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Chapter 172: Moxi Moxi

Luo Leilei had almost struck him with thunder.

This guy must be evil.

How could he ask such a question at such a time

“Xu Xiaoshou,” she seethed, suppressing her emotion, then approached him holding the jade scroll, and whispered, “After we get out, you come with me!”

Even if the lad was rather mischievous, his overall strength was undoubtedly outstanding, even outside of the Spirit Palace!

This sort of man was worthy of a second chance.

Xu Xiaoshou was initially tempted by the solicitation, before he deliberately took a step back and said, “I wont go with you!”


The people around became confused for a moment, and their eyes glowered green with envy.

Though they couldnt hear what Luo Leilei had said, they could hear Xu Xiaoshou clearly!

What is this situation here

Is he confessing his part in causing the ending of the world

Is she being cruelly rejected

Mu Zixi looked at the two of them with suspicion, casting her eyes from one to the other, wondering if Xu Xiaoshou had ended his other love affairs since there was now another woman involved!

“Suspected, passive points, 7.”

“Cursed, passive point, 1.”

“Resented, passive point, 1.”


Xu Xiaoshou instantly stared at Mu Zixi to find out if something was wrong with her!

She had only been dishing out curses so far.

Where did this “resentment” come from

Luo Leileis pretty face turned red immediately.

She knew clearly that everyone misunderstood their relationship.

Yet, she didnt bother to explain but simply ignored the group and asked, “Why dont you come with me”

Hearing this, the crowd became excited.

Had it not been because the end of the world was nigh, and given their nature, the group would have pulled out small benches from their rings and sat down to watch.

“I have already told you.

What is the point of asking again” Xu Xiaoshou said, and added, “Lets not delay any further.

We have to contact the dean quickly.”

Mu Zixi opened her eyes wide.

She couldnt believe that her senior brother could be so cruel in his rejection of anyone.

She touched the ring on her index finger, believing that she could get this item was a good outcome.


Pink Pigeon.

“Cursed, passive point, 1.”

Luo Leilei was so angry that she seethed through clenched teeth.

“You dont want to give it a second thought”

“I refuse!”

Xu Xiaoshou was quite decisive.

Everyone looked sympathetically at the woman in front of them, thinking well of her as a person, and wondering how anyone could fail to cherish her.

This is the end of the world.

Well, not quite!

Someone looked behind and saw that the collapse of the world had already expanded, coming ever closer to them, and said, “Senior sister Leilei, this is not the time to get sentimental.

Hurry, we need to contact the dean.

You cant…”

He was really afraid that the woman might sacrifice everybody for love because she was so angry!

Luo Leilei glared at him and then posted the jade scroll on her forehead.

Xu Xiaoshou pondered as he watched her.

Why have the elders not detected the identity of this girl Does it mean that the masked man will come again after the opening of the Tianxuan Gate since she is so sure that she would be able to leave

As he was pondering this, he was drawn to the “resentment” that kept appearing on the information bar.

Whats going on

Who is the good guy who doesnt pray for something when hes dying and keeps contributing passive points to me

His eyes searched around and finally settled on Chao Qingteng.

“What are you looking at me for”

Chao Qingtengs body suddenly tensed up, and he wondered if he was a match for Xu Xiaoshou in his current condition.

Though he had a breakthrough, Xu Xiaoshou…

How come he is an Innate

Isnt he only at the 9th level

Is this guy a Fiend

As Xu Xiaoshou saw the “resentment” changed to “suspicion” on the information bar, his eyes glinted with a playful expression.

The “resentment” seemed to have appeared after Luo Leilei had spoken to him.

It cant be

It seemed impossible that the trip into the Tianxuan Gate had bound their two hearts!

He went forward and slapped his right hand on the young mans shoulder, and said, “Age is not a problem.

You just need to be brave enough to tell the other party you love her.”

“Secret love is not desirable!”

The group had already calmed down from the earlier episode, but his remark almost made them think of pulling out their small benches again.

Whats the situation

Is Junior Brother Chao in love as well

People are indeed prone to fall in love in their last days!

Chao Qingtengs handsome face instantly turned red.

He pushed Xu Xiaoshous hand away.

“What are you babbling about I dont have a crush on Senior Sister Leilei!”


