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Chapter 191: What a Ruthless Calculation!

The sudden commotion caused everyone present to freeze!

Everyone watched Xu Xiaoshou run away with Mu Zixi in his arms.

They were all dumbfounded, seemingly unable to recover from this unexpected commotion.

The confrontation between the dean and the “Saint Servant,” two powerful swordsmen, shouldnt be interfered with by a disciple of the Outer Yard.

How could he dare to get involved

Suspected, Passive Points 465.

Admired, Passive Points 166.

Worried, Passive Points 2.


In the blink of an eye, several mental activities and emotions gave thousands of Passive Points to Xu Xiaoshou.

Lei Shuangxing felt the wind brush past his shoulders and seemed to see Xu Xiaoshous receding back as he left.

He was shocked.

He held two major jade stones in his hands, wondering how anyone could dare to act like this.

His idea of ruling the whole place seemed to fizzle out all of a sudden, and he felt an inexplicable emotion growing in his heart that hadnt appeared there for many years.



Or was it the pain of being ignored

Xu Xiaoshou sure had a way of drawing hatred.

Lei Shuangxing subconsciously aimed the jade stone at his back, but just as he was about to crush the jade stone, he was suddenly taken aback.

“No! He did this on purpose!”

He realized that everyone had overlooked the Sword Sand Gravel because of Xu Xiaoshou drawing everyones hatred to himself.

The Ancient Sword Technique hed cultivated had already reached Master Level.

If this guy wasnt a sword master, then how else could he have temporarily suppressed his sword will

He was trying to provoke him into striking!

Realizing this, Lei Shuangxing broke out in a cold sweat.

He only had two jade stones left.

If he shot one of them at the youth, Ye Xiaotian would definitely take advantage of the opportunity to strike.

Yet if the last Sword Energy Jade Stone couldnt cause damage to Ye Xiaotian, or the damage wasnt enough to kill him, the result…

He would definitely be killed!

“This lad, what a ruthless calculation!”

Finding that his only weakness seemed to have been unearthed by this unknown lad, Lei Shuangxing was filled with shock as he tightly squeezed the purple cane.

Although he held the killing power of the throne, this power was most threatening when it wasnt unleashed.

Once employed, he would be like a lamb that had lost its divine power and would be completely at the mercy of others.

“Who is he”

Lei Shuangxing didnt turn his head around.

He didnt have any spiritual cultivation, and he couldnt even see clearly, but that voice was definitely to be remembered forever.

The person who could make such a judgment and take action in such a situation wasnt an ordinary one!

Luo Leilei, imprisoned in the empty space, had also witnessed the figure of Xu Xiaoshou leaving with someone in his arms, a complicated expression on her pretty face.

Shed also figured out Xu Xiaoshous intention and knew the stalemate would soon be broken.

“Its really you, as expected.”

This was the very reason why Luo Leilei had tried persuading Xu Xiaoshou to join the Holy Vassal.

The guy could always do something ridiculous at the critical moment and make a perfect breakthrough.

Ye Xiaotian, after a moment of confusion, understood Xu Xiaoshous intentions.

He was indeed worthy of being chosen by Elder Sang.

That move was an excellent way to solve the situation!

“Everyone, retreat!”

Not wanting to wait any longer, he ordered all the law enforcers to leave.

Lei Shuangxings Sword Sand Gravel was temporarily suppressed, and just as he was about to rise up again, the crowd scattered like fleeing birds and beasts.

He suddenly felt a little powerless.

The situation had obviously been under his control, but hed lost all his hostages and now feared it would be difficult to save Luo Leilei.

“D*mn it.”


As expected, those guys didnt figure it out!”

Xu Xiaoshou, who had started it all, was dashing through the woods, his heart full of happiness.

Hed thought that when the blind man attacked him, he could return his attack with Everything as a Sword and employ his Master Level body to at least resist the strike.

As long as he could avoid fatal injuries, he would be able to survive.

He didnt expect the guy to be slow to react and not strike.

“Its like God is helping me!”

Master Level Agility was really excellent.

As soon as Xu Xiaoshou started to fly, he escaped in the blink of an eye.

