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Chapter 192: The Choice of Tao

Xu Xiaoshou didnt put up that much of a struggle.

Obviously, he couldnt anyway.

It was rather unpleasant being watched by dozens of law enforcers!

He didnt care much about the injuries of those in the gazebo, but if Zhou Tiansen was targeted by the blind man, he would be finished.

After all, it was Aje whod injured him.

Back then, it was just a saviors joke to begin with.

“D*mn, if Id known it would turn out like this, I wouldnt have cheated that big dumb guy!” Xu Xiaoshou had finally tasted the evil consequences of lying.

This was a fable, and such an ending was very profound!

He handed the girl in his arms to the man in black and said, “You should know where the Spiritual Library Division is.

Give her to Elder Sang.

She should be treated as soon as possible.

Otherwise, I dont know what will happen to her.”

“This is…”

“Dont ask me more questions.

I dont know either!”

Xu Xiaoshou vaguely felt that something was wrong.

Though Mu Zixi was usually a devilish girl, her life force was always in the overflow state, so she couldnt have such an incident all of a sudden.

Yet, everyone had their secrets.

He didnt intend to dig deeper.

Well, after all, she was currently unconscious, so even if hed wanted to dig deeper, he couldnt have.

The man in black moved to pick up Mu Zixi, but the girl bit Xu Xiaoshous clothes and gripped him tightly with her small hands without any sign of letting go.

Xu Xiaoshou: “…”

He plucked at her hands a little, finding that he had no way of removing her.

Well, he could yank her away if he tried a little harder, but his clothes would be ruined, which wasnt worth it.

“Xu Xiaoshou, help me,” Mu Zixi seemed to be murmuring unconsciously.

Hearing this, Xu Xiaoshou felt his headache grow worse.

Why did everyone seem to suffer when the Spirit Palace had an accident

Were there more disasters to follow

He gently patted the little girls head and found that the back of her head was burning hot as if it were filled with boiling water.

A mishap would occur if the fever continued!

“Sweetheart, go get treatment!”

After coaxing her in a comforting tone like he would have a child, he found that Mu Zixi seemed to have loosened her grip a little, and he immediately plucked her hands off of him and said to the man in black:

“Quickly, the Spiritual Library Division! If theres no one there, take her to the Spiritual Medicine Division for treatment right away!”

Everyone was stunned.

His plucking technique was unexpectedly crude.

Before the man in black could reach out his hands, Mu Zixi took this opportunity to wrap her vine-like hands around Xu Xiaoshous wrists, and she moved to his back like a wooden snake.

“Dont leave me.”

With a gurgling noise, Mu Zixi opened her small mouth, revealing an amiable pair of glistering tiger teeth.

Feeling a chill on his neck, Xu Xiaoshou suddenly recalled an incident at the “Windcloud Competition.”

As expected, the next second the little girl bit him, chewing a large mouthful of vitality.

“What level of teeth are these”

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

He didnt expect that the small girl could penetrate his master Level body.

It was so painful that he pushed her chin away, but the little girl instantly became displeased and started punching and kicking.

“You want to eat me!”

“You must have wanted to for quite a long time!” Xu Xiaoshou thought, feeling rather uncomfortable when he realized that he had a junior sister who wanted to eat him.

It was quite creepy no matter how one looked at it!

“Forget it.

Shell stay with me.

You guys go ahead!”

Looking at the law enforcers, who were somewhat at a loss, Xu Xiaoshou couldnt help but sigh.

It looked like Mu Zixi couldnt leave him in such a state.

He was her senior brother of the same master, after all, and decided that he couldnt abandon her.

He said goodbye to the law enforcers and flew up with the girl on his back in the direction of the gazebo.

Seeing that no one was around, Xu Xiaoshou used the hand holding her chin to pull out the “Life Spiritual Seal” and stuffed it into the girls mouth.

“Eat, and hurry up!”

Xu Xiaoshou regained his status as a sinister senior brother.

“For biting me!”


It was impossible to break the item.

