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Chapter 159: The System Putting on a Show

Xu Xiaoshou used to be very envious of Zhao Qingtengs “Formless Great Cold” technique, dreaming that one day he too could control his surroundings and make everything around him into swords and reign supreme.

He knew that if he were to focus on picking up spiritual techniques, he wouldnt be able to get anywhere, even after a dozen years at it.

As such, hed focused on deepening his understanding of sword will instead.

He then developed “All Things are Swords” and had even tried to make use of that awesome spiritual technique of his one night.

However, it was unfortunate for him that not only was he unable to make practical use of the skill, but hed even somehow made Hiding Pain develop the tendency to hurt its owner instead.

But then again, that had been the case with the acquired sword will back then.

Lacking what it took to become a full-fledged spiritual technique was understandable.

However, hed now broken through to Innate Level and had even put two more points into “Sword Technique Expertise.” The surge of additional knowledge had made him come to an epiphany in the Senluo Woods, and hed stripped all the trees around of their leaves.

Wherever his will treaded, his sword will withered all.

Wherever his thoughts were, everything bowed to his will.

If there were birds up above, they wouldve seen Xu Xiaoshou lift a finger and point into the air.

The leaves moved without any wind blowing, and all the foliage about shrouded the grey mist figure.

“Fleeting White Clouds Six: Ten Thousand Swords Style.”

Under his command, tens of thousands of leaves in all the other leaves no longer hid and glowed with sharpness.

Furthermore, theyd already managed to cut down the snowflakes falling down from the sky into shreds without doing much.

The grey mist figure was shocked to its core.

Before, itd been confident that it could take thousands of white sword aura blasts from Xu Xiaoshou with its Barrier of Three Heavens because most of those auras came from Xu Xiaoshou drawing the sword from the scabbard.

However, the leaves all around them were all personally controlled by Xu Xiaoshou.

Furthermore, with the psychokinetic power of the sword imbued in every single one of the leaves, every leaf seemed to be more powerful than the sword auras from before.

“How should I block this” he thought.

Despite being at Master Level, there was simply no telling that it could successfully block such an attack.

Xu Xiaoshou performed the seal and shouted, “Strike!”

Tens of thousands of leaves around rumbled and charged at the grey mist figure like they were out to eat it.

Waves of leaves washed all over the place.

The grey mist figures pupils contracted and it shouted, “Barrier of Three Heavens!”

Three layers of grey mist barriers appeared around it, which was two more layers than thered been before, and did their best to shield him.

The grey mist figure thought of making use of defensive spiritual techniques of greater power, but his spiritual source reserve was running out.

Having made so many moves before, the grey mist figures spiritual source reserve was already dwindling, even with the spiritual source hed acquired from making further breakthroughs in secret taken into account, which meant he had little to spare.

His spiritual source had almost completely run out after pulling that move.

“D*mn it,” it thought.

“If only I were in my prime…”


The grey mist figure wasnt even able to form a complete sentence before it saw to its despair the outermost layer of the barriers shredded like cardboard and torn open by the leaf swords.

Clang, clang, clang!

It finally heard that familiar sound from the second layer, which meant it was holding, bringing the grey mist figure some relief, but then shortly afterward the barrier was instantly filled with cracks before shattering.


Cursed, Passive Points 1.

That grey mist figure was completely baffled.

Its “Shrouding Heavens” was right inside the third layer of the barrier.

If that layer wasnt able to hold, then it wouldnt even need to wait for the leaf swords to tear it to pieces, as the power of the laws of the Tianxuan Gate world would completely snuff it out.

Clangs rumbled in its ear, and the sound that usually brought it so much pleasure was making him incredibly restless instead at the moment.

The grey mist figure steeled itself determinedly.

It couldnt wait any longer.

The third layer of the barrier was already caving in.

“Youve forced my hand, Xu Xiaoshou!”

The grey mist figure crossed its arms across its chest, and mirages instantly formed.

The subsequent seals were so complex that Xu Xiaoshou was completely baffled by them.

He could very clearly remember that before that thing had overtaken Mo Mo and come into being, it didnt need to perform any seals, no matter how powerful the move was.

“Okay, this one sure is gonna be a big one, then,” he thought.

Xu Xiaoshou recalled that “World Sealing Chains” move that had hoisted him in midair back in the competitions.