It was at that moment that notifications flooded the information bar.

Admired, Passive Points 56.

Thanked, Passive Points 77.


Xu Xiaoshou was startled when he saw a large group of black-clad people following behind him and couldnt help but shrink back with fear.

How had these guys come out of thin air like ghosts How could the Spirit Palace still pursue the spies when it was in such a dire situation

Unexpectedly, when they approached him, they patted his shoulder like they were old friends, not people out to arrest him.

“Xu Xiaoshou, good job!”

“Hey, man, that was a great move.

If Id known, I would have rushed to the outside!”

“Come on, could youve broken through the Sword Sand Gravel You wouldve rushed out for nothing.”

“Who would have thought the guy was merely a paper tiger But Im curious.

How did you dare to do it What if hed had more than two jade stones What would you have done then”


Praised, Passive Points 44.

Xu Xiaoshou was confused, but before he could ask any questions, he understood what was going on from the groups words.

He didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

“I didnt think too much about it.

I just wanted to take a leak at the time.”

Mu Zixi, who was in Xu Xiaoshous arms, had grown more feverish.

He had no idea what kind of wrong medicine shed taken, but things would become much worse if the fever damaged her already muddled brain.

He had to hurry to find Elder Sang!

“Man, stop being modest.

I knew you werent simple when I saw you employ the Striking Feng Kong the other night.

The others didnt believe me when I told them.”

“Yeah, I knew you werent an ordinary person after you escaped from the masked man.

Today, youve proved that youre really extraordinary, like youve turned into a dragon.”


Suspected, Passive Points 32.

Praised, Passive Points 21.

Xu Xiaoshou was almost carried away by all these praises and compliments, and he nearly wanted to turn around and fight the enemies.

Yet he was still sensible enough to know that these guys were obviously very grateful to him for saving their lives, and that they were acting this way to show their gratitude, nothing more.

He shouldnt be too conceited!

Xu Xiaoshou held back for a while.

When he saw the Passive Points stop appearing, he couldnt help but giggle.

“If you know how to talk, keep going.

Dont stop!”

The crowd was startled, but they soon started talking again.

Soon after, the Passive Points piled up like the rainbow hung in the sky.

Praised, Passive Points 46.


Complimented, Passive Points 21.

Xu Xiaoshou: “…”

Finding that the praises had gradually become tasteless and increasingly unpleasant, he finally became clear-headed.

After his sanity returned, he paused and looked at the crowd, finding that something was missing.

“Wheres Zhou Tiansen”

“Huh” All were dumbfounded.

Yeah, where was Zhou Tiansen

Well, Zhou Tiansen wasnt the only one missing.

Zhao Xidong and four Masters, and those whod lost their ability to move, still seemed to be in the gazebo!

“I…” Xu Xiaoshous heart wrenched.

Judging by the expressions on all their faces, he realized that theyd just focused on their own escape and forgotten about those people!

Someone in black had also regained his senses and said solemnly, “Its too dangerous for them there.

Somebody must go back to save them.”

Everyone stopped in their tracks, and their gazes unanimously converged onto Xu Xiaoshou.

Xu Xiaoshous face turned green from resentment.

“What the h*ll does this mean” he thought.

“They want me to go back again What a joke! Thats a job for you guys, the law enforcers!”

He tightened his arms around the girl pressed against his bosom, his voice full of urgency as he said, “Sorry.

I have an urgent matter to take care of.”

“Xu Xiaoshou!” A man in black stepped forward.

“As much as I hate to admit it, at the moment, apart from the five people lying there, it seems that you are the only one among us who can fight against that blind mans sword will.”

“I cant!”

Suspected, Passive Points 46.

Xu Xiaoshou: “…”

“As a law enforcer of the Spiritual Law Division, I order you to perform your task immediately,” the black-clad man bellowed.

Then, he lowered his voice and advised:

“Xu Xiaoshou, make up for your mistakes.

If you save them, youll be able to prove that you arent a spy!

“Dozens of people present could testify for you.”

“I…” Xu Xiaoshou looked at the crowd surrounding him, his eyesight growing blurry.

“Youre a group of white-eyed wolves,” he thought.



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