Choked, Mu Zixi started drooling uncontrollably.

She struggled a little.

After sucking once, she found that it had more life force than Xu Xiaoshou, and immediately settled down.

“Whoa, whoa!” The sound of heart-felt happiness rang out.

Xu Xiaoshou: “…”

There was something wrong with this girl.

Why did Elder Sang take such a disciple Was his brain damaged!


Assisted by the sword energy, the five corpse-like men were floating in the empty space.

These five men couldnt die.

If they did, Ye Xiaotian might not be able to resist.

Lei Shuangxing had control of the five master law enforcers, and Ye Xiaotian had imprisoned Luo Leilei.

It was a stalemate.

This blind young mans intentions were self-evident.

His real goal was to stall Ye Xiaotian rather than save Luo Leilei.

As the dean of the Inner Yard, Ye Xiaotians combat power was undoubtedly extremely strong and more terrifying than that of other elders.

The price the “Saint Servant” had paid was a swordsman with no cultivation plus three jade stones.

Lei Shuangxing had achieved the stalemate, even though their strengths were unequal.

Hed achieved this because of his extraordinary reaction, which was as strong as someone at Throne Level, and because Ye Xiaotian didnt want to lose the hostages.

After all, five hostages were truly quite many.

He could lose one at any minute.

When Xu Xiaoshou arrived at the Assembly Hall again, he was stunned by the harmonious scene in front of him.

The affectionate glance at each other, and the silent stubbornness.

Were all fights so polite now

“Xu Xiaoshou” Luo Leilei, high above the ground, saw the back figure of the youth, feeling uneasy vaguely.

What was he doing here

It was a hard-earned stalemate.

“Xu Xiaoshou” Ye Xiaotian was also a little surprised.

What was this lad trying to do by returning But the lad always had clever ideas up his sleeve.

Maybe he could help break the stalemate.

“What do you want to do Go ahead, then.

Ill protect those five people,” Ye Xiaotian said through the voice transmission.

He was short of a fighter right now, and the incoming lad was just what he needed.

Xu Xiaoshou felt a little amused at the thought of someone at Throne Level being stopped by a swordsman, and he couldnt help but recall how Elder Sang had advised Ye Xiaotian to quickly make up his mind the other night after the battle with the masked man.

He didnt know so much about the indecisiveness of the Master Dean.

Judging by the situation, what that ruthless old man with a conical hat had said was true.

Perhaps what Ye Xiaotian was doing was right.

Deep down, Xu Xiaoshou approved of his approach and thought he was much more humane.

If it were Elder Sang in this situation, even if it was a weakened version of him, one blind man wouldnt be enough for him to kill.

“Is this the choice of Tao”

Seeing the somewhat absurd scene before him, and thinking of Elder Sangs brainwashing lessons, Xu Xiaoshou seemed to understand something.

The pyramid of cultivation was climbed by each person through the path theyd created.

At the bottom, the general public pursued the peak hard, hoping someone would lend them a helping hand.

There were many choices on the road to the peak.

One had to make choices all the time, and to gain something meant losing something at the same time.

Elder Sang had chosen a lonely road, and no one could use “affection” to trap him.

Thus, he could charge ahead, and, naturally, wasnt liked by those at the bottom.

Ye Xiaotian wanted to take into account everything, and the people behind him had also slowed him down.

After all, the top of the pyramid was very narrow, and few could reach the top.


“….And life in all its forms.”

Xu Xiaoshou seemed to have gained some understanding.

Hed pondered how he should speak and achieve a desirable result, but now he felt relieved.

Theres no perfect choice in the world.

No tree has the same leaf, and no one is perfect.

A road might be dark all the way to the end.

The side one sees is the side one has to face.

He looked at Lei Shuangxing, and the blind young man also turned his head to look at him.


The voice sounded like the voice of the person whod run away first, but Lei Shuangxing was unsure why he was greeting him.

Xu Xiaoshou was very direct and asked while pointing to the floating corpses in the empty space, “You have five people.

Can you give one to me”


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