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Chapter 154: The Six Dust-Sealed Gates

“Its a pity having to destroy such a pretty young lady.

Why did she have to attack me” Mu Zixi thought.

She lifted her head and proudly looked up at the sky, a trace of regret in her big eyes.

However, the expected violent booming sound didnt occur.

She looked down in confusion.


She clapped her small hands, but nothing happened below except for a few “pah” sounds.

What was going on


She clapped her hands so hard that her palms hurt, but, it was still deadly quite below.

“Awkward, awkward…”

A few birds flew by overhead, and their chirping sounds were rather loud given how quiet the environment was.

There was a gloomy look on Mu Zixis face, and she was so angry that she almost knocked the two birds down.

“Why didnt they explode” She asked herself, suspicious.

She could detonate the entire Moro Secret Forest, not to mention the “wooden monument” built by hundreds of ancient trees below.


It might be difficult to detonate the whole forest, but it would be easy for her to blow a patch of it up.

So why didnt anything happen

As she pondered this, a slight noise occurred at the “wooden monument” below, and she strained her ears to listen.



Clang, clang, clang…

The peculiar noise grew louder and louder.

Mu Zixis pupils shrank.

She could tell that the “wooden monument” was rapidly being destroyed from the inside out, as if a trapped beast were trying to claw its way out of its cage.


The next moment, wood splinters sprayed in all directions, and a figure in a green dress calmly walked out.

The small copper furnace was still in Mo Mos hand, and sandalwood incense was rising from it.

She seemed quite composed, her face showing neither joy nor astonishment.

Mu Zixi was dazed.

“Completely unharmed”

Even though there hadnt been an explosion, shouldnt she have at least been injured a little from being blasted by hundreds of ancient tree branches

Why did she still look strong

Moreover, besides a few crinkles in her dress, it looked like nothing at all had happened to her.

“Is the power of dust-sealed gates really so formidable” Mu Zixis heart sank, and the happiness shed felt before disappeared in a flash.

Mo Mo tilted her head up, saying nothing.

The seal in her hand flew up.

Mu Zixi felt a cold chill prickle her scalp.

Shed witnessed the battle between Xu Xiaoshou and this woman and knew that the battle would overwhelmingly side in the womans favor if she set up the seal.

“Since I dont have the Innate sword will, especially the one that can control an opponent, itll be hard for me to turn the tide of the battle,” she thought to herself.

“OMG, why are you looking to fight me I dont want to fight anymore…”

Mu Zixi wanted to flee.

This fight wasnt worth her while.

She would gain nothing if she won, but she might lose the “Life Spiritual Seal” if she lost.

“I dont like making losing trades!” After making this excuse, she grabbed a large number of seeds with both of her hands and leapt backward to leave.

Mo Mo stayed calm.

The seal stopped, hanging in the air.

“The great wind speaks!”

No sooner had she spoken these words than the heavens and earth changed colors, and a very eerie, gloomy wind seemed to sweep across the entire “Moro Secret Forest.”

Woosh, woosh…

Mu Zixi looked up and was horrified to see black clouds bearing down on her.

“Is it true that a swordsman at Master Level can use their own cultivation to affect the environment on earth and in the heavens” she thought.

Mu Zixi fixed her eyes on Mo Mo and found that the woman in front of her was only at the beginning of the Innate cultivation level…

“Master Spiritual Skill!”

This was the only explanation, as what shed demonstrated wasnt an ordinary master spiritual technique but a super high-level one.

Yet, a high-level master spiritual skill was rare, even in the Tiansang Spirit Palace!

“Senior Sister Mo has an illustrious background…”

Her premonition from a long time ago had now been confirmed, but Mu Zixi didnt feel at all happy.

Before she could go far, the gloomy wind sealed a large portion of the forest.

It was at this moment that Mu Zixi felt herself lose all connection with “Moro Secret Forest.” Itd been severed… Well, to be more precise, sealed.

She couldnt receive any useful information, nor judge the situation by means of her grass and wood heavenly eyes.

But this wasnt the worst of it…

Soon, Mu Zixi could only see a few steps in front of her.

The rest was a complete blur!


Mu Zixi, who was leaping through the air, suddenly forcibly stopped, not daring to set down her foot, which hung suspended in midair.

As the wind swept by, a gray gate was intermittently visible.


She threw the seeds in her hand over the gray gate.