Several people were so stunned, they fell to the ground.

Mu Zixi picked herself up with great effort and looked at her peers incredulously.

To think that they had only just returned to the Inner Yard for a short time!

It would probably be the first time Luo Leilei witnessed a scene like this.


Xu Xiaoshou nodded stiffly and said, “This is what a man should be like.”


Chao Qingteng suddenly realized what was going on and collapsed to the ground in a daze.

Luo Leilei was astounded.

She took the jade scroll off her forehead and walked over to him.

“No, Senior Sister Leilei, listen to me,” Chao Qingteng said, fumbling with his explanation.

The woman ignored him and walked on toward Xu Xiaoshou, handing over the communication jade scroll.

“Asking for you.”

“Huh” Xu Xiaoshou responded, a little shocked.

“Asking for me”

He took the jade scroll, and a long-lost familiarity re-emerged in his heart.

He put one hand into his trouser pocket and turned around unconsciously.

After taking a few steps away from the crowd, Xu Xiaoshou brought the scroll to his ear.

“Hello, who is it”

The crowd almost fainted, observing how he was speaking to the Master Dean and in such a casual tone.

Xu Xiaoshou frowned when he could hear anyone on the other end of the line.

He moved to the spot where Luo Leilei had made the call earlier and spoke again.

“Moxi Moxi”

Still nothing.

Xu Xiaoshous heart sank.

No way!

He looked at Luo Leilei and asked, “No signal”

Luo Leilei gave him an incredulous look.

What signal

She looked at Xu Xiaoshou and immediately saw the way he was holding the jade scroll.

“Put it on your forehead! Sweep with spiritual thoughts!”

She felt the urge to jump up and punch the lad in his face.

Xu Xiaoshou immediately realized his error.

He shrugged and put it on his forehead.

“Xu Xiaoshou” It was the voice of the dean—a very solemn one.

“I am.”

“Do you know the locations of all twelve treasures of suppressing barrier”

Xu Xiaoshou thought of the map, but he wondered if he could tell the dean about it.

In case it was the information that Elder Sang had risked his life for…

“I dont know.”

“Very well, go find a site of Suppressing Barrier nearby and put the jade scroll into the seal.

Remember, you have little time.”

Xu Xiaoshou, “Huh”

Is he trying to test me

“I really dont know!”

“No more nonsense.

If you keep dawdling, the Tianxuan Gate will blow up.

The Black Fallen Scabbard is in your hands, right After you complete this task, I wont charge you when you get out.”

Xu Xiaoshou felt his feet go weak instantly, wondering how the Master Dean knew.

He forced himself to calm down and replied, “Not in my hands.

Luo Leilei snatched it from me.

She seems a little odd to me.”

Some things shouldnt be declared explicitly, for a combination of false and true information could have an unexpected effect.

After a few seconds of silence, the dean said, “We do not need to dwell on this matter for now.

You go complete the task Ive given you first.”

Did I fool him

Xu Xiaoshou felt pleased, but he soon realized something—Master Dean seemed to know the identity of Luo Leilei.

I need to confirm it!

“My speed is not the fastest.”

He was vague again.

As far as the speed was concerned, Luo Leilei was unquestionably the fastest among the group.

She was a woman who could manipulate lightning.

He was certain that the dean must have known this.

“But you are the most trustworthy!”

As he expected.

Xu Xiaoshou looked at Luo Leilei, standing next to Qingteng, talking about something in a low voice.

It seemed like she had just finished speaking.

Since the dean only trusted him…

He thought of the “Life Spiritual Seal” and “Sealing Ring” he had on him, and wondered if he could put the blame on Luo Leilei for everything that had happened here.

One blame is the same as many.

Since he was not a friend or relative of this woman, he figured he had nothing to worry about.

However, its such a pity.

Chao Qingteng was a good guy, but unfortunately, the relationship would be ended even before the romance even began.

“Is there any reward”

Xu Xiaoshou asked again.

The purpose of asking for a reward was so that the others wouldnt mind about the treasures he got in the Tianxuan Gate, even if he didnt get the reward after getting out.

Instead, he heard a suppressed growl from Master Dean.

“Do it quickly!”

Xu Xiaoshou was lost for words.

Before he could say anything else, the communication ended with a “beep”.


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