If it hadnt been for Mo Mo swallowing his sword aura, that wouldve been the end of him.

However, the move that was about to come seemed to be more terrifying than even the “World Sealing Chains.”


The grey mist figure immediately spitted blood.

It managed to finish the seals just as the last layer of barrier containing the “Barriers of Three Heavens” shattered.

Their surroundings rumbled in that very instant, and it was obvious that the “Shrouding Heavens” was no longer able to contain such powerful pressure.

The world itself knew what was happening.

Yet, the grey mist figure pushed on and finished its next move, taking the risk of being pulverized by the laws of the world.

It pressed its hands together and huffed, “Six Paths, Celestial Dragon Seal!”

The “Barrier of Three Heavens” was shattered, yet everything in the world, all the leaves included, seemed to stop moving that very moment.

The very next second, the grey mist figure let out a shrill dragon howl.


Even though he had Master Physique, that screeching howl was so intense that Xu Xiaoshous eardrums werent able to take it, and he immediately lost his hearing.

His clothes were torn, and gashes even appeared behind his ears.

He felt like his soul were being howled out of his body.

He then shockingly discovered that he had lost control of his body.

The very next second, after the grey mist figures howl, he saw that a specter of a dragon was hovering in the air, continually shooting for higher heights.

All the leaf swords in their surroundings were all washed up into the clouds.

“It broke” His eyelids twitched with fury.

He felt as if hed been cast into an icy cave.

He couldnt believe itd actually taken his godlike sword move of his apart.

That was the most invincible move he could come up with, and given that the grey mist figure definitely didnt have something like Eternal Vitality, it definitely wouldve died if the sword leaves had been allowed to hit it.

But, what the…

“Just what kind of level is thisCelestial Dragon Seal attack at How was it able to break my move just like that” he thought.

“Just what the h*ll is that damned mist anyway Should that even be found in the Tianxuan Gates Who the h*ll could withstand that”

A sinister grin appeared on the grey mist figures face.

Seeing that Xu Xiaoshou was completely immobilized, its hands shot down.

“That thing isnt done yet” Xu Xiaoshou thought.

Xu Xiaoshou was completely shaken.

When he finally managed to wrestle some control over his body, he saw the Celestial Dragon Seal specter appear above him with his Sense.

That thing was coming down at him right away.


He mustered all of his strength and finally managed to move his finger, which he then flicked Mu Zixi, who was still on his shoulder, away with.

He had no intentions of making the girl a meat shield, as such a flimsy body like hers wouldnt be able to take the hit anyway.


The dragon howled, and the thing surged into his body as the world around him rumbled away.

Everything was silent, and night came.

His senses were all sealed.

His body dimmed, rendered completely unmovable, and his spiritual techniques were all sealed.

His will was snuffed out, and his heartbeat stopped.

His body and mind were all sealed.

After the dragon surged into his body, everything inside Xu Xiaoshou was sealed in less than a second.

That wasnt all.

The dragon thing then surged right into his Origin Court, making its way to that trembling soul of his.

He was no longer able to do anything to stop it.

Hed never thought that the sealing power could be so unnervingly powerful.

All he felt at the moment was regret.

He shouldnt have taken that grey mist figure on in the first place, for hed long speculated that the thing sealed within Mo Mos right arm was anything but simple.

He wondered why hed done all of that in the first place.

That thing was just as dangerous as that masked man from the so-called “Holy Vassal.” He was far from able to stand against people of such levels to begin with.

Xu Xiaoshou was feeling bitter.

“Am I gonna die now”

That dragon opened its mouth and bared its fangs in his Origin Court, preparing to chomp down on his soul.


Still trembling, he was able to see a red beam blast the dragon before it was able to chomp down on his soul, immediately blasting it to shreds.

He slowly looked up and saw that the red interface, which had always hid itself, had somehow appeared.

It seemed incredibly furious and offended over how the dragon had actually invaded its territory.

The blast of red beams had yet to disappear.

Over 100 red beams came down and tore the dragon completely apart.

“Oh my gosh.” Xu Xiaoshou was completely baffled.

That wasnt all.

The red beams then crisscrossed and tore at the dragon, reducing it to specks of light.

From the looks of it…

Whipping the dead, huh


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