fact, after achieving Innate Level, Xu Xiaoshou now had more proficient control over this self-created spiritual technique.

The number of fire seeds was no longer three and a half, but a full five!


With a snap of his fingers, the five compressed fire seeds shot out like falling shooting stars and cut a perfect parabola as they all fell straight down toward the ground.

“Xu… Xiao… Shou…”

There was a large hole in Yuan Tous chest, but he could still move.

Yet, he felt extremely frustrated, as hed been beaten back every step of the way so far during this fight.

He jumped from the deep pit.

Looking up, he happened to see the five compressed fire seeds falling from above.

Yuan Tou:

Cursed, Passive Points 1.

Boom, boom, boom, boom!

Mushroom clouds rose up one after another, shooting up into the sky.

The temperature rose to extremes in an area of several thousand square feet, and no spiritual fog could be seen between heaven and earth…

It was all dried up!

Looking down at the deep pit from a birds eye view, blood and flesh were spraying everywhere, and it was hard to watch.

“Poof, cough… poof!”

After a long while, a commotion could be detected below.

Yuan Tou was shattered from head to toe, but he was being healed by the power of the essence blood.

He was fully aware that it would be difficult for him to leave the Tianxuan Gate alive.

He hated himself!

Why did he have to wait another day

Why didnt he follow his hearts desire and blast him to death when hed seen him break through to the Tenth Level of Spiritual Cultivation!


With red eyes, he tilted his head back and roared, straining to stand up again with his disabled body.

“I dont think its fair… whoa!”

His eyes widened.

Yuan Tou paused and then quickly covered his neck.

As far as he could see, there was no Xu Xiaoshou in this world.

“I gave you a chance, but unfortunately, you didnt cherish it,” that abhorrent voice came from behind him.

Yuan Tou twisted his head around with difficulty.

He felt pain in various parts of his body, but he failed to notice that hed… turned his head one hundred and ten degrees around!


Xu Xiaoshou slowly sheathed Hiding Pain, the hilt of the sword gently resting on the mouth of the Black Fallen Scabbard.

“White clouds drifting, number five: the west wind amid fading snow!”

A snowflake falling from the sky paused briefly.

As if itd been cut in half by a sharp blade, the snowflake broke in half, but its spiritual energy didnt disperse.


Yuan Tous big head fell from his neck and rolled onto the ground.


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