However, the seeds turned into fossils and sand and then broke into pieces before they could finish the process of growing into ancient wood.

Mu Zixi:

She could smell the faint whiff of death in the air, and stumbled.

“Sister Mo! Stop, Im not worth it!”

But her voice was scattered by the wind before it could go far.

Mu Zixi knew that everything around her was sealed by this gloomy wind and that the words shed said from her heart probably wouldnt reach Mo Mo.

“Mo Mo… is really this strong” The little girls eyelids fluttered.

She was somewhat baffled.

She was confident that Mo Mo wasnt this powerful that day shed fought against Xu Xiaoshou…

She turned around and changed directions.

However, before she could take another step, she stopped again.

To her left was a gray gate…

As she turned around, she found there was another one to her right!

Mu Zixi circled back and forth and finally found that all sides were blocked by this gray gate.

She was surrounded


But her desperate shout was only audible inside her lonely soul.

Beyond the gloomy wind…

Mo Mos fingers were interlaced, her hands hanging in the air.

“Six Dusty-Sealed Gates!” her emotionless voice rang out.


As the dust settled, six gray gates closed in and turned into a six-sided grey mist crystal, trapping Mu Zixi within.


The gloomy wind scattered, and the world saw light again.

Mo Mos delicate body swayed slightly.

It mustve taken a lot out of her to employ this type of sealing technique.

But this was the only style of sealing technique that could trap the enemy without hurting them.

“This is…” Inside the grey mist crystal, Mu Zixi looked at the four walls with shock, feeling an inexplicable sense of deja vu.

Obviously, shed never seen this style before, but why could she all of a sudden understand everything about it

And an unheard name even popped into her head…

At this time, she could already see Mo Mo and thought her voice might reach her.

“Seal of Holy Emperor…”

Mo Mo swayed again.

It seemed that employing such a spiritual technique was incredibly taxing, as she was hardly able to remain standing.

“Whom” Mu Zixi asked curiously.


“The Six Dust-Sealed Technique” Seeing Mo Mos reaction, Mu Zixi believed that the terms that had suddenly appeared in her mind were most likely real.

It might have something to do with her lost memories…

“Senior Sister Mo, who the h*ll are you Sealing attributes themselves are rare, let alone the one you used.

Whom did you learn this sealing technique… from”

Mu Zixi held her two ponytails, feeling a little relaxed now that she knew Mo Mo had no intention of killing her.

As long as she didnt jump over the “Dust-Sealed Gates,” she should be safe.

Of course, if she couldnt find a way to break out, then she would be trapped in here forever.

Mo Mo swallowed a pill.

“You cant beat me, and I dont want to hurt you,” she said, not answering Mu Zixis question.

“Still, I could give you a treasure in exchange for yourLife Spiritual Seal.”

Mu Zixi was silent.

She tried to communicate with the outside world beyond the grey mist crystal, but her efforts were in vain.

“The seal must be a kind of energy…” she thought.

She took out the “Life Spiritual Seal” and added spiritual thought.

Life force surged into her body.

She reached out her hands and touched the gates.

Click, click…

Her palms fossilized, but the fossilized area instantly shrank as it was attacked by the life force.

There was a pained expression on Mu Zixis face, but her expression turned joyful soon after.

“Senior Sister Mo, this seal cant trap me!”

Mo Mo was a little surprised.

She didnt expect the little girl to use the “Life Spiritual Seal” to turn the tables.

This little smart girl…

“Dont try it!”

Seeing that the little girl was ready to jump out, Mo Mo pinched her fingers, and gray fog poured out from the crystal.

Mu Zixi immediately felt her whole body grow weak, and her spiritual source was even sealed.

D*mn it…

The little girl tried her hardest not to fall into the grey foggy gate below, but she had no way to fight back since her spiritual source was sealed!

“Should I meekly hand over theLife Spiritual Seal” she thought.

Mu Zixi was very upset.

Doing so would mean shed been choked for nothing.

Mo Mo took out a ring and said quietly: “Give me the seal, and this ring is yours.”


Ths sealing power was simply too terrifying.

Struggling, no matter how hard, would only delay the inevitable outcome.

Mu Zixi was just about to give up her struggle and say something when a cheerful laughter was heard in the distance.

“Whoa, youre having so much fun over here.

Let me, Xu Xiaoshou, join you!”


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